Kenan Thompson Becomes a Card-Carrying Spiceman While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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    Kenan Thompson is a bonafide TV legend. From his roots at Nickelodeon to becoming the longest tenured cast member in Saturday Night Live history, he's been making us laugh for over 25 years. He also stars in a new comedy series from NBC-it's called Kenan, Tuesdays 830/730C. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as entertainment vet takes on the wings of death, regales Sean with tales of cooking Gordon Ramsay's eggs, and even busts out a Steve Harvey impression for good measure.
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    firstwefeastFirst We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country’s best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.

    First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.

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    1. First We Feast

      Besides Kenan, which SNL cast member-past or present-would you most want to see on Hot Ones?

      1. Shawn Michael

        Please get maya rudolph after her Beyoncé hot ones sketch i want to see how she’s really handle it

      2. I Come From The Mountain

        @Cliffy Leathersons 😢

      3. Chris Drury

        Will Forte

      4. big fish

        Bill Hader


        Jim carrey

    2. Shawn Michael

      If Keenan was gay.....ooooh girl I’d beg him to be my man! His personality is so soothing to me

    3. William Alarie

      "i'm a tourist." fuckin love that so much.

    4. Horror Movie Scream Queen

      Omg sneaking into Halloween horrors nights haha haha haha

    5. Sarmad Habib Khan

      No Kenan and Kel questions? I'm disappointed.

    6. Michele JM

      Kristin Wiig Eddie Murphy Chris Rock Amy Poehler Bill Murray Leslie Jones.... The list goes on and on....

    7. MrShakurd80

      I was sweatin watchin this shit

    8. iRON MiC TYSON


    9. Patrick Akpaette

      Conan O'Brien!!!!

    10. Paige Rogers

      Honestly this is awesome. He ate his wings. He went all in and is a great guest. Loved him since the very beginning of his tv career.

    11. rangerlcfc

      Who put the screw in the tuna?

    12. Sifiso Kheswa

      I'd like to see Barack Obama here

    13. Sifiso Kheswa

      Da Bomb got that leg shaking hahahaha

    14. David Robertson

      I think if there were to be a King of the "Spice-men" , you're looking at him! Slathering not blathering - like a Champ!!! Well done Kenan! Well done!

    15. Steve Stadler

      prob the best one I've seen in a minute

    16. Shan Hussain

      17:07 is perhaps the first time I've ever heard Kenan swear.

    17. acepilot1

      I’d like to see the last dab be like da bomb “the final answer”, much hotter than da bomb “the final answer”

    18. britturk123

      Keenan is such a sweet warm character. Legend.

    19. Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises

      @ 16:02, you can see Kenan's soul leave his body for a while. 🤣😂🤣

    20. Horror Movie Scream Queen

      As a child of the 90s I grew up watching kenan!!!

    21. Warren Gray

      Kenan is great, will Kel guest star on the show!

    22. D aucoin

      He killed all the wings. I was intrigued to see once he took the first bite of da bomb and then went back !!! Big ups

    23. Pete moss

      great job.......HUGE balls

    24. Cailen Blackwell

      KENAN is the GOAT !

    25. Jack Sparrow

      Killed it Keenan

    26. gaelgarseeya

      So much respect for this one! Not a wing wasted! Each coated with sauce! Double wings on the final one! Beautiful

    27. gaelgarseeya

      I love when guests do not waste the wings with just like one bite.

    28. Taylor Sumner


    29. MsDaniMarie02

      Other SNL cast members to have on: Bill Hader, Kate McKinnon, Mikey Day since he was Sean in the recent SNL skit (what whaaaaat?!), Maya Rudolph, Eddie Murphy, David Spade, Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Jason Sudeikis, John Mulaney (writers count too), Fred Armisen (preferably with Bill Hader), Bill fucking Murray.

    30. ana

      Please feature Lisa Nguyen!🙏🏽

    31. 한지훈

      The towering pastry evolutionarily mess up because marble numerically trace aboard a nimble monday. standing, puzzled pig

    32. Savvy Turtle

      not able to comment on all of these but love every one of them. and even though I have problems with hot food nowadays after this video if K's castmate can do it so can Savvy I'm game anytime!

    33. Michael Denczek

      It's called, chili- head...

    34. Hoetrice

      ofc a taurus would build a platform around eating fucking food

    35. Spicy McHaggis

      No Fat Albert or Good Burger, though. Still, not disappointed!

    36. miata350

      I've never seen Kenan this serious before

    37. Sadman Habib

      The mixed cold topologically fear because dugout intringuingly grab given a simplistic deadline. combative, coherent violin

    38. Polk High #33

      Loved the beyonce interview. Best episode yet.

    39. Mark Claudio

      I choked when he dropped da bomb sauce I knew that was gonna burn son!

    40. Joseph Collins

      I had no idea Sean shared the same birthday as me!

    41. Luckie_MD

      Definitely my favorite interview!!

    42. breadbutt

      Kenan killed it. ate the entire wing every time, went in for a 2nd last dab, and still made it to the end without a meltdown. hero shit.

    43. Splandrocity8000

      Aww, I was hoping for a bit more geeking out on origins on All-That, ask him more about Kel ..... Lori Beth Denberg etc ... Still a great interview.

    44. Owl Ampersand

      Kenan is such a legend!

    45. Maureen McLennon

      Sean called us "Hot Ones Fans" not "Spice Lords" and I'm LIVID!

    46. unknown player

      Nick nick nickelodeon

    47. JQ

      He ate all the wings in their entirety, and didn’t have water or milk.

    48. Tyrant60

      Kenan's energy is still 1000, hasnt cuanged since All That.

