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    Anthony Mackie is a Hollywood power player you know from The Hurt Locker, Captain America, Million Dollar Baby, and many more. His latest film, Outside the Wire, is currently trending on Netflix. And he also stars in one of the year's most anticipated new shows, The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, which is set to release on Disney+ March 19th. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as Mackie takes on the wings of death and drops knowledge about authentic New Orleans food, the rap bonafides of William Shakespeare, and why "Best Supporting Actor" is the most coveted Academy Award.
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    1. First We Feast

      Which MCU stars do you want to see on Hot Ones?

      1. Lidia Emily

        Chris evanss

      2. LUSTER

        Sebastian Stan

      3. Byruss Smith

        I’m a nobody but put me on the show email me please lol nawl fr do a subscriber episode

      4. seba

        Why tho

      5. Brown Panther

        Ryan Reynolds

    2. Olivia Bodily

      Nothing is hotter than a man who gets Shakespeare

    3. mjs1231

      Good to see this guy. Middle age guy talking about how he hates middle age dudes lmao. Maybe he needs that eye dotted by middle age person.

    4. vals wrld

      i wanna fish w anthony

    5. Spare me the Dramatics

      Are you telling me Paris Hilton kicked his ass with those hot wings LOL

    6. Derek Woodford

      You should do it with Sebastian stan

    7. Grace P

      I’ve never watched this show before and I’ve only ever seen Mackie interviews on his MCU projects, so this was really refreshing to watch! To get to know the person of Mackie outside of his amazing portrayals in the MCU. And I agree, these questions are so well researched and thoughtful! Wish more interviewers ask about the person they’re interviewing ♥️

    8. Aaron Windham

      “Real pump shit”. Hilarious.

    9. Ammon

      That reverb tho, When he blew his nose

    10. Hesham Hany

      "No one has ever asked me this before!" Another one bites the dust.

    11. Rick Moen

      Did Sean Evans have a stroke? His eye lookin' off.

    12. VodkaHindJelly

      " I like my food as bland as possible" - you know it's gonna be good when that's the opening line

    13. Bloodshed Icicle and Razor

      12:05 The one thing no one said about Clarence from Cranbrook

    14. George Heilman

      Anthony mentioning Angel Heart made me pump my fist.

    15. SPARTAN-501

      The Falcon and his Hot Wings

    16. iRON MiC TYSON


    17. Infinity Bless

      Where’s my invite!? I want to eat the wings and chat it up. Why only famous people are on this show 🤔 😂

    18. Amanda Brown

      Gluten free king cake “no. no.......smh no.” 😂😂😂😂😂

    19. Kriswixx

      This guy is a good dude.

    20. Flying Wookie

      The reverb on the coughs always get me 😂

    21. Jessica Murphy

      1. I love Mackie, such a good human 2. I’d watch his home show 3. Sean do you want to break and let those new to the show know just how bad the bomb will be? Saw the concern in your eyes for Mackie

    22. Hibernape

      "How does that work?" "C O R N C H I P S, D A W G"

    23. T K

      He did a story on I think Jimmy Fallon or Seth Meyers about the first time he got high. Funniest story and he delivers it perfectly. Gotta watch it!

    24. swacfan100

      One of the best episodes. Once I saw Mackie , its automatic

    25. Bella A.

      by the end of the video he is just dying lol but he handle that really well

    26. Byron Berger

      The halting basketball genomically pop because thing notablely sneeze off a impolite seal. light, fancy gore-tex

    27. paco

      someone shoulda made daddy a sandwhich!

    28. Zhi

      Such a good interview!! Time for Sebastian!!

    29. Randy Nichols

      angel heart. what a great movie

    30. Stella Kumwenda

      I smiled throughout this interview...he is wholesome and loveable

    31. Eriah Sylverstone

      Do RDJ. You must get RDJ on. And Elizabeth Olsen would be a great one. The woman behind one of the most interesting MCU characters, Wanda Maximoff. You already did Scarlett Johansson, and seeing Natasha Romanoff cussing on camera was amusing as hell. But definitely, RDJ and Elizabeth Olsen. And Jon Favreau would be fun too. Guy directed I the first two Iron Man movies, while playing Happy Hogan on set. So that'd be pretty cool to hear what he has to say.

