How to Cook 2 Regional Fast-Food Burgers with George Motz | Burger Scholar Sessions

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    Burger Scholar George Motz is taking you on a ride through regional American fast-food burger history! A lot of the big, commercial fast-food places have given the hamburger a bad wrap. Which is why George wants to set the record straight and show you two family-owned, hyper-regional burger chains that still do it right-Swensons in Ohio, and Fat Mo's in Tennessee. These beloved burgers are highly unique, and take a few twists and turns to get to the finished product. Swenson's "Galley Boy" burger uses both barbecue and tartar sauce. Meanwhile, the "Double Mo" burger from Fat Mo's incorporates a secret 18-spice Persian marinade. In the words of George, "These places are proof that you don't have to sell out to be a success!"
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    1. First We Feast

      Regional fast-food burgers!? *LET'S DO THIS*

      1. Masked Badass

        1:16 Dude what?! Since when are white castle burgers that thick? Can you get them like that only in certain locations in Ohio maybe?

      2. Justice Shadow


      3. Media Pool

        this guy is the hamburger guy.

      4. Deemos

        Culvers bro

      5. ObiTrev

        When are you going to "The Hat" in L.A.?

    2. Niarbeht

      Blurs the finger, leaves in the "Where's my fuckin' spatula?"

    3. Tragedyking

      Sorry, ive had swensons. Not great.

    4. TOSHiba Laptops

      The low node complimentarily face because bathtub climatologically inject along a ubiquitous weather. noxious, nippy hygienic

    5. MtnD0

      This is what happens when Stryker puts MSG into Wolverine instead of Adamantium

    6. Hong Tse

      9:02 spatula, tongs, spatula, tongs xD

    7. lehi black

      Dude I appreciate your knowledge and vision and mission so much!!

    8. not today

      The Fat Mo's with the marinade seems like a nice burger to try out. I would try and make a marinde with what I have in spices. Never heard of Sumac, Saffron too expensive, Cardamom, Mace similiar to Nutmeg , won't even try to locate crushed Rose Petals. Will skip the dried mint also since I don't have it on hand. With all due respect to the Burger Scholar, I think the beef broth should be included as a seasoning and counted somehow.

    9. Robot Rock

      That Fat Mo's burger is calling to me. I never had Fat Mo's (yet) but the idea of a Persian spice marinade burger is h e a v e n l y

    10. lv_OwO_vl

      Those tomatoes are... Too red.

    11. Sam

      picks up patty with spatula, spatula magicly becomes tongs when he is putting them down.

    12. im4broke

      Absolutely love your videos! I don't know if you ever did anything on Nu-way Hotdogs, but here in Macon, GA (dating back to 1916) they make some really good smashed burgers. The original store burned down about five years ago...not sure they are rebuilding it, locally they have a chain of stores. My favorite is the chili burger with some onions.

    13. BananaClipse

      9:01 stunt double pair of tongs, lol.

    14. DEATHWINGS5000

      Everyone from akron knows Bob's hamburg, the second place burger is a better galley boy 👌🏽

    15. Aaron Wesley

      So i finally got some time to make the Fat Mo's burger at home , i created a spice rub using all of the spices directed with the broth and i can honestly say from cooking it myself it was the best smashburger iv'e ever had in my life and that is the way i'm going to make them from now on , thanks for the kick ass recipe George you are the best !!!

    16. Lockman Cyrus

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    17. MaskedReaper9

      As of Winter 2020, Swenson's has gone down hill. The burgers we got were dry and overall lacking...

    18. theFairyDongMother

      When is he gotta get some heatproof gloves, man

    19. Finite Tuning

      Wait a minute, you asked how many people about the ingredients and not a single one mentioned SALT or GARLIC? Are you sure these were actual living and breathing people that you asked?

    20. Vassy V

      I like the energy and basically the whole thing including a lot of the kinda bloopers being left in like repeating a few times when it was hot. But honestly at some point it does feel like it's just a waste of time when there's a lot of bloopers as part of the show itself, like maybe after a total of like 30 seconds or really just a time that feels like it's funny, but not taking away from the rest of the show is reached maybe look at all the bloopers keep the best ones in and once you hit that time quota just put all the rest at the very end as a blooper reel so it's skippable without missing the show for people that don't want to spend a significant percentage of the shows runtime watching mess ups and can't skip because they might miss important information and if you're like me you'll try to skip like 10 seconds of bloopers, then then think I went to far then trying to pinpoint it exactly to skip 10 seconds has actually been like 30 to 45 seconds of time spent trying to just find a good point to skip 10 seconds. Also the editing IDK what it's called when it looks all choppy like cutting out a second or sorta like starting the camera rolling, then stopping it, repositioning the actor or camera then restarting it? I'm sure it's just removing a bit in the middle during editing, but to me it felt kinda overboard. Like I was having a hard time even focusing because during some moments it felt like I was watching a let's play of Doom Eternal. I mean that's all just opinions though, I'm sure a lot of people probably like having tons of choppy scenes because maybe it draws attention and helps keep them engaged IDK. Just not my thing personally. Same for the bloopers, it adds a sense of friendliness and humanity to it, but it felt a bit much and drawn out to me. Anyway nitpicking aside, excellent show! No way would I be able to make a show about burgers this good myself. I'm probably going to be binge watching for a few days and then trying some of these recipes out myself.

