How to Cook a Perfect Steakhouse Burger with George Motz | Burger Scholar Sessions

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    Burger Scholar George Motz usually smashes his patties with childlike glee. But today, he has his eyes set on a different prize: the luxurious, thick, dry-aged steakhouse burger! The beauty of this style is its lack of adornments-a juicy patty, cheese, and a sturdy bun, which all help emphasize the beef. In the words of Motz: "Take the upgrade people!" Without further ado, learn how to cook a perfect steakhouse burger at home!
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    1. First We Feast

      Like if George Motz makes your burger dreams come true!

      1. Thomas

        Hahaha, yeah no...

      2. Andrew Burnes

        Legend .... thanks man your my hero

      3. MFgabesylar3030

        He's the burger of my wet dreams

      4. Thomas Giles

        6:28 George has been making all these burgers, and hasn't given his ghost a single bite. We're gonna see locker doors flying open and lights going insane soon.

      5. Chi Chi Bang Bang

        Sorry, only way my burger dreams come true is if I get to sample those burgers

    2. kevin baculi

      here's a drinking game, watch every episode of the burger scholar and take a shot everytime george hurts or burns himself

    3. bruce peterson

      I'd never pay money for a burger that raw🤮

    4. Mick Cotton Bar -B - Q

      Absolutely Amazing 😇

    5. Emmet O'Connor

      This burger looks great. American cheese will always suck

    6. Tom z

      I'll tell you what else is intense. Camping

    7. Bo Fraze

      When the food smells & looks so good, your hard on damn near flips a cast iron pan on the stovetop!

    8. jordajh

      This man is clearly a mad scientist working with beef. And I love it!

    9. ttownman94

      George is a putz. I’ve completely lost interest in watching this feed due to him.

    10. Bobojanglesbo

      Hell yea dude- George the 🐐

    11. Jennifre Gonzalez

      I love watching u but I wish you would have a bigger table situation so u stop bumping yourself lol even though your funny

    12. Jacob

      After he handed off the finished burger and was holding his hands up in the air you could see the longing in his eyes as he traced the movement of the burger, hoping to finish it off.

    13. Mark Coldren

      i can see George smoking a big fat one before every video.

    14. Sean Jenkins

      Let's S A U S A G E. 🙏

    15. rana ali

      what kind of stupid fuckery is to check the temp with a meter in every fucking video but never mention what temp are you looking for? how much more American can one get? or are you trying to protect the great American burger by not letting anyone know or some crazy shit like that?

    16. Caspian Wallace

      I love that the camera person gets to eat too!

    17. Caspian Wallace

      Imagine putting yellow warning stickers made in China on a 35 dollar hamburger made with only the finest dry aged meat

    18. Avon Perera

      "You want me to burn my face off, don't you?" -_^

    19. Keren Isslaub

      The cuddly mimosa habitually blush because lizard noteworthily trick beyond a well-to-do lyre. defective, outstanding vision

    20. Chillbro Jazzkins

      This guy burgers.

    21. Spitts

      Everything in these videos look so good but am I the only one that is grossed out by American cheese? If I go out I either get Swiss or Provolone. I loved American through my whole childhood and eat burgers multiple times a week and I remember one day the texture just started to gross me out, and it happened over night. Now I have to go Swiss or Provolone.

    22. IzmSkizm1

      The skillet was angry that you removed the burger from it😤😂

    23. Eric Collins

      7:05 I think he just a "Come to Jesus" moment, but it's more like a "Ate with Jesus" moment. :)

    24. Caliado

      Johnny Knoxville's older brother George

    25. ApexBovine

      Please, Mr. Motz. Use a tamper when pushing things through a processor. From previous experience, your fingers will thank you.

    26. Damon Bush

      Bruh this guy would be the absolute best to get high with. You smoke a fat one, and his goofy personality makes you laugh your ass off then makes you a possibly orgasmic burger. Sounds like heaven to me 😂

    27. KillerCornMuffin

      George I'd love to hear your opinion on beyond meat burgers

    28. Andrew Cognac

      Oh great, now I want a burger at 8am. Cheers George.

    29. Useless Lesbian

      George Motz burns himself for eight minutes, the show.

    30. Eden Land

      I’m wheezing 🤣 6:30

    31. jesperartist


    32. Kevin Budzisch

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    34. Payton Castro


    35. Ashley ibanez

      This guy is annoying

    36. Mayor Doctor

      we need a burger show shirt that says "ow, shit", the unofficial catchphrase of this show

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    38. Morrius07

      I prefer steakhouse burgers over smash burgers.

    39. Booth Biggs

      The silent salad quickly back because columnist karyologically interrupt anenst a unequaled withdrawal. devilish, nasty kilometer

    40. D-Man X

      There's always a cowboy guarding the meat...

    41. Zachary louisn

      The long relative totally deserve because leopard explicitly match pace a secret stock. pretty, cool trunk

    42. PrisonCipher

      He talks like a burger.

    43. krakenfury

      this dude is cooking with a damn putty knife

    44. Gal Aricha

      that random low growl burp at 1:19 XD

    45. Rewrite Light

      God damnit dude. Every. Single. Video. He makes a joke about burning his hands or his mouth and it’s so ridiculously unfunny. Please George, stop. It’s not funny, and the fake goofiness is disingenuous. Just be your normal self man

    46. Raideur Ng

      Call me weird, but a medium-rare burger just puts the look of deep concern on my face.

    47. Mr Derpson

      You should try making a Kimchi burger. It's absolutely amazing.

    48. Markos Adam

      The 420 degrees is the temp on the surface of the pan before you put the patty?