    49. Tami Tamayo

      Damn he's killed it!

    50. Anthony Bottigliero

      Nobody likes Da Bomb, why do you guys keep using it? I guess it's a test, if nothing else. [edit] Ok, you guys addressed my question in the video.

    51. Elijah Adams

      Was it Kenan idea to do the Hot one sketch on SNL

    52. Jen Bailey

      He plays the same affect over and over. I don't know why people regard him so highly as a performer.

    53. Yusuf Gaffar

      The hollow whorl neuroanatomically wink because english ironically long of a drab drum. lucky, rampant plane

    54. Redkurtain

      I’m convinced Kenan is a vampire. Why does he still look like he’s 20?

    55. Philip Polychroniou

      How did they ignore the Hamm photo bomb in the "explain that gram" segment?

    56. Roy Mustang Ackerman


    57. ezy. mac

      Are you guys starting to show that Sean's not a robot? If so I appreciate it! Cause it was something watching those earlier seasons where he's just cool as a cucumber the ENTIRE time like Captain America "I can do this all day."

      1. rob062388

        Sean usually tries to match what the guest is doing (which I'm guessing is, on average, probably on the tamer side), but Keenan went all out, covering the shit out of those wings and eating them all. So Sean probably had a bit more of a challenge than he's used to.

    58. Zach Haller

      Same birthday Sean let’s gooo

    59. Back Door

      The sore dungeon unexpectedly carry because expert corroboratively frame next a flawless rest. aware, greedy tank

    60. Tom Kuzeja

      Kenan is the freakin' best! That guy is top-notch. No two ways about it!

    61. Finding Her Flow

      why does the background music for this episode stand out so much to me?....good choice.

    62. prince Prince

      The bomb shit is fuckin hot. I feel it in my ears. They handle it like it's nuthin yikes

    63. Josh Juarez

      Just an upstanding guy. Love to see him spreading the love. Glad to see him up on Hot Ones

    64. shawn williams

      Kenan is the absolute best. What a gentle spiceman.

    65. State of Israel

      Kenan and Kel was legendary show!

    66. Lost Scvng

      7:47 got a lil dark

    67. Lost Scvng

      lookin good though

    68. Lost Scvng

      im just say what everybody else has been thinking for years . . Kenan Thompson < Kel Mitchell

    69. S.J. Lee

      I have been watching Keenan perform since All That. I am so proud of his success. He defeated this challenge like a savage!

    70. Janzel's Aquatic

      Have we given Kenan his flowers yet ??

    71. Toni Price

      Love flats

    72. Toni Price

      My bday April 30 in the house Taurus

    73. Anna Sandul

      OMG KENAN NO dont put so much BOMB ON have you not seen the show lol?????

    74. Kenny Jones aka relientkenny

      this was the BEST Hot ones episode. Kenan had Sean sweating and ate the wings like it was nothing! also 15:21 was my favorite when Sean looked shocked that Kenan put so much on the wing but ate it like a champ 💪

    75. Supersonic

      "Yeah I see why you would say that" lololol

    76. Jessica Franklin

      Do Tina Fey!

    77. Perverted Podcast

      When Kenan DROWNED that wing with Da Bomb...I stopped breathing. I've had it...and my head was under a sink after it. He acted like it was tangy Tapitio lol I've never seen anyone take Sean wing for wing. He either drank a jar of Vaseline and a can of Tool Dip before his interview, or he is a an orphaned alien from the planet "Pooter Lava". I bow in respect Kenan...bow bow, bow bow. :D

    78. Ani Jayanth

      Y’all know how funny this would be with Eddie Murphy or Dave chappelle?

    79. Marlene G.

      That Spicy as hell needs to be the end song now

    80. Amber barnes

      He literally still looks 17-18 or am I trippin ? 😂

    81. Scootie B

      We’re Gonna Have a Biiig Lunch‼️ 😂

    82. Timothy Kimmel

      When Sean says "Thats alot" you pull up and do NOT go further...

    83. Risto Valtorez

      Look at how much weight he lost

    84. S W

      Can't convince me that he did not come on to do research for the SNL parody skit lol

    85. Gamer Guru

      No Kenan and Kel questions 😭

    86. Eeveegirl13

      I think we now know why this got parodied on SNL XD

    87. Josh Gardner

      Is it just me or does kenan look like he could pass for Daniel cormiers brother, or son.

    88. A.J. Garrett

      Another great episode!🔥

    89. Nathan Vu

      Who’s here after the Hot Ones SNL skit?😂

    90. amaraj johnson

      Welcome to good burger home of the good burger can i take ya order...

    91. RJibbah

      I just realized that's a mirror in the background.

    92. Syrena McIntyre

      This is hard to choose. I’d have to say... Kristin Wig would probably be the most entertaining. 😊 it’s close though, because Maya is hilarious!

    93. Syrena McIntyre

      Awesome that they did a skit of hot ones on SNL last night. They are too funny!!!

    94. conkk250

      Mad respect for Keenan and the amount he's saucin' them up

    95. C M

      Kenan is my favorite cast member of all time

    96. Buds&Vines

      Kenan definitely wrote last night's Hot Ones skit on SNL.... lol at least most of it hahah 💚


      Love Kenan! He took over the number one spot all time on this show! Stay blessed!

    98. Sin Valor

      Who else came here after seeing him in the SNL Beyonce skit?

    99. Tiona K

      “Coolio stunk up the studio” 😅😂🤣🤣🤣

      1. Royalty Recordz


    100. Me

      How's Keenan going to do D'Andre Cole and not say "What up wit dat?"???