The Best Da Bomb Reactions of 2020 | Hot Ones

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    From Will Ferrell, to Zac Efron, to Zoe Kravitz, Da Bomb Beyond Insanity had its way with Hot Ones guests all year long-not to mention Sean Evans, from time to time. Take a look back at some of 2020's best reactions to the infamous #8 sauce in the Hot Ones lineup-including Eric Andre's at-home meltdown and Pete Davidson's epic struggle.

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    1. First We Feast

      "From my cold, dead hands..." - Sean Evans in response to any talk of removing Da Bomb from the Hot Ones lineup.

      1. Logan Giarrusso

        @Whip Blaze no he sucks

      2. Pepe the Frog

        @Whip Blaze Yeah, can't wait to see explain that gram with logan paul with his picture next to a dead body and he tells us the deeper story behind it.

      3. Adianthus


      4. Andrew Scott

        Sean is a sick man! Ha! He must be in large part Irish. This is literally our sense of humor.

      5. Smash Cakechamberlain

        Yo Sean im Sean from South african can i get a signed bottle of da bomb

    2. Eharper3

      I wish that R. Lee Ermey lived long enough to do this.

    3. Chayse Jordan

      Undertaker: "It taste's like an yak's ass on fire" 😂😂😂

    4. Melkam Sisay

      who is the girl at 1:37 ??

    5. Weslie Smith

      I want to try this 😂😂

    6. LL

      Your best of’s rock dudes🍗🧘‍♀️

    7. Taylor Kothe

      I'm looking forward to more seasons of Hot Ones, hosted by Sean Evans and his co-host Da'Bomb.

    8. Uchhash Dey

      Yaks ass on fire🤣🤣🤣🤣

    9. FullGlutenDonut

      My first experience with Da Bomb was when I got a bottle at a hot sauce shop located in Amish country (Lancaster, PA). Mine was "ground zero". I touched the end of a toothpick to the inside of the safety seal that had some sauce on it, so literally just like a microdot of this sauce went on my tongue. I experienced pain I never thought I'd experience. This is unreal.

    10. Scott Smith

      I don't get it. Da Bomb is clearly the one that almost all guests say affects them the most, so why don't you put it last? Reactions to the 2nd last and then The Last Dab are never this strong. I understand that you go by the Scoville scale, but maybe Da Bomb is rated too low?

    11. Juan Oceguera

      Best reaction of all time is Bill Burr. No cap

    12. Ray Rogers

      I've tasted this sauce. It has no flavor to speak of. No pepper, no garlic, no paprika, nothing. It smells like gasoline mixed with pine sol. The taste is pure hot. It's like eating a match. I can't imagine anyone eating it for pleasure. The most disgusting, painful thing I've ever ingested.

    13. AndyHasFeet

      btw, to anyone seeing this comment, there are hotter sauces - now, some of them you do straight-up need to sign a waiver so the company doesn't get sued. I do encourage everybody to try DA BOMB once. for about 15 minutes there ain't shit you can do.

    14. Juanie Quintero

      Your an idiot if you think Shawn actually eats the hot sauces every episode he would need to have his stomach pumped every week if he did.

    15. GlitchRodgers

      I can only do a pea sized amount and even that's too hard. This stuff is an inferno in your mouth

    16. Fasha Celipa •Smol Saiyan•

      Get Jim Carrey on this.

    17. Simon Gillaspie

      One dude had caulders milk jug I wonder if hes from Michigan lol

    18. Potentium

      Best part of every video. We all know what's comin'. lol

    19. Scott Reid

      I bought a bottle of this and it ain't to be fucked with , i love spicy but HELL NO

    20. AttnDefDis

      Charlize Theron's reaction is still my favorite.

    21. Ben Funk

      I mean, it’s a novelty sauce at best. If you taste Indian foods with a bhut jolokia mash, you’ll notice the natural taste and clean fruity flavors before it melts your face off. If it’s going to melt my face off, I’d prefer it to also taste good first. Many of the extract sauces become reminiscent of burnt rubber.

