A Burger Scholar Teaches His Son How to Make the Perfect Cheeseburger | Burger Scholar Sessions

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    In this very special bonus episode, Burger Scholar George Motz is passing on his burger skills to his 13-year-old son, Mac! That's right. While Mac has had the good fortune of eating his dad's burgers his entire life, he's never actually made one himself. In an effort to raise $50,000 for Common Threads-a non-profit that provides cooking instruction for kids-George will teach his son how to cook his favorite lacy-edge smashburger. Will Mac live up to his dad's expectations? Will he pass the hamburger IQ test!? Tune in to find out.
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    1. First We Feast

      YOU DID IT MAC! Like if you think Mac deserves an Emmy

      1. Trevallo Smooth

        A surefire professional on camera

      2. Demon Lord Enmu

        @שחף בן דוד what?

      3. Kevin Weigum

        Sorry George but is that your son or daughter? Very confusing....

      4. elusivelectron

        Do you know what that means? His son is now doing the cooking.

      5. שחף בן דוד

        @Demon Lord Enmu ק

    2. Tim M

      Need more of Mac he is the next generation!

    3. Dave Kukulka

      Steak and shake serves the same thing for 4 bucks with fries . That’s not a burger . U need meat . Like cmon man .

    4. Evil Panda GMan

      Just a couple of guys being dudes! Love it, you can see the Dad/Son relationship

    5. paulyk81

      ... this was straight up adorable

    6. ripzipripzip

      What if Motz’s son went vegan?

    7. Jacob Lehy

      Mac has such cool hair, it must run in the family.

    8. Whiskey Gordon

      Mac is stoned. You can’t convince me otherwise

    9. Paul Smith

      Barber shops still in lockdown?

    10. Hamza Ait

      what the question when the son answered north African and European !?

    11. the.fourth.son

      I worked at In-N-Out for nearly ten years and everytime these guys touch their hair makes me cringe

    12. Adi potluck

      always present

    13. yasmin burke

      Dont say grooming when regarding kids.....

    14. Ben Vincent

      oh my god, the ENERGY BETWEEN THESE TWO. My god, insane!

    15. Marshall Akewood

      This is stupid.

    16. chasiechase


    17. lolopol100

      Take a shot of tequila everytime the kid goes through his hair

    18. KT KT

      9:07 proof for fatherhood

    19. Erik Hatzenbuehler

      That burger needs ketchup.

    20. Radishmonster

      why are you toasting the bun first...........the bun takes 30 seconds to toast........stop doin that

    21. João Osako

      Ya see the sass is strong with this one

    22. Tyree Jennings

      He’s moving his hair to the left 🏳️‍🌈

    23. krik_rbn

      prawie jak tymon z warga :D

    24. New World Mixed Martial Arts Association

      Sooooo kooool 🥋💯🍔

    25. Jerome Hahaha

      awesome video!!

    26. Jonathan Gilstrap

      Love 9:08, when they did the unintentional simultaneous hair swoop.

    27. Aleyah Richmond

      Lollll this was chaotic and very precious. He really wanted that first burger

    28. ben the best YouTuber

      Does your son Mac have a IRflow channel

    29. ben the best YouTuber

      Does your son Mac have a IRflow channel

    30. feliciano joesph Gallegos-Franco

      ¡Amor! Familia de Mexica Nueva

    31. The Mystery Traveler

      Can't be his kid, didn't burn the sh!t out of his mouth 😉

    32. Derek Key

      I wish my dad would have given the "smash" talk when I was 13. Would have avoided some awkward situations.


      Lose the kid...not as fun

    34. Kaley

      That improvised acceptance speech was 12/10👏👏👏

    35. Spaceboiie


    36. Renato Treves

      is there butter on the grill?

    37. Robin Bosman

      ' he never smashed a burger' How is that even possible, even my daughter started doing that at the age of 5 , let alone a kid of George. I am hella confused.

    38. Aurora Passenger #00FU

      Yep, With that Hair and that quick witted, smart mouth. That's DEFINITELY your Son George! It's almost like watching a Gen-Z Version of you.

    39. Jake Vote

      So uh. Rolling the ball pre smash. That’s the simple solution I’ve been looking for.

    40. Yayaya

      This was so funny man jeez😂😂

    41. ossiferfunk

      Why are they trying each others burgers like oh this ones good! It's THE SAME INGREDIENTS AND THE SAME METHOD my God... IRflow has made us all stupid

    42. ossiferfunk

      I like how this dude is teaching his kid to make a burger as if it's REALLY difficult... It's...... Very simple lol like the kid nailed it

    43. Flowmoshun

      Now we need George to do a White Castle episode.

    44. Lain Cortés González

      Mac looks like a very young Gerard Way

    45. jluis90s

      10:30 already the smash talk eh

    46. King Bunta

      Son? i thought that was his grandson

    47. Aaron La'Gere

      Bring back the smashula.

    48. Michael Paciorek

      i know this is blasphemy but due to recent health reasons I need to avoid meats.... can you do a beyond or impossible "meat" as a smashburger?

    49. Marcus Nörren

      Is it weird that i want burgers of my own now? I mean.. kids of my own?

