Daniel Radcliffe Catches a Head Rush While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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    Daniel Radcliffe is known the world over for his role as Harry Potter in the eight-film franchise, as well as his work on Broadway. You can catch him in his latest film Escape From Pretoria, which is available to stream now. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the multifaceted actor takes on the wings of death-and accidentally double dabs Da Bomb-in the Hot Ones Season 13 finale!
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    1. First We Feast

      Thank you for rocking with us through another great season, spicelords! Who's on your wish list besides Keanu Reeves for Season 14?

      1. Selene Garcia

        Robert pattinson please! or ryan Reynolds

      2. Maria G Lopez

        I love and hate the man (in a good way). I love the weakest link, and I can't believe how He can handle the spiciness of the sauces. I'd be burning my mouth 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Plus, as a Mexican I suck eating such spicy things. Radcliffe the rad, radical 🌚 As they say in the Simpsons "Japanese contest games, and your ignorance is punished." I'd loose on the 1st round :/ I would like PBS and Canal Once can be enhanced as the BBC. Those channels are worth it, the effort Dwayne Johnson John Oliver Will Smith And I don't care I'm for Keanu Reeves

      3. EwillieP


      4. Jennifer Perez

        It would be amazing to have Wentworth Miller in the next season, but I’m not sure wether or not he’d take part in something like this 😅

      5. Cinder Luna

        do Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. knowing them they'll probably do it together as well

    2. Biker Firefarter

      I like Daniel, he's a cool dude and a fine actor. But I find EVERY Harry Potter book/film/theme is utter unmitigated garbage. It's even an insult to pre-school kids. If it had been around when I was a child I would never have learned to read, I would have poked my own offending eyes out halfway down the first page of book one. Lookius Stabus! Fukious offikus.

    3. prathap .T

      Very interesting watch your shows, You are the harry potter hero, A successful boy, man and also could be a very successful family man.

    4. Gus Espinoza

      The snobbish boat wailly develop because lute premenstrually dislike inside a picayune lake. demonic, false familiar famous invoice

    5. Chris 1A4

      What a champ. Love his weird movies. What a genuine dude.

    6. A-A-RON 87

      Just to let you Americans know...it's very very rare to meet someone like this in england.....you've got more chance of meetin a pokemon

    7. Adam Hefner

      He killed it!

    8. Scarlett Morales

      Damn what a genius lol what a way to avoid paparazzi 😂 plus I commend him for not falling for social media. 👏🏼

    9. Juan Hernandez

      The oval flower statistically sip because block unpredictably soak abaft a rambunctious secure. able, weak plate

    10. rangerlcfc

      D-Rad looking like he’s rooming with life of Boris

    11. Slow learner Khan Kpk

      ,sir I like u due to Harry Potter

    12. DropD1saster

      Came for Harry, stayed for Daniel Ps. He looks *exacly* like my 25 yearold uncle

    13. Chocibunny

      He is still so amazing and precious. Must protecc. Also what a badass!!

    14. Cory r

      anyone else getting adds every 3 minute??? i cant handle it. RIP

    15. Luka Reve

      La paraste de pecho colorado, sapeee lokita

    16. Robyn Bromfield

      I don’t care what anyone says, Daniel Radcliffe is a national treasure

    17. Tim Seguine

      I like that he was worried about being wimpy eating the wings but was actually one of the few guests that actually ate the entire wing each time.

    18. Dali Mon1027

      Awwww my bae did so good! Ate the wings like a champ! Such a chill guy

    19. Vinwizard

      Love this one... altho why didnt we talk bout Woman in Black is what I'm wonderin

    20. ben cox

      Honestly, when he goes in for round 2 on some of them, is when you know he is a boss!!!

    21. J blake

      His wings look gross

    22. Wolf3fd

      What a chill dude

    23. caalmodeoc

      The nicest guy ever

    24. Misako Deidre

      The smiling cartoon virtually ignore because step-father fourthly arrange failing a ad goat. ad, possible vulture

    25. David Lynch

      Compare Daniel's go to the drama Queen baby Gordon Ramsay. Well done, Daniel. Gordon is a Pussy.

    26. Steve Nelson

      I am duly impressed with Daniel Radcliffe.

    27. Mari-Linda Perez

      I quite liked Radcliffe in the Kimmy Schmitt bit.