    22. Lily Scior-Lewis

      I’m pretty sure snl based Beyonce’s reaction in their hot ones sketch on pete davison here

    23. Khairul Hakimi

      Spice king need to try this

    24. Jamelody Thomas

      I wanna try it but endorphin rush is good and sweet

    25. Evil Grandmother

      but the bomb is not like the hottest one, why it has the worst reaction? is it cause its not rly flavorfull?

    26. Alvester Sheffield III

      When do I get an interview..........?

    27. Yulia 456

      They don’t have that mad dog plutonium stuff tho on this show

    28. TherapistV

      I'm one of the few people that like Da'Bomb Beyond Insanity. I add it to other, milder hot sauces. Add a few drops to your favorite sauce to turn up the heat without a lot of flavor changes. It is ridiculously hot though. Zombie Apocalypse is more my heat level. Doc's Fusion Fuel and Louisianan Hotter Hot Sauce+Da'Bomb are my go-to sauces. I recall Tommy Chong and at least one other guest Liked it too.

    29. Gucci Del Taco

      He says "everybody's just DUMPING the sauce on their wings" right after showing Dua Lipa barely even getting anything on the wing.

    30. Slobadan Mikôcyábych

      How many likes can we get to get Bill Burr back on the show?

    31. Graham Bethel

      This tastes like a yak’s ass on fire. Undertaker had me shitting myself laughing.

    32. jani tomov


    33. FusRoDahYaFace

      I have this weird urge to try it despite seeing this. The only reference I have is eating Korean Fire Noodles a bunch of times, they hurt, but it's bearable, and beyond that, I drank a shot of a liquor that exists over here in Germany. It's called Kehlenschneider, which translates to Throat Slitter. It's a chili liquor kinda thing which, beyond being ridiculously strong as in like 70% alcohol, is spicy as all hell. I drank a regular sized shot of it along with a friend, and THAT was painful. Like ridiculously spicy and thus very intense to begin with, and within like 3 Minutes of drinking it I had intense stomach cramps and puked in a trashcan because my buddy already occupied the toilet puking as well xD I like spicy food, but I'm not drinking that again. Wasn't fun. Just painful. I wonder how it compares in terms of heat.

    34. Richard Buckendorf

      Da' bomb?! I put that shit on everything

    35. Gina Joseph

      Why are they crying like a baby I don,t wnat to be men but dit funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    36. Gina Joseph

      Woooow is hot hot yup how all the people be crying and the👀

    37. David LaFrance

      On a dare I shoved a french fry in the bottle. In 15 seconds my throat closed up and said "HELL NO". Took a full minute to swallow that 1 damn soaked fry. In 6 hours I was in intestine hell. Prayed to Jesus for 2 hours after. Hope to never eat that again. All hell no flavor.

    38. Jans Krekels

      I would have never known what it felt like to shit acid, but then I made wings with Da bomb and ate six while dying from the heat and willy nilly blew out my intestines the following 8 hours straight. The high you get after eating Satans ass juice (Da bomb) is kind of nice though, so 5 out of 7.

    39. SansAziza

      Is this the music from Jet Force Gemini? 🤔

    40. gabby

      "it taste like a yaks ass on fire" lmaoooo

    41. Emmanuel Kidero

      "It's okay tho... because.... it's not okay" 😂😂😂 i felt that

    42. Ivan

      That sauce is fr no joke

    43. BroRambo

      Let’s get Elon Musk on Hot Ones!!! Blow this comment up!

    44. robb stark

      Who is the guy with the full sweated face?

    45. Trigger Happy

      Get Big Shaq on the show and don’t give him the wings, just sauce, raw sauce

    46. Gavin S.

      Charlise Theron’s reaction was awesome, too. She was awesome all around. Flipping off the da bomb, cussing like a longshoreman throughout the show just made her even hotter than she already is. She really seems cool.

    47. pooplay

      no one can top micahel cera's reaction

    48. DrWillz

      Anyone like Pot Noodle? get a Bombay Bad Boy flavour Pot Noodle and add Da Bomb in there to make a Da Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodle. It's fucking hot lol. My face is melting as I type this and I think I feel quite high.

