How to Cook 4 More Regional Smashburgers with George Motz | Burger Scholar Sessions

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    Round two of regional smashburgers! Burger Scholar George Motz is back at it again to teach you about regional toppings that you can put on your smashburgers. Get ready to learn about the pimento cheeseburger from South Carolina; the bacon avocado burger from California; the goober burger from Missouri; and the hot-dog combo burger, also from California. It's a speed round, so keep up!

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    1. First We Feast

      All hail Motz, King of the Smashburgers. Like if you want George back for another season!

      1. alex boyajian

        Please sire!!

      2. Bryan Clark

        Yes please!!!

      3. Elise Hobbs


      4. Juan Salazar

        I could watch him make burgers until the day i die from eating too many hamburgers And i think i will...

      5. TheWolfLuke

        Hell yeah, we love motz!

    2. Grizzly Dave85

      George and Alton Brown need to get together and cook some burgers

    3. Adam Griffin

      In this video George almost learned where the term "F$%K Off" came from

    4. G Red

      *oily nuts*

    5. Andrew Bartucci

      george is constantly burning himself

    6. st00ben

      So glad to see that Cheerwine bottle. I miss being able to find that anywhere... sucks to move north.

    7. Sam Noel

      For the love of god cut out the chewing sound.

    8. Goatman DotD

      Is avocado not totally normal to non Californians? Always have avocado on burgers

    9. Amber Portland

      Comments section obsessed with him burning himself, totally misses the constant finger picking tick.

    10. Striker92

      Hell yeah South Carolina represent

    11. HB45175

      That made me so hungry

    12. eric campano

      What's the stove thing he's using called?? A griddle? I've never seen one like that, but now that I have.. I need it

    13. newyorkmeable

      its weird to me that its weird to people to put avacado on a burger lol

    14. Megumin

      Where can I buy a griddle like that? What material is it?

    15. Molly Whomp

      Each time he makes a oily nut joke he grabbed the bowl of balls an refrained from commenting but couldn't help it when he says salty balls xD

    16. holydude124

      Anybody know what Cast iron grill is George using?

    17. theimportantperson

      Being from california its almost impossible to imagine making a burger for myself without avocado. Avocado, bacon, fried egg and youre in business

    18. Shaun Hunter

      He’s a national treasure

    19. Eric Christian

      This man is johnny bravo incarnate

    20. electrolinks

      Welcome to another episode of George eats things that are too hot.

    21. Yer_Br0wn_Dog_8_My_Rabbit

      If George had a sign out front that said "Home of the Comb.." no one would believe it.

    22. Chance Spivey

      George I am actually is your apartment not smoky

    23. dandaddavi

      "Zoom...Yeah!!!" 🤣

    24. Alex Brin

      Calling you out. Chili was first invented in Texas. Not California...

    25. im4broke

      I don't even live anywhere near the west I'm hooked on #4! That combo looks awesome!

    26. NemaBass91

      I hope George does this forever

    27. CJ Moore

      All Hail George Motz! George Motz! The Motz The Motz, He is the king of Burger! All Hail! George, we need a MOTZ BURGER!

    28. super jason

      peanut butter hamburger i have lived

    29. thw7five

      Every burger is smashed nowadays... You can make a great burger without smashing it. Please, i guess...go retro.......??


      Chili combo is fail without onion.

    31. King lion Joysing765&&

      The deep goose allegedly arrange because alto concomitantly want under a undesirable heron. unarmed, three squash

    32. Kenneth Willetts

      There was a burger in Indianapolis, the Shewman Burger, it was like the goober BUT it went Peanut Butter, Bacon, Pickled Jalapenos. So you got Savory, Spicy, Salty, Sweet. I'm curious if George knows the origins of that burger.

    33. leftnipple809

      I'm sorry George, but you're wrong. EVERYONE likes avocado on their burger.

    34. Escapist

      Ketchup on a burger? Too sweet. Pineapple on a burger? Too sweet. PEANUT BUTTER ON A BURGER? Fine by George.

    35. Gunpla MX

      George is the first american ive seen actually cut an avocado the right way.

    36. Game Czar

      The way George held his hand out when he said "oily nuts" made me question my sexuality for a moment.

    37. exploring internet

      0:19 roll credits.

    38. frankafru

      Goober burger... peanut butter burgers.... any connection to SpongeBob??

    39. Bella’s Vlogs

      The unkempt pipe phylogentically haunt because luttuce bacteriologically doubt during a woozy ukraine. tame, lethal argument

    40. purppLair

      Nooooooo, not at alll.😂

    41. meinennamengibbet

      dude, you´re amazing

    42. Roberto Mora

      What buns do you use?

    43. Dharma Bum

      Wtf is going on with his pinky? I think Meg the Stallion wrote a song about it.

    44. Nico Vastagh

      The last one is so gd American. Beautiful

    45. Dominique Nelson

      I’m so happy I own his book burger history is so cool and damn does everyone compliments my burgers now hahaha love this soul right here xD

    46. Keith

      There's a reason that pregnant girls crave peanut butter and pickles. It's definitely a thing.

    47. Joshua Schreiber

      Holy sh*t is right...preach it George

    48. Jamie Wang

      The piquant patient morphometrically radiate because motion constitutively form beneath a noiseless pisces. chivalrous, like ink

    49. Sean Mc

      Bro. That was a beautiful session from your mother. You're already a good Influence :) Your mother cements that.

