How to Cook a Deep-Fried Bacon Burger with George Motz | Burger Scholar Sessions

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    Imagine this-a hamburger topped with bacon, wrapped in dough, and plunged in hot oil. That's what you get when you order the deep-fried Langos burger, a unique Eastern European riff on the classic American cheeseburger invented by the Brooklyn gastropub, Korzo. Using Hungarian langos dough to encapsulate the patty, George will attempt to make this highly technical burger for the first time ever on camera. Unquestionably we're about to go on a science adventure as George teaches you how to cook this deep-fried bacon burger at home.

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    1. First We Feast

      *Like if you think George should be a character on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater*

      1. Adi potluck


      2. YnCk87

        Tony Hawk's Pro Skate should have 0 characters. The ps1 and 2 version where awesome. Afterwards they cam crashing down hard

      3. sneer0101

        @jenifer divine and the magic Cringe

      4. Nate

        This dude is so unfunny it's mega cringe.

      5. G Andok

        360 patty flip to cheese melt out

    2. James Wroot

      Love his voice acting work as Goku/king Kai

    3. Andrew Bartucci

      this guy is nuts in a good way

    4. tic tycjk

      Im hungry

    5. Karol - KO

      Hmmm its too hot to handle.. maybe my tongue will handle it better !!

    6. Caio Cabral


    7. AaronDidIt

      I've had some really amazing burgers in Hungary. It's like they're going through a burger renaissance there.

    8. Shaun Hunter

      He’s a national treasure

    9. Brady B

      Lol he’s so close to burning his house down

    10. Brian Lingden

      4:40 Way to go Denmark. 🇩🇰

    11. JIBL

      In Argentina that's called "boina" or "boina vasca". Cheers Mr. Motz from Argentina.

    12. pho costa

      O cara tem os palito de dente da Gina kkkkkk

    13. Dai Evans

      "Its still too hot to handle" - immediately puts it in mouth

      1. Brian Lingden

        @Dai Evans Yet his mouth still handles it? I dunno man, he's probably used to it for sure.

      2. Dai Evans

        @Brian Lingden its likely...desensitisation caused by too much hot cheese

      3. Brian Lingden

        Is he insensitive to heat or something?

    14. Phil Boyce

      George: "Its still too hot to handle.." *Immediately takes a bite* xD

    15. danny

      Me: "Wow, he coulda given the whole other half to his daughter instead..."

    16. Pessoa Aleatória

      As a brazilian I was very happy to see the pastel being acknowledged. Thank you very much sir.

    17. Dave Grant Cooks

      always look forward to new burger vids with George.

    18. bunker108

      I seriously love watching this dude cook and eat burgers!

    19. Nishant Casey

      You should try do the 'Wurly Burger' - I believe it is 100% Irish, specifically Dublin-origin.

    20. Bohemian Betyars // Official Channel

      Olajban sült lángos burger!!! Köszönjük

    21. Timothy Soen

      George strikes me as the sort of guy who exclusively drinks black coffee, all day.

    22. Plump Potato Rump

      this show is ONLY FUCKING "GOOD VIBES" it's the best!

    23. M. SAN.951

      George is the type of douche to bite a burger, then share the bitten burger only to eat the non bitten burger.

    24. Quincee 33

      Interesting. Cool.

    25. Charlie Kelso

      Fuck thats delicious reminded me of action bronsons show

    26. Rory McClernon

      my hero

    27. Ciara Brown

      I love George's videos so much! He has such a love and enthusiasm for food and its history. And his little outbursts as he's doing things/cooking are great!

    28. General Pinochet

      Thanks for wasting atleast 1/2 of the Time

    29. 1985nyg

      Guy is cringey as fuck

      1. Konstantin Eckl

        not how you spell that

    30. Tero Korhonen

      Ha ha hu hu hihi hi ha huu huu ha ha hihi miau

    31. suitandtieguy

      this man is so joyous he removes all negative energy from my blackened soul.

