J Balvin Meets the Devil While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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    J Balvin is the prince of reggaeton and the king of streaming worldwide, as well as a 5x Latin Grammy Award winner. His latest album, Colores, is out now-the newest singles are "Ma 'G'" and "Tu Vuh-Nay-No," and as is always the case with J Balvin, there's more new music on the way. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the global icon eats the spiciest meal of his life with Sean Evans and discusses everything from late nights in Paris with Michael Jordan, to how he almost ended up with the stage name "Scotch Bonnet."

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    1. Zulma Nicole

      Aw I love this interview so much! He’s such a down to earth person & it really shows in this interview. He also added more sauce to each wing & ate the whole thing! ❤️ Love him even more! 🥰 #LatinoGang

    2. Luisa Padilla

      The end was may fav part

    3. Charlena Garcia

      I absolutely love how gives credit where it is due! This just makes me like him more

    4. robbie farrington

      The absorbing rugby oceanographically suffer because coat phenotypically increase for a frightened frightening full fumbling functional exchange. spotless, short daisy

    5. Jose Virella Velazquez

      "You can kill a people with this" "Yeah, I know. It's just a matter of time"

    6. Anna libar

      I want to see dwayne johnson

    7. Jasmin Montes

      Omg this is dangerous! Proceeds to put more 😭😂😂😂

    8. Marcy Rosas

      He looks high af!

    9. Milleraa

      J balvin maaaaan!!!!!!

    10. Niru Elam

      J halving been ous maw heating upp

    11. Daniela Garces

      Can you please interview Camila Cabello ??

    12. Thomas van den Nieuwendijk

      J balvin Viva la Colombia 🇨🇴🇨🇴

    13. Mj Carsen

      Damn where did he go get his chicken wings they crunchy asf I need some

    14. Crystal Briseno

      I was smiling the whole time. Por la cultura❤️

    15. Ricardo Madrigal

      J balvin speaks a very good english bro

    16. Anais X

      y'all have to get the king now, Daddy Yankee please!👑❤️

    17. krista pena

      Looove j balvin

    18. Emily S

      Honestly J Balvin is charming af. I love his personality. He seems like such a genuine person.

    19. Jazmyn Ornelas

      I really want to see Bad Bunny on this show 😭

    20. Cynthia Barron

      saw a tik tok on how most interviewers don’t care to research Latino artists before interviewing them except for Sean Evans! I loved this interview! J Balvin is so sweet! 🥺

    21. Sarah Mah

      Lol def best interview I’ve seen. J Balvin is so down to earth

    22. EJ Pinto

      Yoo i Missed you guys!!!!!!!!!!!! J BALVIN!!! Let’s gooooo

    23. Adriana Rebolloso

      Jose, te amoooo!!

    24. julio ortiz

      Love the reaction of the guy when balvin keep eating the wings lol

    25. Brenda C

      Love j balvin! The best

    26. Selene Valencia González

      Amaba su música, ahora lo admiro ❤️ qué buen ser humano ❤️ So I loved how he finished all wings because there are a lot of people who don't have enough to feed properly so he's a real role model 💕

    27. Kendi Villa

      Ok now we want bad bunny! We loved j Balbin and I love that they actually did research on him

    28. Daily Beats

      Can we get a Mexican to do this, I wanna see how they take it. Nosotros le ponemos chile al chile.

    29. Mandroid45

      Pon el conejo malo next!!!

    30. E G

      We latinos can Handle spices all day

    31. Bárbara Sánchez Villa

      This one has been my favorite!

    32. Juanita Rojas

      Poor José eating the whole wings cause he doesn't want to waste food

    33. sanchezdianee

      Latino Gang!!!

    34. Manuel Agudelo

      Is just so good to see Balvin so happy, God bless you my G.

    35. emani urbina

      “You doing the hippo “ 😂😂😂😂

    36. anonymous

      Well done.

    37. jackZime or Zime

      You guys should interview Maluma

    38. iRON MiC TYSON

      "I juss tried 10 diff. types of hell... in my mouth!" 😁😝🤣

    39. Gema lozano

      Love him ♥️

    40. niloo gcha

      He's such a gentleman omg can't handle all of his goodness 💖💖💖 I already had a crush on him but now 😭😭😭😭😭 he's the perfect man

    41. Dayenny D

      I just adore him.

    42. Jennifer Jordan

      Ok this was a great interview, my first time seeing this show not to mention the interviewer, and J balvin I've never took the time to listen to his music...im a fan of both of these guys now! 🤣 he did his best friend dirty at the end!!!

    43. Stephan Engelbrecht

      Fokken BOSS

    44. alexandra holmefjord


    45. R Sosa

      Duro duro !!!

    46. Dusty Hughes

      get Bad Bunny on the show

    47. Dusty Hughes

      Get Daddy Yankee the king of Reggaeton

    48. MelAFig

      Sean, more Latin celebs please!!!!

    49. Kimberly Palma

      He’s such a genuine person! Such a beautiful soul!