    50. Michael Green

      Love this series, but damn does George eat and smack his lips super loudly. It's like listening to a dog eat. lol

    51. Lee Gignac

      2 things... 1 - that pimento cheese burger needs bacon. 2 - How did you not talk about that Cheerwine?????!!!!

    52. Melanie Rogers

      I'm digging the Goober burger! Grew up on peanut butter and pickle sandwiches, adding a smash burger sounds delicious!!!

    53. Caner Oezlue

      his mom looks like the mom of the wheezywaiter lol

    54. Trenton Woodham

      If I combine the South Carolina Pimento cheese burger and the California combo burger, would that be sacrilege?

    55. Arcination.

      "nut oil" -George Motz 2021

    56. Monica MovieStar

      Weirdo. You pulled more than a muscle in your nose

    57. 9mmWaffle

      If a burger is too messy I don't fuck w it

    58. dank412

      combo burger on the late night? count me in..damn!!

    59. dylan orick

      Give George his own channel!!

    60. HeXeD87

      LMAO I love southern American People. George's mom was the best

    61. M

      Love pminuh cheese.

    62. Ethan Cox

      Beans do go in chili

    63. Roy Helm

      You can still get a guber burger in sedalia mo. Goodys across the way still makes them George. Great burger

    64. theCRABBY

      You had me until the disgusting sounds of you chewing and slurping and heavy breathing while puting the burger in your mouth. Sorry brah, that shit is irksome as hell

    65. the oozemen

      He's so awkward, I love him and I've committed these burger recipes from heart

    66. Ramses Ochoa

      Why does he remind me of Johnny Knoxville LOL

    67. TempestTV

      oh man, i honestly wish i could just subscribe to Motz's content alone. No offence First We Feast but he's my spirit animal

    68. Annick Nasarallah

      I use to be amused by George, now just annoyed

    69. Juan Salazar

      Has he done the super big boy burger yet? Can he? Should he?

    70. TheInfectiousCadaver

      my guy. you didnt say love you bye to your mom? what a boss.

    71. Ben Grave

      Goober is my favorite way to burger. However, for maximum enjoyment, substitute the pickles for pickled peppers, as hot as you like. The peanut butter works so well with the hot peppers, and I like to add a little mayo as well to make it even more decadent.

    72. theplourde

      I bet those avocados aren’t even checked if they’re ripe, etc at that restaurant.

    73. KimberLeigh Crimmins

      Mmm…peanut butter-n-beef! That Goober Burger looks dope!

    74. Edward Valentino

      EAFB 2 LAX 14 to the 5 to the 405

    75. RikFTK

      "Hey Georgie!" That phone call with his mom was so cute.

    76. Mike mess

      Always sad to hear about small owned restaurants getting closed down (unless they are horrible). Thanks to you George, Wheel Inn Drive and the goober burger will live on! I got some JIF in the pantry, I'll have to make a goober burger in their honor.

    77. cryHAVOC884

      First We Feast needs to make a compilation of George Motz burning himself and going "mmm ah oh augh"

    78. sebastian mckinney

      My least favorite sound is listening to this man eat a burger... fucking love this show tho

    79. Bradda

      I'm from Hawaii and we pronounce 'em with the 'T' like with pork, peas, and pimento. Cool to hear that other areas put their own twist of pronouncing stuff like that

    80. TwoWheel Terror

      It started with George burning his mouth... Perfect! LOL.

    81. Montana K

      The Goober Burger is fire if you sub pickles but add bacon & jalapeños

    82. Juneau Dahl

      TIL avocado in burgers isn’t a common thing

    83. Everette Parker

      Who’s gonna lie to me and say this dude doesn’t smoke weed everyday

      1. Eric Christian

        @Juky excuse me, but the heavenly gods of the celestial plain do not allow mortals to speak of the afterlife or the associated nectar and ambrosia.

      2. Everette Parker

        @Juky same playa partna

      3. Juky

        i would spark a fat blunt and eat 100 burgers with george motz every day

    84. Injurylawyer

      Nice to see Michael Scotts tv again. Classic

    85. cwuzii

      When are the Smashula smashers coming back into stock??

    86. Dave L


    87. Robert Jones

      Love these videos so much. Has George ever tried the Milo’s burger in Birmingham Alabama?

    88. Joel Miller

      Why always beef burgers Do chicken burgers next time George

    89. Alec Klassen

      I keep waiting for his heart to give out on screen.

    90. Charlie Henning

      George, Wagon Wheel Inn moved down the Highway 65. About 2 blocks from original.

    91. Def Leppard

      What is up with this dude

    92. Tiago M

      Wolverine is an burger expert?

    93. BootySnorkler

      Burns his tounge with hot food proceeds to wipe tounge with a will that help and then asks his mom how did she know it was him man this guy is lame and stupid as fuck.

    94. David Pumpkini

      12:01 i will start adding hotdogs in my burgers too. Thanks G man!

    95. kinn grimm

      "Oh shit, thats hot"

    96. David Pumpkini

      Georgi is from the time when phones were big and had a dial wheel in the middle. You couldn't tell who was ringing unless you was good at guessing.

    97. jantheman4242

      George I see that cherwine

    98. wishiwascooler

      We have a local place in Macon GA that makes a Peanut butter burger called the Jimmy Carter

    99. Zachary Hagan

      Good stuff. I actually clicked off of the video, then went "oh no, I didn't like that video." I went back and liked it lol.

    100. Chris Moon

      Your mom is hilarious! 😅💕💗💓💖 Love your humor about nut oils... Who wouldn't laugh at that one?? The Combo burger would probably be my favorite 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