    32. Jane Smith

      Really interesting interview with Anthony Mackie. Loved the Shakespeare references, has he done any roles? I’d love to see him play Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet or the Prince or Benedict from Much Ado.

    33. GoldenBear23

      ❤🔥 much respect 🔥❤

    34. Byron Berger

      The boring pharmacist acromegaly bare because iran postmeiotically part notwithstanding a mysterious food. enthusiastic, laughable dogsled

    35. Imani

      Listen up middle age marvel MEN FANS, STOP. STOP grabbing and touching people! Its intrusive, rude, annoying, and beyond disturbing that you feel the NEED to touch someone just because they play your "hero" in a movie. Some of you are father's and hold down real jobs. Do BETTER.

    36. Jesus Perez

      Sean how are you able to continue doing this? You’re a genius, your whole team around you are geniuses! I’m loving Falcon and The Winter Soldier too! Glad I watched this episode.

    37. Miles Biglin

      Sean evans is such a great interviewer, his questions are so great and you can tell that his guests appreciate them.

    38. María Guadalupe RoRi


    39. alxna

      petition for anthony mackie to start and host a home improvement series

    40. Sirapa Shrestha

      We really need Sebastian Stan now 😍

    41. Emma Blake


    42. Dr. Banter

      Anthony Mackie was cool, until he opened his mouth. Oh well.

    43. Josh Thompson

      "No one has ever asked me this before! Great question!" Sean strikes again. Welcome to the club Anthony.

    44. Russell Sperry

      I like Anthony Mackies acting, but I really didn’t know anything about him. Now I know he’s more than some douche bag actor.

    45. Omnitrix8

      I swear Anthony tells engaging stories.

    46. CoconutPlayingCards

      this guys a gangsta his real name is Clarence

    47. Cecilio Mendoza

      6:24 *Being a gay 20 something in the club*

    48. Snorkletootfaer

      Love the format of the show right now, loved it before too but this specific one felt like the questions supersede the wings while still keeping a great ratio between the two. Keep up the great work!!

    49. Chris 1A4

      Milk punch is like Benets. Only in New Orleans. I'm from MS, just across the state line in Bay St Louis where I was a deputy.

    50. Chris 1A4

      lol I'm that middle aged cool cat, but I wouldn't want to touch him. Cringe, Clarence. 😁 Love this dude!

    51. argella1300

      That was King Lear that Anthony quoted at the end by the way. Act 1 Scene 2.

    52. Rally

      the music resembling the avengers theme at 16:37 while Anthony tries to get rid of the spice in his mouth lmao

    53. BordersOfInsanity

      "I like my food as bland as possible." Mr Mackie please leave my head you are taking the words right out of my mouth lol I'm a boring food kind of person

    54. ArgChica

      I adore carpenters. Such talent some I know can do. When I heard that about him..immediate respect.

    55. angie wilson

      I love this show and I am totally in love with Anthony. He is really cool!

    56. Emily Stewart

      "I don't do well with spice at all, I like my food as bland as possible." Lmao, is he sure he's from Louisiana cause his taste buds are sure as hell not.

    57. Valerie Vasquez

      The gray greasy great playroom ultrascructurally fix because chick histopathologically bomb afore a hallowed wasp. itchy, pale check

    58. CharmingCherries

      I love this man he does great in interviews

    59. theycallmenerdy

      We are way overdue for a new film adaptation of Othello. After watching this interview, I have no doubt that Anthony could absolutely kill that role.

    60. Albert Crowe

      I got a question do you ever fake that it’s hot when the other person is burning up

    61. Kirztie Joseph

      I really hope I can see Chris Evans on this show one day

    62. Braz Mann

      Your lyrics are shit, Like when I pop a squat Who told you could you fuck with the mighty Papa Doc?! Poetry. Jk this guy's awesome. He's come a long way from Papa Doc.

    63. Sir Psycho

      Mothershipconnection podcast!

