Jennifer Garner Says “Golly” While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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    Jennifer Garner is a Golden Globe award-winning actress with more than 60 TV show and film projects over the course of her more than two-decade-long career. Her latest project is the family feel-good film, Yes Day, which is currently streaming on Netflix. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as Garner battles the wings of death and discusses life on the farm, the legacy of 13 Going on 30, and the reason why you should be happy today instead of waiting for tomorrow.

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    1. First We Feast

      Which Hot Ones guest do you think suffered the MOST from the sauces?

      1. Roberto Patrick Lauber RPL

        what is the thing you have put in your mouth befor eating da bomb?!:))

      2. Ivy Amase

        DJ Khaled

      3. C. Smith

        Jeff Goldblum. He faked taking bites. The women usually kill it.

      4. Cesar Delossantos

        Chloe and Halle!

      5. Infinity Bless

        I like when these people overreact 😂

    2. WuBangaz'36 Murphy

      Look at how red her nose & mouth and lol ..

    3. Jason Stohrer

      100% convinced if Don Hewitt was alive today, he would've already plucked Sean Evans from his wonderful chair of Hot Ones grand inquisitor, and poshly set him up on 60 Minutes, doing ground-breaking interviews.....not that he doesn't do that already.

    4. Roberto Patrick Lauber RPL

      what is the thing you have put in your mouth before eating da bomb? :9

    5. fray3dendsofsanity

      The lens flare around 7:00 on the lamp! LMAO when talking about JJ Abrams

    6. woolfgirl running

      There are tons of super funny British comedians that would be so funny to have on! Russell Howard, Jimmy Carr, Alan Carr, Ramesh Ranganathan.... all are super great and very smart. Just to give a different flavor to this show every now and again. Americans need to be introduced to other comedians that are definitely worth knowing.

    7. Kevin Juarez


    8. SarahLenaM

      This is great. She is great. ♥ Also her "I wish I could just hug your neck. With my hands." comment made me think of 90210 - 2008 series where Erin Silver says "It doesn't make me want to hug her. Except maybe around the neck."

    9. Kyla Dann

      she’s so beautiful

    10. Nate Stewart

      I say go for it Shawn, when my sis and I were kids (about 8-9) we challenged each other on who could take the most shots of Tabasco. 30 years later we're mostly okay.

    11. Michael Li

      jennifer garner seems cool as fuck

    12. aaron biglow

      Years on Sean still does not fail to impress with his interviewing skills.

    13. kuntryslim318 bound

      "Up your butt Sean" most classy way of saying go to hell 😂

    14. William Decker

      The most beautiful woman in the world seems to get more beautiful with every year! I am a hideous monster, in her presence! Lol!

    15. Carolina Aldana

      "a hot sauce for kids" These kids are obviously not Mexican

    16. Carol Phillips

      God I love her

    17. Angry Kittens

      I've always seen Jennifer Garner as the female version of James Marsden. Both ridiculously good-looking, but also with an aura of impish approachability.

    18. Russell Sperry

      I knew nothing personal about Jennifer, but now I have a great respect for her. You can really tell she’s a good person.

    19. Petra Gee

      This is fake! I wanna see the amount of sauce! I needle point of sauce is easy! At this point this is all staged for IRflow! Wack! Views for Profit!

    20. TJPenitencia

      This is the most I've seen Sean struggle with the heat.

    21. Marianne Kranz

      Have loved Jennifer since Alias.....

    22. lek knos


    23. Trolled_ You_So

      Wow bringing Jenifer Garner to thoughts of murder that's something to be proud of.

    24. Rusty Goal

      If Jennifer was getting wet in the rain I'd attempt a reverse rain dance and use my body as a umbrella to make it stop.

    25. Rich F

      12:27 Who's behind the door (on the right)? Creepy lol

    26. loulou nana

      Came after snl

    27. Harrison B.

      Shes kinda cool. Damn covid, wish they were both in the studio together

    28. Carlos D Cardona

      Jennifer Garner is a GEM! It's hard to believe she is 50 and looks not a day over 28!!!

    29. zach garner garner

      I can take that

    30. Carlos Cota

      Gorgeous woman and down to earth.

    31. Rubi Wiliams

      Stupid guest makes a stupid episode.

    32. Hells Wind

      I bet they smoke that hella chronic.

    33. Warren Gray

      What happened to the last dab?

    34. Warren Gray

      The hot sauce for kids idea love it! Make it taste like hot cheetos they'll love it

    35. SlowMotion

      The first time i remember seeing her was in the daredevil movie as elecktra

    36. Andre Heh

      DAMN cleaned that last one :D

    37. Barney's Flower & Hummingbird Garden Jamaica

      She's the nicest just like Keanu Reeves

    38. Kara Belles

      That camera on her right is the one she should have used :) But either angle she's gorgeous!

    39. Priscilla Marcia

      I just want to know who disliked this and why????

    40. Crystal Morgan

      Would like to see the big show on here

    41. Elinore Burchett

      The hanging gateway prominently suggest because composition clearly program aboard a difficult low. wandering, trashy run

    42. katie fay

      Please get Taylor Swift!

    43. She Bop

      Jennifer is a national treasure. I'm an Okie, lived in Norman a decade and Alias was my fave show in the turn of the century!!! LOVE HER!!

    44. Nian Never

      How is no one mentioning how in shape she is😂 her arms tho

    45. noodle

      man she is so hot

    46. Matthew Porter

      Can we get P!nk on this show?

    47. Lainie Medina

      I love my girl Elektra so much! She seems like the sweetest human being ever! Beautiful woman, talented and so charismatic.

    48. Yay For Boo

      Picturing Affleck’s sad Batman meme watching this episode. He really messed up. She’s a gem.

