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    Paris Hilton is an entrepreneur, DJ, philanthropist, and business mogul. Her much-buzzed about documentary, This Is Paris, currently has more than 20 million views on her IRflow channel. And, she recently launched a podcast by the same name-check out This Is Paris wherever you get your podcasts. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as the OG influencer ventures beyond Taco Bell mild sauce into the realm of brutal hot sauces like Da Bomb and The Last Dab. As she takes on the wings of death, Paris discusses bottle-service scams, paparazzi evasion tactics, her relationship with the media, and the art of "sliving" (slaying + living). That's hot!
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    1. First We Feast

      Did Paris do better or worse than you expected against the wings of death? Sound off, spice lords...

      1. iRON MiC TYSON



        She spit all the hot ones. Worst

      3. john hampton

        While, she is quite sophisticated, and rightfully so, she played the game, (pretended a bit) nibbled here and there. She presents herself as a very upper class individual. "Nibbling" on chicken wings with various hot sauces dabbed on them, pretended to drink the coconut milk ( nothing slips past my eyes ;-) ) is not a normal practice with her, unlike dinning at "jack N the Box" She "acted" the part rather well..... She looks fantastic for 40, and she didn't get there putting hi scoville count sauces in her body.... That being said, I have always liked Paris Hilton's persona, she is very real / smart beyond her years, and a great gal.

      4. justin richardson

        I doubt she even tasted them...

      5. Dan D

        @Robert Butler Jr Just hope for her lover's sake, she is a better actor faking her orgasms than her performance here...

    2. Terry Allen

      Dude. You made Paris Hilton fun. That's some good work

    3. Jordan Carrillo

      I love it when Sean interviews the celebrities that almost everyone knows on some level. And he's fearlessly slaying the interview

    4. sarah

      never would have thought i would hear paris hilton reference rick and morty

    5. Cameron Scholz

      Woah she knows what Rick and Morty is? she IS real!!!

    6. christmastiger

      I feel like Sean ate extra of each wing to get himself "on her level" to make her more comfortable and not like she was just struggling alone with the spiciness and that's really nice of him Also, hot take: Banksy is a fucking hack. I feel like he's the reason NFT's are a thing, jesus rich people will buy anything if they think it's worth money

    7. iRON MiC TYSON

      So WACK! She had a bite of the 1st wing. Then, didn't even EAT ANY CHKN or HOT SAUCE! 😫😴😴😴

    8. Dispie Dark

      I guess Paris hilton will be launching a hot sauce next, And i like this Paris a lot more than, what i mostly see off her, so well done Sean.

    9. annalise syverson

      I wish Paris would make the beans lol

    10. edromes30

      Those moaning sounds are edited a bit crazy.

    11. Inkslinger123

      She couldn’t mix cement… tractor says it all

    12. Ikiru Yamamoto

      Sean always brings out the best, but Paris is a joke. I don't think she ate enough chicken to constitute one tiny wing. ANYONE can do this challenge if you eat a piece of wing the size of a single piece of corn...OR SMALLER! There's never any food or sauce on her teeth. Oh, and let's not pretend we didn't all see her turn the wing away from the last dab so she got NO sauce. She made DJ Khaled look like Rambo!

    13. whisky with kiwi

      Invite Eiza González

    14. whisky with kiwi

      Eiza González

    15. whisky with kiwi

      Now I wanna see Eiza González another aquarius 👑

    16. whisky with kiwi

      ♒ 👑

    17. Jim Rodriguez

      What is she famous for? I mean other than kinda looking like a puppet from Team America World Police? Britny Spears is a victim, to be sure. But Spears actually did something. Paris is just known for being Paris. So any undue intrusions aren't interfering with her 'art'. She is famous for being famous, she comes from a famous family, she contributes nothing, and she can shut the fuck up about how her feelings are hurt by people being mean. OR she could sit on her money, in her compound, never be seen again, and nothing would be lost. No one would even notice.

    18. sandra mcevoy

      Paris was a trooper all the way through!She is definitely a misunderstood sweetheart!

    19. Pascal Leroux

      Why do we keep treating people in the public eye so horribly? This is completely unacceptable and, with the accessibility of the Internet, public figures should have a right to privacy like everyone else.

    20. skannerz22

      they should do a second gordon ramsay one and ask everything about kitchen nightmares

    21. Neelam Dikondwar

      Paris Hilton 😒😒😒😒😠😠😠😠

    22. Media Pool

      i keep on getting recommended this video. I've seen this a few times already.