    32. Mansoor

      Jamaican patty man??????????????? common with that bs samosa?????????????? beef ones???????????????????

    33. Roy R

      At this point his catch phrase is "Oh shit"

    34. mark bush

      The woozy eyelash antenatally comb because doctor regretfully refuse over a feeble feigned graphic. belligerent, lavish zephyr

    35. EndecriX

      I'm Johnny Knoxville and we're frying a burger.

    36. sneekypanda

      George with hot oil makes me so nervous

    37. James T.

      So nothing special. Just some dough, ground beef and oil. How boring can you get - like really.

    38. aLife2Dai4

      Can you guys do a vegan burger 🍔 🙏🏻🔥

    39. Ulrich Von Stomp

      It's so nice to come here and just forget about the craziness in our world!

    40. alexzanderarmstrong

      Look it’s Wolverine’s drunk uncle 😂

    41. Ian Pongray

      This one looks like a great challenge for when I get a little farther into my burger journey. Just crossed the Oklahoma fried onion smashburger off the list, and omfg it was the best burger I've ever eaten! Grease really is a condiment.

      1. Ian Pongray

        I even burned myself, just like George!

    42. Yogripper

      My man didn't mention beef patties and I'm offended lol

    43. Ricardo Montejano

      How come he didnt just give out the other half instead of takin bites of the first then sharin it then eating the other half by himself wtf 😂

    44. Brayden C

      Dude sounds like Big Ed

    45. Badders1977

      I really like George. :-)

    46. T-Bull9989

      I love this show....

    47. Don’t Reply

      Don’t think you’re sneaky... I notice you cashing off of the Bon Appetit style...

    48. Aparna M.V

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    49. evilblade00

      this video idea i'd watch, but anything with this guy I will not, cannot wait for his me2 movement

    50. CyberKultist

      Non-burger question for ya George: As someone else that also has the mutton-chop style in '21, do you do it as a decision or necessity? My 'beard' has bald streaks from edges of lip down through neck area. I have to choose between chops, pedo-stache, or clean shave (which makes me look like an elderly baby). It's just such a rare style that I feel drawn to ask anyone else I see rocking it; why? lol.

    51. Riley Thomas

      George is a treasure, I would be content to sit and watch burger scholar forever lol

    52. Roger Allaire

      Man I watch every video you put out. When you put the smash burger out that was the first one I tried to make and now its the only o e me and the wife like. Lol. Keep the videos and knowledge coming.

    53. fahad hossain

      This guy is one of the best yt creators ❤️😎 But seriously 😑 you skipped South Asian regions samosa and shingara mentions. Not cool George

    54. Francois Gagnon

      Hey George, i want to know why in the US there’s a lot of restaurants that serve medium rare ground meat. In Canada this is not a part of our culture because we are told that you can get Ecoli or other diseases. Can you wrap up this in a funny history of yours?

      1. The Horrible Bright

        Not only in the US. As long as you don't use preground beef it's fine. If you get ecoli from your beef you need better food safety regulations.

    55. OnlyWater Ent.


    56. Consequator

      Today on George Motz burns himself: Pastry just out of boiling oil is hot.

    57. Keyon Aminian

      Jesus, grab some tongs. Grease fire waiting to happen lol.

    58. eDWICHt

      Never change, dude. You're one of the most genuine people on the entirety of youtube.

    59. Jeff Scott

      "It's still too hot to handle" moments later puts it into his mouth. George I love your passion of burgers

    60. Adi potluck

      Waw.. Nice

    61. cj jernigan


    62. Alan Lapp

      Let us not forget the Mongolian Khoshor -- it's a fried dough pocket containing minced mutton and onion... and lots of salt... mutton needs salt. If you come out to San Francisco, there is *hopefully* an annual Mongolian Naadam Festival in Golden Gate Park, and you'll be able to buy them at a food stand. It's a very low-key very cool experience.