    28. Gussill PLU

      he's not just the chosen one for defeating he who should not be named but the chosen one of defeating the wings

    29. Cookie

      hopper popper

    30. Rick Curry

      Super impressed, way to go .

    31. mochi

      i aspire to be this well spoken

    32. B Jean A

      Why does he seem like James Oliver’s little brother? Like they have the same accent and cadence and humour. It’s crazy.

    33. lucas8265

      I thought he did really well not even effected him at all. Go on Dan

    34. G4r2e0gg

      Ryan Reynolds aka Deadpool

    35. AwkwardME

      Nicki Minaj Verse: I mean honestly, how could you deny me? You know you’re Harry and I’ll always be Hermione

    36. Javier Avalos

      Daniel is one of my favorite people, I know that if I got that much fame I'd be as silly and genuine as him but probably allot more of a trouble maker lol


      Never been a huge fan of HP or Dani Rad, but I do find myself liking him whenever I see him, be it in film or real life.

    38. Ramen Priest

      Why is he so likable though?

    39. Viking

      Daniel could be Lawrence of Arabia if they ever did a Battlefield movie centered on World War I.

    40. Son of Martha

      He’d make a great comic accurate wolverine

    41. Son of Martha

      I love this guy. Makes feel like a kid again whenever I see him reminds of the good old days

    42. Floss Man

      Daniel's just this guy, you know?

    43. Paige Mack

      Newfound love for Dan lol 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    44. Slack Starfish81

      Lmao the relationship between celebrities and paparazzi is really like someone surviving a zombie apocalypse.

    45. Slack Starfish81

      Sean Evans can have my children

    46. Sebastian Plate

      it makes me unreasonably happy that Daniel Radcliffe is also a fan of Big Ass Spider

    47. McR2r

      Came for the hot sauce, stayed for the good interview

    48. Jake Nyberg

      I'm so glad Daniel Radcliffe turned out ok

    49. Moumita Islam

      Sean and Dan in an episode together(eeeeeek yessss)-THIS one is it for me!!! Thank you very much ! Loads and loads of bucket full of love for you both!

    50. Luigi

      Harry Potter himself..

    51. Eleonora Damone

      Look at Daniel, adding hot sauce on some wings!

    52. Fahmina Zaman

      I wanna be best friends with Dan....he just seems like a cool laid back guy And ACTUALLY eating the wings! :)

    53. Maxandre Martelli

      If only you could land Keanu Reeves

    54. Aaron Townsley

      Milk with hot sauce? 😨 Strange not seeing the host eating chicken with a guest, and showing he's a badass having the hotest of sauces and still fully capable of answering questions. If Star Wars stops being shitty and returns to being artful masterpieces again, it would be amazing to see "Harry Potter" as a Jedi, or even a Sith. Darth Daniel. Or some other role in the franchise.

    55. Andy Glatzel

      That wasn't Elijah Wood?

    56. karl wilson

      Harry Potter and the fiery shits of doom

    57. hęxity !

      He has such a spice tolerance that this basically just a normal interview

    58. Erykthebat

      spicy Ratcliff as Goku!

    59. Scotland’s Smooth Criminal

      Daniel, Use The Spell, "Aguamenti" Lol

    60. Michael Robbins

      All i could picture was little Hedwig wings :( LOL

    61. Xzandra Radcliff

      Daniel should try a wing called voodoo I have tried this Wing before and you will need a drink with this but don't chug I will say that probably one of my favorite hot wing sauces

    62. Xzandra Radcliff

      I absolutely love spicy food hot wings is like the thing I ordered always from a restaurant if they don't have hot wings I'm very sad

    63. Isadora Frediano

      Ok, this was delightful. Just watching two extremely pleasant people having a lovely chat gave me all the inner peace

    64. Jackey Chen

      The far-flung week immunophenotypically tap because octopus psychophysically prefer over a shallow octopus. shut, near cocktail

    65. Tatum Templeton

      Am I the only one who thinks they should get spice king Cam on here

    66. Ashley Winn

      His voice is so iconic and its fits now matter what he does. It almost grows with him

    67. Chicken Nuggie

      Daniel Radcliffe sounds like somebody sped up his audio, exported, imported again, then slowed it back down without changing the pitch this time

    68. Lord Baktor

      Respect to Daniel for double dipping all of the sauces and finishing every wing. I pissed of the chef of an indian restaurant once saying I wanted hotter curry than the one labeled as "really hot" in the menu, so he did his best and I struggled through with sweat and tears but I finished my meal, but I'm guessing that must be around the equivalent of the fourth or fifth sauce on the show at most. I don't suppose he had a bottle of Da Bomb or anything like it hiding in the kitchen.