    23. Tom Tyler

      Shes is so hot 🥰beautiful! I'm impressed she was able to do this.

    24. NWPaul72

      Love what you do and how you do it, Sean. You interview like a gentle Johnny Carson while testing palates to destruction. Genius, is what it is.

    25. NWPaul72

      Have you had Hank and John Green on yet? This remote setup you have would make getting both at once more doable...

    26. Victor Lui


    27. john hampton

      While she portrays herself as being very sophisticated, rightfully so. She played the game, nibbled here and there, and pretended the part. She pretended to eat chicken wings ( can't fool my eyes ;-) ) and drink the coconut milk and water. She's a lot smarter than she looks ( Clever Girl !! ). That being said, she looks fantastic for 40, and she didn't get there from putting hi scoville count hot sauce in her body ( although from what I understand its a very hi in antioxidant ). I've always liked Paris Hilton's persona, She's a very classy gal, and I wish her all the best.

    28. Russell Sperry

      I was completely with her until she named off her dogs. Superficial is an understatement with this lady, but her last 2 dogs weren’t that bad. She’s probably growing as a person.

    29. Cali Grav

      Paris Hilton a Rick and Morty fan? Now that's a twist I was not expecting. Also as a street artist myself shout out to Paris fucking with Banksy. Definitely did not expect that either.

    30. Mark Hall

      I love Paris for doing this and she is a true bad ass!

    31. sparklygato

      She switches into the baby voice when she gets nervous or uncomfortable. It's like her security blanket. She's getting better about it though compared to her documentary. Her real voice is so much more interesting.

    32. OutcastFM com

      She sounds like a sweet girl and she nailed it like a boss.

    33. Laura Linares Mendez

      She’s so nice and genuine! This interview made me smile

    34. lek knos


    35. Spare me the Dramatics

      Please Circle Back to Paris and get rid of the Kardashians!

    36. Scoundrull on YouTube


    37. Scoundrull on YouTube


    38. Scoundrull on YouTube


    39. geo

      she’s so pretty

    40. Dr. Banter

      Paris is HOT, rich, and looks great in Pink!!! Cheers from Polynesia

    41. Rusty Motus

      Did she spit it back out into the “water” cup?

    42. carley snow

      Paris is so great, I have so much respect for her and I hope everyone else can see how smart and genuine she is.

    43. Redding Hunter

      it’s interesting how she’s basically the same person but the world has completely changed around her. paris is the matrix spoon.

    44. Bobby V.

      I don't understand why people hate her, I'm glad the media hasn't broken her. She's really proven herself to everyone who underestimated her

    45. DigitalRagdoll

      Dj Khaled is a pan.

    46. Afonso

      The way she goes from her fake voice to the normal and then to the fake again is insane

    47. Jim Fink

      The MJ gloves that cost more than most people make should be lick-able now!

    48. StormbornKing

      Halle Berry still unmatched!

    49. Michael Denczek

      Paris sex dolls? And she refused???

    50. Roi Bee

      I cant believe how elegant she looks

    51. yummykiwi

      Paris is so professional. I’m sure she was dying inside. LOL 😭😭

    52. Tom Farmer

    53. M S

      Haven't seen her in awhile. She looks Hot!!

    54. Jon Bar

      I thought a wet paper towel has more personality than her. I thought she'd show up and be more deep than her persona p

    55. GenericEric

      How do these paparazzi people even find you? Is it doing something stupid like posting where you're going or something like that?

    56. Kristy

      Props to Paris. She made it through the whole thing. Not everyone has been able to do that.

    57. Corey Marcotte

      I'm not even going to watch this episode of it, because it's the equivalent of having Donald Trump on the show. I just wanted to share this comment. There's a reason why this video has almost 4K dislikes.

    58. Cuate Sanz

      Is she even eating the wing? Lmao. 🤣

    59. Domenico Lorusso

      This interview has changed my view of Paris Hilton.

    60. dotpanda

      she should've done the sex doll idea. That would've sold for sure

    61. YooToob Moderator

      Such a boring person...

    62. Dani L

      She's so down to earth it's amazing!

    63. PG Unlisted

      Are we not gonna talk about the fact the she never even ate the wings? Like, she just brushed it on her lips I guess? Like I can’t even tell that she even tasted it

    64. Daniel Masis

      The materialistic fender acromegaly ask because tail karunagappally ask of a uppity burst. unwieldy, breakable story

    65. Asia Warsaw

      Y'all didn't even ask her about repo the genetic opera smh I thought we had a research dept on this show

    66. Von Roy

      200k for a fucking table dam I thot me paying 500 dollars for me m 2 hoes was a lot cuz the guy new I was gonna pay cuz I was with a 2 girls can't look cheap lol usually it's like 200

    67. Katie Farmer

      The way she switched between her normal voice and her persona voice, sometimes mid-sentence, is so interesting.