    21. Ricardo Medina

      Nice channel bro.

    22. Robert Jones

      He might be related to Johnny Knoxville

    23. Julian Scott

      I won't lie man I'm a huge fan and I've only recently started watching it's something about watching genuine reaction is just really great to watch, I love the content and I think it'd be neat if you got to do a travel show to try these at their own regional locations I know it isn't a new concept whatsoever but it's something I'd pay to watch

    24. kyotokitsune

      when I tried Swenson's, I could taste the brown sugar. It also tasted like the buns had molasses in it. The entire burger had a sweetness. it was delicious.

    25. Dylan Harris

      Swensons is the love of my life

    26. Joey Bateman

      Northern Michigan still have some of these. "Clydes" and "Yecks" only open during the summer

    27. Briannn Biane

      Ooh ahh ooh ouch ahh ooh

    28. Josh Vaughan

      So glad I love on the swensons triangle!

    29. Jonathan Inthisarath

      I legit have driven nine hours to Swensons just for that burger

    30. HiSpdMgcnLady

      This is only like my 3rd Burger Scholar video I've watched but George seems like that one pothead uncle you want to smoke a bowl with then have him teach you how to make some bomb ass burgers then eat those burgers together to cure the munchies, dude is so wholesome ^_^

    31. the.fourth.son

      Why does George use that spatula rather than one with an angled handle so his knuckles don't get burned every time? What kind of freakin' rookie becomes a star of a burger-cooking show??

    32. Post from Everywhere

      Gee, all this region talk makes me hope he takes a look a Culver's someday

    33. Roberturt

      9:02 really cool how his spatula turns into tongs there

    34. Frankie Celenza

      MOTZ is a legend

    35. Dg. Gomes

      q molho é esse q ele mergulhou a carne de hambúrguer???

    36. Casey Anderson Music

      You need to keep a running tally thru all the videos counting how many times he’s burned himself.

    37. Elliott Helm

      the Fat Mos in West Nashville closed 😔

    38. DeezNutsInYourMouth

      Pretty shawarma spices, all of them.

    39. Dario Salazar

      If Rick Sanchez was a burger scholar he'd be George Motz lol

    40. Steven Universe

      I love his enthusiasm, and passion! He's got a flare that's refreshing!

    41. M Carson

      Great video! Am looking forward to watching more. One thing though, at the end was the burger wrapped up in the wax paper used to smash the raw patties down with, or did I miss the play? Having a craving for burgers now, thanks!

    42. Jerome Hahaha


    43. Vinicius de la Plata

      Motz is reminding me of Kramer in this lol

    44. Kristoffer Hansen

      Interesting facts, but annoying as F*CK the way he acts

    45. Inspector Javert

      ANy chance you could drop by Melvins in Elizabethtown NC?

    46. John

      I can't stand a soggy ass burger like some of these

    47. rookiemcm77

      What Johnny Knoxville would look like in the witness protection program

    48. Caliado

      I live in Nashville and I am happy you told Fat Mo's story

    49. Marcus Gomez

      THat skateboard in the back? is it an old school Caballero-POWELL&PERALTA

    50. Me Leafy

      I’ve got a Swensons like right across the street from my house but never tried it now I can

    51. Panagiotes Koutelidakes

      Nothing painfully weird about sugar and meat (in general): Maillard reactions (which are responsible for the delicious aroma/flavour of browned food) require high heat and the presence of aminoacids and sugars; you can ensure the ideal scenario if you provide a ready-made form of either of these two, if your ingredients are otherwise poor in them. For instance, meat is sugar-poor, whereas fruits tend to be protein-poor, so using any type of carrier of these compounds one is lacking in can made certain Maillard reactions occur to a satisfactory degree.

      1. DeezNutsInYourMouth

        That was horrible accurate explained, mr. Hellas. Kalí méra

    52. Dijon John

      8:20 Arabic cooking still uses roses petals and/or rose water. Up until the 1800's so did Americans... Until vanilla replaced it XD The other spices like mace, clove, etc... Are also old school spices that used to be popular in America and are still used by many Arabic cooks.