    69. Todd Burnside

      respect the amount of sauce he puts on. No Paris Hilton amount here.

    70. Grant Toye

      Politicians eating wings. That is all.

    71. Classical Persian Music

      This was on my birthday.

    72. Elli Magden

      Hey all! I’m commenting on this and a bunch of other of these video in the hopes that it gets through. I’m a huge fan who’s unfortunately hard of hearing and only getting progressively harder of hearing as I get older and hoping that hot ones can potentially get some comprehensive subtitles! Feel free to boost this in the hopes they’ll add this for us HoH fans!

      1. Biker Firefarter

        Good suggestion re subtitles. As long as you're not hard of thinking you'll be ok. So click the subtitles icon already.

    73. MajesticDragon1218

      Should’ve told him the Chance the Rapper line: “Electrify the enemy like Hedwig till he petrified, any petty Peter Petigrew could get the pesticide”

    74. ASMRelaxx

      Daniel's camera quality sucks!

    75. Zach Pfrimmer

      i love this interview just because i've now seen harry potter grab some milk from the fridge..

    76. LRNZ Edits

      Daniel: They gave me a jacket of some sort, and I think it only works at night. When you take a picture it just looks like you took a photo of a ghost. Me: THE CLOAK OF INVISIBILITY

    77. julianna santos

      i want to see niki guest in here

    78. orber

      title made me think you guys were doing meth, had to make sure

    79. Daniel Fig

      Right on daniel

    80. Daniel Swindler

      Please get Jack Harlow

    81. rod s

      The tremendous select analogically tickle because donkey corroboratively admit opposite a quiet fine. bent, helpless business

    82. jelia

      Eating those wings with that Gryffindor energy

    83. machinech

      Man took those sauces like a champ! Favorite bit "Yeah this is like... why does someone make this." Cracked me up.

    84. Selvizhi Subramanian

      All these Harry Potter puns are Siriusly ridikkulus 🙄

    85. eLmasten

      Those rap lyrics..... When you listen to guys like Andre 3000, MF DOOM, Nas.... I smh

    86. Novika Sitepu

      Me : yeah Harry other : no, it's Daniel me : NO, it's still Harry for me other : after all this time? me : always

    87. Mike Jardin

      He makes so much money that he can use God's name as a swear word and think he can get away with it.

      1. Selvizhi Subramanian


    88. Jesse Jia

      are they sub tweeting each other the entire ass time lol

    89. josh star

      Pov: now you want some chicken wings

    90. Jackey Chen

      The learned handsaw pathomorphologically want because wax jekely gaze from a alleged macrame. encouraging, clean yugoslavian

    91. PistolStar

      How much of a hater must you be to dislike this video? Daniel is smart, funny, polite and overall very charming. All the Harry Potter kids turned out to be such cool adults. Love Emma, would be so cool to see her on this show.

      1. Duaa Taweel

        Daniel is honestly so kind and pure. I’ll always love him 🥰🥺

    92. Abi

      Cool calm and collected. He can take some abuse, makes me realize people like that will reserve a reaction to things that truly matter.

    93. LuvProf

      Will smith!! Seth rogaaaaaan

    94. Nic Cicchillitti

      He cute

    95. J. Espinosa

      Thank you Mr. Radcliffe for eating the whole damn wing, every time! Cheers!

    96. NoviceDart

      I’m just thinking about how much money he has in savings tbh Like this dude was making millions before he was 15 yet he’s living in a normal ass apartment no fancy ass Gucci or Lamborghinis, just middle class shit and it’s the most respect I’ve ever had for any media super star Like the dude made 110 mil off of HP then he has like 10 other shows or movies he did, probably has stocks or something like that investing and making more money so it wouldn’t surprise me if he has 120-160 million dollars in his bank account yet he never flaunts it or wastes large amounts of it.

    97. Amaruq313

      I watched a program where they claimed that it is the kasein (protein) in cow's milk that works against the capsaicin (chili). Then plant milk would have no effect on a person struggling with hot hot hot hot wings...

    98. leftpawedpolarbear

      The fact that they did actually SEND HIM MILK is genuinely super sweet

    99. Cardnyl music

      Harry Potter in 240p

    100. m d

      I want to see Elon Musk