    50. The 4 Eye Cat

      Smashula that button

    51. J's on my feet

      So cringe

    52. Garrett Wilbourn

      George’s face when he called it “the crown” I thought he might shed a happy tear.

    53. T T

      Can we maybe next time tell your son not to run his hair through his hair then grab the cheese. Hair touching and food...... iccccckkkkk!

    54. wii2b

      Cute kid. Very father like son episode.

    55. Adrians Indie shit

      I could’nt keep watching after 20 seconds it’s sad when we live in a time where these kids are social media stars and don’t even look like kids the don’t know how it is to go outside and play they only know how to blog and shit

    56. Mason Xposed

      Ingredients: A bun Meat Salt Butter Cheese Hair, lots of hair.

    57. Queen of R&B 👑

      His son is so funny and adorable.

    58. Just Another Little Autumn

      My dad and I are trying this recipe tonight. Wish us luck!

    59. Alexey Boltax

      Considering he's filming this in his living room with his family... I kinda love this guy. Having some fun, spending time with his family during all the pandemic / quarantine... Good Job Senyor Motz!

    60. nbklepp

      There’s no way he ate 20K burgers in his life. That’s one burger a day every day for over 50 years straight.

    61. DEXTVHD

      What kind of bun and cheese?

    62. Andrew Wang

      "Here's the thing about smashing" Lol he's getting educated in two areas at once

    63. Katsu

      dude cringe

    64. Shawn Fearin

      Love seeing good father son relationships

    65. Zaxaha

      That identical movement around 9 minutes is almost scary

    66. Alex Miller

      Mac looks like a child version of Rami Malek.

    67. Dan Lam

      What if i said that your son looks like a male Grace Moretz

    68. Kev Rich

      And you notice Mc does the same hand thru the hair as his father ...it's great 😂😂

    69. adam wells

      He's like the Rick of burgers

    70. Liafram

      Is it really a Motz burger if a Motz doesn't burn themselves at least once?

    71. SheyD78

      A quick schooling on how to feel old. 'Just like Johnny Knoxville' 'who?' God I'm old. (and I don't even like that Johnny, prefer me the other one what comes in a bottle with Jack on the label, but when you've known him as long as I have, he's John. Oh, and kudos on the swallow question, essential learning right there.

    72. genuwine21

      I wonder if his son would rebel by becoming a hotdog scholar.

    73. Great Ajax

      In 30 years that scooper will be Macs most treasured possession.

    74. Alan Avery

      9:09 You both have the same hair wave - love it

    75. Edwin Diplan

      wait a minute.... you mean you are NOT related to Johnny Knoxville?

    76. scorpio3110

      In this whole video Mac embodies the essence of the teenager in every scene, sleepy, energetic, uninterested, interested, bored, happy, sad, pained and more sleepy what a legend although he did lose points for asking who Johnny Knoxville was lol

    77. discardedfoot

      I didn't know Chloe Grace Moretz was your son

    78. Aric Buckholt

      not sure who the bigger ham is here!

    79. Rosemary Church

      “Markets look a lot less efficient from the banks of the Hudson than from the banks of the Charles.”Earn 30,000$ every week from your own investment. Ask me how

    80. LacunaIntroRiot

      Great episode and superb editing! You make a great team!

    81. Fraser Kennedy

      maybe when he grows the F up...

    82. xsiguan81

      Da boiz a legend

    83. Mike Hiler

      Good video

    84. Mike Hiler


    85. Mike Hiler

      Hamburger appreation

    86. Josh Johnson

      Be my dad motz

    87. IICLUII

      Mac's one cool kid. He moves around like his Dad. Can tell you guys are a super close fam. Next should be Wife/Mom's turn. lol.

    88. Asma Khan

      Do spice king for hot wings

    89. Niall Duggan

      Mac is so George's son. Love the passion, love this episode, and love the Burger Scholar

    90. YourEvilLem0n

      That's a good quality young dude you seem to be raising my guy, makes my heart warm to see you guys together

    91. Tanner Raabe

      That existential mac @ 10:41 had me dying

    92. Leonardo Sivilla

      Everytime I see George Motz, I just see Sean Schemmel. I bet he can even do a good Goku impression

    93. My Hot Stream

      That was lovely, son goals.

    94. Adam Wilson

      The apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it?

    95. Snifey 76

      "my name is George Motz and my job is to raise my son so i can nickname him "big mac" " -George Motz (definitely)

    96. Andrew Weaver

      If this kids nickname when he grows up isn't "Big Mac" We've failed him! LOL nicely done tho Mac.

    97. Andrew Weaver

      This could have been a great fathers day episode. Enjoyed it just the same just thinking promo and timing wise this video would have fit perfectly with it.

      1. omcorc

        Father’s Day/Mother’s Day/Valentines Day/etc... All arbitrarily created to get people to spend money. Any day can be Father’s Day, etc.

    98. clanechelon

      No burger for the wife... So mean, that neither the husband or the kid shared with her LOL

    99. Straight Actor Ian McKellen

      How do i apply to become a “burger scholar” and how much does it pay?

    100. Sam Hear

      He’s a natural Motz