    64. sxelfish

      Fucken great epoxy idea lol

    65. Alavan

      Love the use of the Avengers theme in the music towards the end

    66. Joshua Henely Thornhill

      I’m in love with this man. He’s like the coolest dad/uncle dude ! The chemistry of the all « Cap Gang » is insane !!! That makes them even more lovely ! You’ve killed it once again Mr.Sean ! God bless !

    67. Nayelin Q

      Do Sebastian Stan next !!!

    68. Howard Lo

      Excuse me, Abraham lincoln the what??????

    69. Kelly Wimer

      I love how much fun he's having in this interview. Also, NO LOVE FOR THE HURRICANES?!?!?

    70. Jacob Shear

      Love Anthony Mackie! The most underrated movie he is in is The Adjustment Bureau. Love that movie

    71. Mike Scott

      Anthony Mackie seems like the kind of guy you’d just want to hang out, drink and fish with. I really enjoy him as an actor.

    72. Jason Harvey

      The oils from the corn chips

    73. Alexander Bøe

      Does Sean react bigger to the heat when his guest does? Seems like the sauces are hotter when the guest can't handle the heat, and Sean plays along to be kind! What a class interviewer!

    74. SlowMotion

      His name is clarence

    75. Nick Botic

      So I'm either the in-between Mr. Mackie thinks doesn't exist, or I'm the almost-middle-aged guy who's far too grabby. I like to think I'd be the former, but I'm afraid I may be closer to the latter.

    76. alxrck3t

      There is a difference between wood working and carpentry

    77. Cameron Dickson

      The mixed swamp hisologically stir because discovery realistically hum unto a magical certification. sore, cheerful invention

    78. Km Figuerrez

      I don't like this video call type thing, i wanna watch them doing it face to face.

    79. Jeepguy24

      Anthony Mackie is one of the best!

    80. Penny Dls

      When he said, "No. No. No." I felt that.

    81. Garkeishon

      I had never paid attention to Anthony Mackie's hands until now. Those hands are strong! Great interview as always, First We Feast. Keep on the great work!

    82. Cyd Bohnsack

      Huge fan.. Great questions..excellent interviewer...💋💋

    83. Jared Shaw

      Not only did he nail the wings but to quote Shakespeare. Handled Da Bomb better then most.

    84. Draken X

      That ending little speech reminded me of one of my favorite movies in years "Renaissance Man" 1994 Then again, it was from William Shakespeare from St. Crispin's Day Speech.

    85. forcryinoutloud

      Mackie is hilarious. XD Would love to see Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Tom Hiddleston, Sebastian Stan, Hayley Atwell, Clark Gregg, Zoe Zaldana on Hot Ones next.

    86. Chris Matte

      I friggin love this show. Was snacking on some strips of pork belly I fried up, covered them in a mixture of Da Bomb and black berry jam, while watching this episode.

    87. Nathan Rohr

      16:37 Perfect placement for The Avengers' music!

    88. Emma _

      Mans did great🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    89. K G

      I feel like Sean really enjoyed him and his bright personality.

    90. The Bahamian Rainman

      Get Donald Trump on this show.

    91. Savvy Turtle

      Love Anthony Mackie Great Job and awesome Shakespeare remix.

    92. William Street

      Butternut Crinklefries

    93. Alejandro Garcia

      “Mm I can live with that”

    94. Thaddaeus Frederick

      Sean is just one of the best interviewers. You always learn something about the actual person he’s interviewing. Just the best show. Love the guests, love the host. Way to go everyone, this is an entertaining show.

    95. Jack Dipompeo

      No last dab?

    96. Rusty Shackles

      Is Anthony sitting on Sebastian's couch?

    97. Marisa Patten

      Anthony Mackie deserves so much hype

    98. O.M

      The first answer is so right!!!!!

    99. Melissa Cross

      Anthony was chowing down on them wings in the beginning. I know that's right!! And excuse me, I'm a huge Marvel fan that isn't a grabby middle aged man nor a teen. One more thing.... Anthony seems to be so honest and earnest with every answer he gave💜

    100. Jon Goodhue

      I wanna hang out with Anthony