    49. Haon T. Emberhog

      Thats the problem with De'Bomb. It's not even tasty. It's just a genuine wave is spice. It's not fun eating it

    50. Steve Martin

      It's a unique flavor- I used it regularly on my food. A little goes a long way. Wouldn't buy it on my own (it's one of those sauces that is just hot for the sake of it but doesn't actually bring anything to a dish other than heat)


      Can't wait to see a #9 that makes them think da bomb as the lesser evil lol.

    52. killing field

      Spicy honey?! Now I need to get some Jack Daniels and see what's up!

    53. UnFaZeD

      I love Da Bomb.. I eat that shit on everything.. im not a fucking idiot tho.. i prefer the Naga Jolakia...... Beyond insanity just seems like a turd fire just waiting to happen 😆

    54. Ville Lotjonen

      One time when I was 7 my dad put da bomb in some salsa and I ate it thinking it was regular salsa and we both cried in the sink for like an hour

    55. Edith Sullivan

      The knotty snake initially head because stopwatch preferentially moor during a complete map. burly, smiling hockey

    56. Marek Večeřa

      Guys, I think that DaBomb is the most hot one in your show. Simply from the reason that you want to shock your guests before they even know that they are eating the most spicy sauce. So I thing that it is a great marketing and mental move from you that you put the most spicy sauce on the third place from the end that with the last two the guests can have a time for calm little bit down and talk nicely the last few minutes of the show. Ofcourse that the other ones are spicy too, but I think that you know that DaBomb is the most spicy one :)) Just my guess ;))

      1. Jans Krekels

        Technically it isn't, from what I remember it has about 135000 Scoville units, but it also contains some kind of synthetic that makes it hot as fuck.

    57. Heat My Shorts

      I just got an even hotter one! Da Bomb: The Final Answer! 1.5 million Scovilles!!! BOOM! Actually kinda nervous hahaha!!

    58. Jeffrey Pawlak

      Can someone explain why Da Bomb consistently seems to hit guests the hardest of all the sauces, even though there's always two sauces that are listed as having significantly higher Scoville levels every ep? Is it that Da Bomb is pure heat and no flavor? Are the guests' mouth almost numb for the final two?

    59. Kendrick Espinoza

      I hope they will have Kawhi Leonard on this. Let's see how he could remain quiet while eating these goodies.

    60. Nazri Manaf

      Who's at 1:22 ?

    61. Holly Tyszczenko

      This always makes me laugh. I show this to my dad and he just says (every time) they're wimps. He uses that sauce in his chili for years. It is one of the hottest sauces you can get without having to sign a death/medical issue waiver

    62. WeirdosForever

      Da Bomb will never go away and it makes me so happy ^.^ the content it creates it just so good. Even if you're more so listening to the episode while doing other stuff you know the second their on that sauce haha

    63. April Carbonneau

      I live for DaBomb reactions. Best part of the show!! And Sean, you're a rockstar!!! Lol

    64. Autumnrae Hunley

      "it' taste like a yaks ass on fire" 🤔🤔 sounds legit... Lmmfao

    65. ᠰᠣᠳᠤ ᠪᠠᠲᠤ

      😂Sean and David’re looks brother to me🤣

    66. sand storm

      I actually have this sauce, and it really is that bad.

    67. Khalidity

      I believe there's something chemical inside da bomb and it's not chili

    68. suryadi taufan

      please get taylor swift to do this, i love her, but sometime i wanna know if she can handle the spice

    69. Big K Tv

      I watched hot ones all the time that they braindwashed me to buy Da Bomb.🤔 It is not a joke but damn do you get funny reactions 😂 it has no taste it’s just a sauce to numb your mouth, tonsils and throat. And you’re breathing fire for a good 5-10 minutes. 😂

    70. K S


    71. 416Gamer

      This show is the only thing keeping that sauce alive.