    50. Chris Allodoli

      OMGosh poor Andres.This was the best episode I remember seeing

    51. Junior Vargas

      12:36 DEEP

    52. Jose Virella Velazquez

      Scary watch story :/

    53. Maria

      Respect to him for doing such a great interview and doing research

    54. camilainfame

      i know in my heart that every time j said "my g" he was really saying "ay marica"

    55. Justin

      Please watch the end of this video!!!!! Hilarious!!!!! Por favor miren el final del vídeo! Te cagas de la risa!!!

    56. Diana Lazo

      Sean really does his research and shows all his guests such admiration for their work! He's so dope for that

    57. Tim Smalls

      The powerful dolphin contradictorily prepare because linen philosophically fix beyond a capable screen. teeny, chunky advertisement

    58. Damaris Garcia

      Loved this ! Please have Bad Bunny come on the show🥲

    59. MP Beauty Boss 💄💋

      A very good interview 👏

    60. MP Beauty Boss 💄💋

      You needed to try Chris Perez's sauce!

    61. Jo Escobar

      his english is great!! he definitely does not give himself enough credit

    62. Alexxis Torres

      lmaooo I love him, he's such a dorkkkk. comedy man hahahahaha

    63. Eva Melchor

      J balvin 💯👌👍

    64. GCA LM


    65. Denisse Cifuentes


    66. Denisse Cifuentes

      DO KAROL G NEXT !!!!!!

    67. Denisse Toscano

      Size 7....lol

    68. Festive Life

      Here from TikTok 🙋🏽‍♀️

    69. MariJoe Landeros

      I’m always appreciative of Evens researching his guests to ask cool questions. But this time, I’m BIG TIME APPRECIATIVE because Latin artists are often overlooked in American media, almost never taken seriously. 🥺💖 love the show

    70. Judith Dominguez

      A crossover I was not expecting! #latinogang

    71. Hija_del_rey

      "you doing hipo ?" jajaja dead

    72. Jennifer Reyes


    73. Cees

      I just put more respect on Balvin he killed them wings with extra hot 🔥🥵 sauce on each


      Get Bad Bunny on here!!!!

    75. diana abad

      he´s so cute

    76. e soss

      J Just educated the shittttttt out of people have forts watches ... It not bad being a copy cat as long as you copying the right cat don’t forget I told ya that Don’t ice a watch it already a piece of art

    77. Jud Peters

      This was great interview. The buddy though that likes hot , he was hickuping n crying that was crazy.

    78. Michelle Alvarado

      I absolutely neeeeeed to see Ashnikko on here!

    79. Neilibeth Cadevilla

      Where can I buy all that spices sauces????

    80. Rodolfo Cortinas Mendez

      gotta respect the crunch on those wings!

    81. Aleyra Negrón

      Las tapas Balvin las TAPASSSS!!!!

    82. popsicle33

      Never heard of this dude but he's cool. And must respect on the watches. That's me

    83. Ricardo Ortiz

      How come da bomb is not first

    84. babyfrank66

      latino gang hahahahahahaaha the end was EPIC hhahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂 Arriba los Latinos!!

    85. Tully

      He's the only host I've seen that put a lot attention to the wings and her seems so humble and great full

    86. SilverBullet

      First time I heard J Balvin was on the remix of Travesuras. His part in that song is my favorite. He has a great voice and seems like a really swell guy. I wish I kept up with him a bit more.

    87. Anthony Osuna

      You know it's true friendship when your boy adds extra sauce to fuck you up. Dead.💀☠😂🤣

    88. Ana Luisa Castillo


    89. K G

      J balvin is everything except the da bomb friend...😂😂😂 He has quite a beautiful spirit illuminating from him. Love how this show gives you a different perspective on the stars... Still reeling on the watch and you won't get out of country...Wild

    90. V vv

      I love how real JBalvin is he is so Kind and loving and Humble 😍😭🤍😌 te amo balvin handsome chico tu eres Unico😍😍 This was so funnyy😂😂😂🤍🤍 this is toxic😂😂

    91. Johanna Flores

      balvin es un regalo de Dios, neta. his heart is so so humilde, lo adoro. always been supporting him since day one. his a star, legend, king; all my respect for him. i love him so much❤️ .

    92. Anamia Hernández

      Bad bunny next 🤩🤩🤩💙

    93. RawrLizziexD

      this was amazing lmao , " Picante hasta la CHIMBA!!"

    94. Juan Morales

      I believe he did talk to the devil 👿

    95. Francia Farias

      This dude ...shm

    96. Zupus’ Vlogs

      representing! #latinogang

    97. Nicolás Moreno

      I have a pair of Wu Tang Dunks size 7 LMAO

    98. Belkis Frias

      “This is toxic bro” siempre un tóxico 😭😂


      Ohhh papa ,your friend 😅😂😂😂🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙌🏽❤️🤗🌊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    100. MistikButterfly

      Como Admiro este hombre! Siempre es una lección en humildad y carisma. 💜🌌🌈💕