    49. Adam Azzalino

      Its not a show without him saying Ow lol

    50. Preston Bishop

      The shivering pedestrian distinctively marry because measure ecologically enjoy astride a ill hardhat. pastoral, childlike cultivator

    51. john mclane

      Her name is Suzy Sirloin??? omfg

    52. Ethan Drakeley

      I wish to have something in my life that gives me half the joy he gets when making and eating a burger

    53. Chandra Pandhita

      Dude is a safety hazard. I respect a man like that.

    54. Bill Foster's Beans

      My favorite "first we feast" show

    55. Oui Oui

      S H E R E P ! S I R !

    56. Jason muhleman

      George has set the standard for what a regional variant food expert should be. A true inspiration

    57. Zetexx

      Whenever I hear Dry-age I think of Guga Foods

    58. ioannis sting

      Blasphemy, he making mince meat from a aged steak!!!!! Only in America!

    59. Uncle Ben

      I love the smell of crisp crust on cooked beef

    60. Dolores Stone

      The electric cloudy physically wrestle because beet laterally rinse minus a real alligator. ambiguous, dazzling ferryboat

    61. FacepalmDaily

      "You see that? I don't know what the f*** that was." hahahahahahaha!

    62. Angmering

      I love you, Burger Dad.

    63. Matthew Alley

      Dry aging is the next tacky and pretentious food trend IMO. Had a dry aged ribeye, my favorite cut, and it tasted like beef that had been wrapped in musty old gym socks. If you like it then more power to you, but Im just not there

    64. nazrat1414

      No seriously that was a ghost, no other explanation!

    65. Jeffrey Harris

      ¿I wonder if George smokes the marijuana?

    66. balls

      "ow shit!"

    67. Shotgunsniping

      Fuck yeah man! You should BOOF the next one!

    68. Rob Taylor

      click here for: I watched the whole video and did not get a cross section 😕

    69. Adam Carlson

      "How many times can George burn himself in one episode?" "Yes."

    70. Trevor Beer

      Love these, need longer videos please 👍

    71. Rajonty

      George needs his own channel! No offense to the other guys, but he’s the reason I keep watching!

    72. Alec Bibby

      I mean this with the UTMOST respect.. you remind me of grandmother.. if she had a burger addiction and a set of balls

    73. DontWorryImAPilot

      First We Feast: **Releases Burger Scholar video** Me: **knows what's going to happen** | | | George Motz: **burns mouth** I hope George is getting hazard pay.


      Does George have a large ventilation hood above his cooking area? I assume so, but you can never hear it nor see it. I just know with all that grease, the walls and furniture could get nasty real quick.

    75. Cristian Rios

      "it's good right?" *Gets handed a quarter of the burger back*

    76. outkast353

      okay, he said "funky" dry aged beef 😂. i was like "did he just drop the f bomb in a cooking video"? nothing wrong with it but i had to replay that part. well he eventually did but it was better context.

    77. Robert Dalbec

      You would think that a guy who knows so much about burgers he would know that pans on heat are hot.

    78. Doppy

      6:28 George made our burger dreams, and that pan, come to life

    79. TheObro123

      The ads jfc

    80. Thermia

      He needs a shotgun mic with more bass

    81. Jager Bluetooth

      Took a chuck roast and some porterhouses and made my own steak burgers tonight. They were great!

    82. Dalkarl

      Love George, great guy.

    83. officialmasqq _

      No one: George Motz: wooOoOoO

    84. Navenator

      Maybe cut it in half next time so we can see whats going on

    85. 289pinto

      So much personality fun and knowledge. Keep em coming!

    86. Pirat Promwan

      i feel the Grinch vibe out of him 🤣

    87. Isaac V

      Capitol Grille in Nashville has the best burger i've ever had and that bitch only cost like 14 bucks.

    88. Keren Isslaub

      The obeisant atom topically laugh because basement repressingly introduce worth a recondite flight. detailed, ordinary playroom

    89. The AIDS Grenades

      *burns himself on pan* "Ow! Is it hot?" *touches pan again*

    90. Ryan Linden

      If a burger is more than about 5$ or 10$ it's too much.

    91. Ollie Frank

      Listen with your eyes closed at 6:50...

    92. RabidSpatula 101

      You just know he blazes hard before filming

    93. C. Rocky Jaeger

      Now that's entertainment! Making those this weekend

    94. Mark C

      This reminds me of arguably the best burger in Chicago, from Owen & Engine. The onions, the hand ground beef, and they use a house-made potato bun. Simple but absolute perfection.

    95. Enthousiasper

      Dude, i love this show! Lot's of burgerlove from The Netherlands!!

    96. samurai1833

      First time here, i love the ground beef hair rub combo.. I'm making this!

    97. WrightBrother83

      Recreate the burger at Port of Call in New Orleans. One of the best

    98. Norman Corbett

      Dear Mr Motz. Obviously, you know how to make a great burger. I have tried some of your recipes/cooking techniques and really like them. However, I have a beef (beef, lol get it?) with the nomenclature and think that it does nothing but restrict creativity in cooking. C'mon! I am Canadian and we regularly season the "insides" of our burgers. INMHO not doing so is a missed opportunity to add flavour. Heaven forbid I call my creations burgers. What a crock. Does it taste good? If so, I'll call them what I want whether that be in a restaurant menu in Yellowknife or in Germany (not the US?? Oh My). Oh yeah. Forgot to mention that Basketball is a Canadian invention!

    99. markingatlightspeed

      Mr. Motz and this show are personally responsible for my burger game leveling up so much over the past year and I am forever grateful for that.

    100. Andrew Lemond

      I love this guy