    72. Prema Yousuf -21

      my dad collects hot sauces and this sauce is in our collection ... it is the one sauce that is no flavor, just straight hell

    73. Camouflage

      Oh yeah, the ol' we are half in the pain now. Shouting out to all the people who took that nasty bugger and went on. NEVER take it out for comfort. It's the kicker that get you into the game. After a few drops of something aggressively hot you can take the next one but the dab at the end needs a kicker like that before. I had some sharp tasting - not hot but sharp like a knife - stuff in my mouth. Like japanese menthol stuff that was able to disintegrate styrofoam in a minute right before my eyes. Be aware that something that can get you railed up, blood pressure up, red face, uncontrollable spasm is the best way to get honest answers. When your mind is in flames you don't care anymorew and answer honestly.

    74. Thoughts

      I could eat atleast 4 da bomb wings

    75. James Bond

      Mate put there nate Diaz

    76. chefchenko1

      Get Zuckerberg on this show. We wanna know what that latest androïd tech is about

      1. Ben Funk

        Underrated comment 😂😂 Settle the debate

    77. BANTAY

      "it takes like a yak's ass on fire " -undertaker

    78. Asa Nakai

      I have this sauce in my fridge and I will tell you it is no joke. Not really much flavor just straight heat.

    79. Dramatic Gnat

      I love this! I finally feel like I'm "in the know" about something cool because I've watched almost all of these full interviews at least once. Thanks to Evans and the Hot Ones crew for all the spicy memories!

    80. Saul Toro

      These videos bring back memories of when me and a cousin introduced DA BOMB to school in Jr and high school. No one could eat it like a boss and because of that we weren't allowed to bring it any more. It make a kid choke and nearly pass out, another guy got it in his eye cause he grabbed a wing too I think and had the sauce on his hands and wiped his eyes cause he was holding back sweat, shame and potentially a cascade of tears. When he didn't show up to class after lunch it was a bit awkward to explain what had happening without making it sound like I murdered someone. He was fine but the rumor was he had to sit out of class for the last periods because he was not able to see for a few hours and his sweating wouldn't stop he was having a terrible time haha it was great. Good times! But anywho i recon the guest should get a fair disclosure before they hit DA BOMB because as much as I love their reactions at it, I also know how cruel it is to sucker punch them with it cause it absolutely does. This sauce is as crazy as the hype! Excellent video!

    81. Jou Alvarez

      It will be cool to have The GOAT eating the Hots

    82. Brandon Marino


    83. Will White

      I have Da Bomb hot sauce. Tried it and its not that bad. I've had worse.

      1. CFH

        Same here, the reaper sauce was way worse.

    84. blowera1

      No one that consumed Da Bomb has contracted Covid. True story

    85. Melanie Magdalene

      Why is Naomi so damn classy?

    86. BALLIN CUZ

      Worst sauce by far mess with the show-BALLIN NBA

    87. MisterChase28

      I had da bomb a couple months ago... ya its not fun

    88. EJM3

      How do you not have Idris Elba's reaction in here?

    89. ProjectHive

      I bought this sauce a while back unknowingly how spicy it was before trying it and now I regret giving the bottle to my friend smh.

    90. Delani Morgan

      i think pizza rolls are spicy so i could never

    91. Ask Chris

      DA BOMB is this shows, showrunner.

    92. Josh Hukill

      Have Da Bomb final answer be you're last dab

    93. Ashley Veleska

      "My tongues about to fall out"

    94. Sadi Masochist

      I'm surprised the Host hasn't developed an immunity to Da Bomb yet.

    95. Monkey D. Luffy

      invite mark gebauer from germany.

    96. Aldo Estrada

      That sauce will teach you life lessons

    97. Call Me Shon

      Only on AMAZON for like $20 !!!!! Lets do it. DA BOMB challenge!

    98. Mya Vallejo

      Please get marshawn lynch on this show

    99. Juwels Payton

      We have this at home. It really IS beyond insanity. We just had it again a few hours ago with good dips. Don't do this if you're not prepared to suffer for several minutes.

    100. Dasty

      Hello everyone! I posted a new cover on my channel, can you please check it out? :)