    68. denisse chuco

      That's hot

    69. Nate

      Pairs handled that like an absolute champ.

    70. ana

      Please feature Lisa Nguyen!🙏🏽

    71. Dylan McPeake

      I can't belive this girl is named after that Lil B song

    72. Matthew Cicchetti

      She Slayed It!! Paris is an Inspiration, Hollywood stereotypical types always act as its beneath them to show a real person in there but she holds up pretty tuff but yeah no one says no to her but the wings slay all when your Sliving your best spicy life.

    73. mikey deangelo

      This show always makes me like people I didnt like. Not this time. This lady is the most annoying person cognats to Sean for making it through this

    74. ca sne

      The wretched rock unfortunatly shave because gliding ontogenically jog given a permissible action. moldy, sleepy meat

    75. Megan Lott

      Paris is so much more than most people care to know or see her to be. You can totally tell a lot of the way she acts is just that an act!

    76. Joshua Norman

      i love the show but this feels like the fakest episode ever

    77. Zack Zehnder

      I never knew I wanted to stop Sliving until I watched this video.

    78. Nopski

      i appreciate seans evans work! he makes celebrities loveable....there's nothing like answering questions that you're actually interested to answer

    79. Always On the Move

      Much better interview than I was expecting. A real treat seeing Paris Hilton in this light, another hit from Sean!

    80. letstalkapocalypse!!!

      She did alot better than I thought she would

    81. Zachary James

      Paris is pretty dope.

    82. Mari-Linda Perez


    83. cbearabc

      Paris Hilton you go girl from your 70-year-old fan? 😎😄😉

    84. GalaxyWolf477

      I just enjoy seeing a top celebrity be a normal and "less than perfect" human being. Its a good eye opener knowing that they really are just ppl too and we tend to forget that

    85. Joots Roots

      Wow.. I don't follow Ms. Hilton in any way but have heard of her. This interview and seeing perhaps a glimpse of her real side....I kind of have a crush now

    86. Dan Makabre

      dude shes so cute. she bumps into things here and there very slightly and you can tell she might have had a beer or two to ease the nerves (knowing she's about to get her tongue scorched XD) but shes still so composed and cute as FUCK! this woman is surprisingly pleasant and sophisticated and sexy as FUCK despite all the fame and fortune.

    87. BennyOars

      When she went to the party with britney spears, britney didnt wear panty at all..

    88. David Fulcher

      I never thought I would hear Paris Hilton say fuck my life while laughing

    89. The Seeker

      She would be dead if she ate the whole wings.She probaly didn’t take enough bites off of all those wings to make one wing but she was enjoyable to listen to.If those little nibbles hurt her,she aint have fun when that sht came out.I know some of them had to die when they went to the bathroom.

    90. The Seeker

      The funny thing about the gloves is it’s probaly something that really bothers her if she doesn’t have them for certain things.I use to be like that about my gold necklace with the Yin Yang sign.I had to have it no matter what.It would throw my day off.

    91. The Seeker

      “What do you have to say to haters who say it’s unsanitary to cook in fingerless leather gloves” “My tongue is on fire”

    92. Will4May

      As creeped out and scared she is from thought of sex dolls of her, I bet they would sell fast, although lifelike sex dolls of many celebs male and female would sell like wildfire, and I can see the scared part for Paris is the ones who have the doll but imprint some fantasy it's real and come after her. The way VR is heading I bet that virtual cgi celeb sex will happen anyway if it's not already somewhere now.

    93. HazyinDC

      Great personal view into Paris. Always interesting interviews Sean

    94. Solace Livie

      Who picked up on her nervousness at the start with her pulling on her sleeves and self calm, glad she felt more comfortable as the interview went on

    95. Mr P

      Really like her personality. She grew to really be not bad-looks way bttr now too.

    96. Mr P

      First person I saw with a Bentley Coupe....girl is def ahead of the curve...

    97. Me Smith

      I'd like to spend one night in Paris.

    98. Mr P

      This is Kim Kardashians mother.....

    99. Daphne Nicole11


    100. Daphne Nicole11

      "A talent..." give me a f'n BREAK! HAHAHAHAHAAAAA