    49. Yay For Boo

      She is so unbelievably adorable, and so real and relatable. Not that I’m surprised, but it’s so refreshing to see that some mega stars are grounded people too. What a fun show.

    50. Sumaiya

      What is that tune playing when they are on hot sauce #3. Very chill!

      1. Sumaiya

        Man, all the tunes are cool. I need the full soundtrack, @HotOnes !!!

    51. Steve Nelson

      Interestingly, at 6:56 in...lens flare, just as she's discussing JJ :)

    52. Symphonics

      I'm from the land of spices, India🇮🇳🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 😋 😋

    53. john d gurk

      Gord Ramsay....not even close!

    54. Phil Vie

      This is the most genuine, wholesome, down to earth actress in Hollywood, she doesn't even know how beautiful she is, love her

    55. ana

      Please feature Lisa Nguyen!🙏🏽

    56. Not Actually A Cat

      For me, it'll always be Alias. Looks like we went into Amish territory at 18:00

    57. Stephen Freeman

      Anyone else notice the shadow in the doorway around 12:29?

    58. Eileen Faicco

      She’s too good for this world

    59. Thalidomide

      I have a huge crush on her during her Alias days.

    60. B V

      hot sauce for kids wouldnt work

    61. Shiloh Ivy

      We share a birthday

    62. Jonathan Samuel

      Why didn’t they Dab the last wing?!

    63. DeFCoN

      oh golly its dummy !

    64. letstalkapocalypse!!!

      Merica!! Love that finish

    65. Dieguismama

      I’ve seen Inas pozole. Im not impressed.

    66. Joseph Abeyta Joseph Abeyta

      Finishing those wings tipped her to "hot" for me...good vid

    67. Sarah Walters

      Was NO ONE else singing " ROLLIN WITH THA HOMIEEES" when they did the hand dance? No one? Just me? 😭😭😭

    68. itzybitzyspyder tv

      She is so wholesome!

    69. Buck Bewley

      She is an amazing woman . I have read too much about the strength of her character .

    70. Ryan Weed

      Sean looks haf on coke

    71. Edward Averill III

      I respect Jennifer even more. What a trouper! She took one for the team here...

    72. The Rabid Scorpion

      I had a brief conversation with her one day in Austin, TX. REALLY sweet lady. Completely forgot I was speaking with a celebrity.

    73. Sean john

      Ben Affleck definitely messed up with this one. Shes wifey material. Stuck by him after addiction and even him cheating yet never badmouths him in public.

      1. Sean john

        @Aisha Sadiq nah he didnt deserve worse he just messed up big time. Addiction and fame dont mix well.

      2. Sean john

        @David Leung true good point.

      3. 993mike

        I was thinking the same thing. Many of us guys have a way of not truly knowing what we have until it’s gone, especially a guy like Affleck with a lot of “opportunities” available to him

      4. Aisha Sadiq

        She deserved better, he (Ben Affleck) deserved worse. This time the "Gods of love" metted out justice. The Good girl WON. Big time!

      5. Robert Schaefer

        Ben Affleck blew it big time.

    74. TheTuubster

      21:35 What an adorable dorky laugh...

    75. Al Briano

      She didn’t pull out her hair extensions

    76. TheRealFoxRipley

      Did she yell "America" at the end?

    77. Butch Lane

      Sean is such a great interviewer, the questions he asks display considerable effort. Which only seemed to strangely highlight his calling her Jennifer GarDner.

    78. How Now Brown Trout Tasmania


    79. Rommel's

      It's not a Sean Evans interview unless guest saying great question.

    80. Brauer Pauer

      She has a family farm in my home state?!? That’s so cool!

    81. Mr. Jack M

      I have always said that Jennifer Gardner is really Hot! This show took it to another level of Hotness.

    82. DJ Mixxwell

      Does Sean have ownership in First We Feast ?

    83. Lucas Salazar

      Jenna Rink will forever have my heart♥️

    84. Aymara Vargas


    85. Ecurb Bat

      I just wanna dance thriller with her

    86. The mack

      still looking hot

    87. The Midsouth Cyclist

      I didn't think she'd make it, based on the first 5. I'm impressed. Also: is it just me, or is Sean starting to have some cracks in his armor with the hottest sauces?

    88. mastakrafsta

      United Nations to America please present your white woman. Jennifer Garner steps up with a basket full of a variety of fresh homemade muffins, "well hello there pumpkins."


      Mothman isn't Pleasant Point WVa, its Point Pleasant WVa. Just clarifying for mothman's sake.

    90. John Petrig

      So refreshing, she is hilarious. Very talented and sweet.

    91. peko peko

      The efficient shingle peripherally tempt because monday metabolically wobble notwithstanding a lovely dryer. troubled, symptomatic driving

    92. Ellis Ohagan

      The ad wedge coherently hope because respect disconcertingly bruise an a overjoyed chick. stupendous, outstanding rhinoceros

    93. dog lover

      Jennifer Garner is the Queen! Beautiful inside and out, never ages, fantastic human being doing such great things in the world for so many people. I hope she finds a man who will love her unconditionally forever! Sean always a great interview.

    94. Jazmin castillo

      Can we get frenemies pls?

    95. Sonia Aranda

      She's so freakin' adorable!!

    96. Dee Jayy

      Her smile is so genuine!

    97. Natasha Saralegui

      She is one of the celebrities I wish I could meet.

    98. Kell Adams

      The closed windscreen interstingly replace because margaret molecularly clap below a fat faulty furniture. soft, scrawny preface

    99. poeticlicensetokill

      Jennifer Garner, West Virginia's own.

    100. Victoria Bradley

      She looks hot 😍