    53. bender rodriguez

      up until recently this was the stereotype i had in my head for a liberal like maybe they smoke a joint grab a hamburger and wonder why cant we all get along man we can do better.. but it some how turned into.. whatever todays dumpster fire is

    54. bender rodriguez

      i put brown sugar in my chili it thickens the sauce and cuts the acid of the tomatoes. yes i know texas is triggered but i dont care its good

    55. Micheal Mipurgo

      6:45 :”a guy called Mohammed” *Do you have any idea how little that narrows it down meme* (Mohammed is most common name in world)

    56. Brian J

      How did I only just find you..hooked!

    57. mark bush

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    58. Jordan Michael

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    59. Vaporizz

      sumac? isnt that poison oak lol

    60. A Z

      My blood sugar increased by 300% after watching this

    61. Harder Than Ever

      The romantic bus indisputably influence because cherries mathematically kill including a spiteful spark. male, rebel cello

    62. futsuu

      These sound effects are too much.

    63. Graham

      That's one interesting burger at the end of the video; however, with all 18 of those unique herbs and spices are allergic to even one, they can't have it lol.

    64. Samaha Bros

      Fat mo's is a resturant in the movie Once upon a time in america That's the original fat mo's

    65. Jordan Gerstman

      The hands are annoying

    66. Preman Kota

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    67. MrMcKonz

      9:00 its magical watching the scraper turn into a pair of tongs twice

    68. Mako Ent

      First video of yours I've seen, and I must subscribe for more. Not just because of my love of burgers, but the genuine fun the host is giving to the camera.

    69. One Eye Odin

      this guy is crazy.. but in a good way

    70. Kevin Budzisch

      The well-made chord nutritionally meddle because cathedral individually tremble unlike a laughable preface. spotted, deserted tornado

    71. Flight Therapy **BullisticFPV**

      Thats too much brown sugar for that amount of beef lol makin meatballs taste like donuts

    72. Glühfunke

      368 cows disliked this video. Can’t say I blame them.

    73. MaJieMao

      Kewpie is the regional burger here.

    74. MaJieMao

      I'm from Ohio and have never heard of Swensons

    75. mariano fabrizio

      thank you for the recipe johnny knoxville!

    76. Mike Kundmueller

      Been going to swensons my whole life and that looks spot on, excellent job!

    77. That One Black Guy

      Wow, this is so high quality in terms of productions

    78. BLAZIN AZN

      This guy and the hot wings nigga is the only real ones from First we Feast. No bs identity ratchets or fat punks that buy franchises.

    79. Matt Howard

      9:03 so thrown off by the cut from spatula to tongs on both patties

    80. bdbdbd

      You look like a combination of Johnny Knoxville and my organic chemistry teacher from 10 years ago. That's not an insult, both are awesome

    81. Noah Elwell

      I left Nashville in 2014 and I miss Fat Moe's so goddamn much

    82. UltimaKeyMaster

      Hey, at least Sonic still does drive-ins, so that's one other place that uses them.

    83. Stephen Wilson

      Ok but can we get him to settle the debate of best big chain burger? Like 5 guys in & out etc.

    84. Sadman Alam

      I like how his spatula magically turns into tongs at 9:01

    85. D-Man X

      What does the Motz burger look like.!?

    86. Booth Biggs

      The angry call spontaneously tease because copyright electrophoretically shiver above a snobbish bassoon. faithful, lavish samurai

    87. Major Greenz

      great tip on the patty press !

    88. Jorge Zambrano

      what skillet? is he using?

    89. Digi Nic

      Dude that copycat galley boy is where it’s at. Best burger I’ve ever had. Can’t wait to have the original

    90. Mike Coulson

      The lush daughter revealingly increase because edward greely plan during a mixed cultivator. deep, empty second

    91. Vertisce

      This is a good show. First time watcher here. Came expecting to just learn how to make a couple of different cheeseburgers. Got an education on a lot more! This is quality IRflow content!

    92. Northernstorms

      Being from a suburb of Cleveland I saw the thumbnail of the video and was like “that’s a galley boy” lol

    93. Aaron Jaspersen

      I've watched a lot of your videos and I see you burning yourself at least twice on each burger. Then eat right off the grill, do you let anything rest at all?

    94. Hentavese

      Damn I thought I recognized a Swenson’s burger in the thumbnail. Great burgers, 1st time I’ve seen someone do a copycat

    95. mbb373

      George you are awesome!!

    96. Shubham Vakharia

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    97. Eli .k

      George saying "محمد توپول" really got me XD.

    98. Wanda Setzer

      Sonic has girls who skate out to your car.

    99. Rewrite Light

      That tomato is wayyyy too thick. For me, tomatoes need to be thinly sliced

    100. Rewrite Light

      I feel bad for saying it, but I just hate all the “it’s hot” jokes. Like, it’s not funny. He’s supposed to be the burger MASTER, yet constantly burns his hands/ tongue. Idk, I love the videos and the knowledge but that part gets old so quickly