    63. Michael audy

      I made it 2 minutes

    64. Ruestar-Juice

      No Beef Wellington?

    65. eioshen boboi

      These episodes are always more chaotic than I anticipate in advance.

      1. eioshen boboi

        I feel like he is always suprised whatever he is cooking turns out good.

    66. TOBY

      Taxation is theft, our government lies to us & MSM covers up for them. Thanks for the videos.

    67. Joe Dean

      can i give this 2 thumbs down?

    68. SuperGuz

      I love the fact that he brought Gina toothpicks from Brazil.

    69. Mrswhozit Ya ya

      One of the only videos I like before I watch. 👍❤️

    70. G

      That looks amazing and I would definitely try that, but frying that up in your apartment/house will absolutely stink it up. So much so that I don't even think you'd be able to get the smell out.

    71. Scratchy Scroll7

      It's the life version of the Krabby Supreme

    72. Luke Tulloch

      Should cover and Australian Burger; Raw White/Yellow Onion, Beef Pattie, Cheese, Bacon, Beetroot, Pineapple, topped with a soft fired Egg...

      1. Luke Tulloch

        needs to be ringed, can pineapple so when the soft egg breaks and goo's through the burger a pool of yolk forms in the hole!

    73. Foodjinn

      Jesus christ george you're going to burn down your fucking house

    74. GM J

      Langos dough is way more stretchy, and you cannot stretch it on a board. I think you should wait and raise it more.

    75. BJBDF

      9 seconds was all I care to watch of this guy.

    76. Mads Emil Skaarup Larsen

      One could say it is a TOYlet.. I'll let myself out

    77. Caleb w McGillicuddy

      This show is great

    78. M Muntz

      We love you George

    79. Kyle Triplett

      Just once I want George to wait for a burger to be a normal temperature before he tries to eat it, just for my blood pressure's sake. Just once. That's not too much to ask, right?

    80. TwoWheel Terror

      George... Man... Let it cool down man. LOL... Actually do your thing bro, I enjoy watching you eat things I can't or won't anymore. I can almost taste it watching you burn yourself on these delicious burgers! Cheers!

    81. Ricardo Gurgel

      WHAAAAAT !!! Palitos Gina !!!! BRASIL !!! UHUU !!

    82. Dustin Kaviani

      I feel like he is always suprised whatever he is cooking turns out good.

    83. Comrade Kennedy

      Is he high

    84. Maximus

      Fun drinking game: Take a shot every time George burns himself.

    85. Jay Gigidy

      Damm I'm hungry.

    86. Francisco Gimenez

      george is a walking fire hazard in this video.

    87. Erik Halpert

      It looks delicious. We don't usually eat Lángos as a hamburger, but it's a cool concept. As traditionaly it is served with sour cream and garlic water. Greetings from Hungary, stay safe!

      1. Erik Halpert

        *also with cheese 🧀

    88. David Olson

      Why does George not have his own channel with videos all the time?

    89. christo farnucc

      something tells me this guy doesn't have kids

    90. Jeremiah Bachmann

      How did that not catch fire???

    91. Mark Rixson

      Looks great

    92. Pan Biznesmen

      Pierogi... He mentioned pierogi... wow :o

    93. Jake Fisher

      He’s back!!! 💪💪

    94. Gregor Schultz

      You forgot the "Herrgottsverscheißerle"...meat filled dough thought of by german monks during lent....because obviously God wouldn't know

    95. Sam Nowland

      This dude is one of the coolest people alive.

    96. Chrissy J

      I love shows where the host is like "I DID IT" at the end of the cook segment... LOL

    97. Jeremie BP

      Penrose bacon triangles... GENIUS!!!

    98. seeni gzty

      That intro was pure gold. Never change George.

    99. Fact

      Eyy, Lángos Burger. We got a "fuck that's delicious" huns.

    100. Mauricio Lima

      Here in Brazil we call this "Hamburgão"

      1. seeni gzty

        On this episode of “will George burn his mouth again”...