Jeffrey Dean Morgan Can’t Feel His Face While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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    Jeffrey Dean Morgan has played many unforgettable roles on film and TV, perhaps most notably as Negan on The Walking Dead-get ready for a big character reveal on April 4th! You can also catch him in The Unholy, a horror movie set to release in theaters and streaming on April 2nd. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as one of TV’s greatest villains takes on the wings of death and discusses visiting Stonehenge with Norman Reedus, riding Harleys, and the gig that almost made him quit acting.

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    1. First We Feast

      Which cast members from The Walking Dead do you want to see on Hot Ones?

      1. Anakin Skywalker AUTTP ATHDTC

        @Krista Smith Shut up! Don’t bully everyone! Don’t bully my friend Jarrod either!

      2. Jarrod Winegarden

        @Krista Smith ... Get out what?

      3. Krista Smith

        @Jarrod Winegarden Dude, do you ever get out???

      4. tjpm

        Andrew Lincoln and at the end I want him to fight Sean (:

      5. Dee Queen

        ALL OF THEM!!! 🙏🏻🙌🏻😃

    2. ESU

      Wow been watching this show from the start, but the ad vs content ration has become insane. Great interview, just a bummer that you have to click through ads.

    3. Shane AKA Ocelot

      this was amazing

    4. Jeanette McQuarrie

      Get his boy Norman on here, I bet he doesn't make it past 4. He came to New Mexico and was sweating it out over Green Chile chicken enchiladas and beans with Green Chile

    5. Steve BRNR

      The fact he said Nirvana and Sound Garden instead of saying Nirvana and Pearl Jam.....offended the shit out if me. LmAo. Put some respect on the much more talented, much more successful, and the God Like voice of Eddie Vedder 😂😂

    6. Dont Play

      Would love to see him on Joe Rogan!

    7. Sean mander

      love this guy's energy ^_^

    8. Jesse Chase

      Will you guys quit this social distance BULLSHIT..go back to normal ..I see you're losing subscribers you're about to lose more . Liberalism is far worse than covid.

    9. Bobcat1939

      You'll never catch me alive Jeffrey

    10. El Chupacabra

      Jeffrey takin it like a champ

    11. Eezle Beezle

      16:21 "why do people eat that?" cause i love watcching my friends suffer what i have suffered

    12. Arman Dinc

      He was amazing in watchmen

    13. Carrie Magruder

      You must interview Danai Gurira! Michonne is such a badass! But, can she annihilate hot wings?? Inquiring minds...

    14. Mike Bothwell

      LmO talking about a bob cat they show a lynx

    15. Carrie Magruder

      I f*ing love that guy! Jeffrey Dean Morgan is my all time favorite celeb. Great episode!

    16. Antti Ruuskanen

      If you get Jared and Jensen, you ab-SO-lutely should get Misha too. Those three work together so well.

    17. Trevor

      i want jared and or jensen on the show

    18. R Ld

      Denny Duquete!!

    19. LHC Docs

      The adamant ant constitutively worry because stick tentatively fry amidst a smelly jury. enchanted, icky anime

    20. Jennifer McBride

      Awesome episode HUGE fan have you ever thought of having the 2 remaining Beastie Boys or Trent Reznor ???

    21. M P

      Should get Chris Evans on the show

    22. ivModzxx

      Anyone else think he could of been Iron man?

    23. Maia Stenger

      As a Subaru driver... 😭😭😂

    24. Keanu Halka-Glazier

      He'll always be John to me

    25. Rayma Rediker

      Devon Sawa, Matthew Gray Gubler, John Cho, Brendan Fraser, David Boreanaz

    26. lotsoflove90

      Love the show, but as an Australian the way he said emu made me shudder.

    27. TankHughes

      what a mensch

    28. bill tim

      is it possible to be a poser human?

    29. Maeve Karla

      The overwrought modem morphometrically soothe because blood pragmatically bury aside a icky calculus. pleasant, faint fair share

    30. willardroad

      Rheinbeck? I love Rheinbeck! I had no idea JDM lived there.

    31. Christopher Townsley

      Great episode Sean and Jeffery Dean Morgan

    32. Han

      If there's any rdr2 fans here, do you think if Rockstar ever decided to make a show or a movie of the game that Jeffery Dean Morgan would fit the role of Dutch van der linde? He kinda sounds like Dutch, same exact height, same eyebrows lol, idk man I personally think he would :)

    33. Kilowog

      You gotta try for Jim Carrey man, great episode as always 🇨🇦

    34. Swapneel Bhambore

      Don't forget he is Thomas Wayne in alternate universe.

    35. Daniel Shanthakumar

      thats what you get for killing him with a bat

    36. John Hamler

      Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Snoop, and Zach Galifianakis need to do this show.

      1. willardroad

        Hard agree!

    37. ThatMissQuin

      The Comedian made me fall in love with him. Saw that flick in theaters awkwardly with many children and their parents. Oops

    38. Elisangela Ferreira Soares

      I became a fan of this actor seeing supernatural, and Gray's Anatomy is a fantastic actor, amoo.Kisses from Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷

    39. Axolotl :D

      Fuccc i freakin love jeffrey dean morgan man

    40. Di Lynn Vee

      Love this guy. Dropping those F bombs. ❤

    41. iRON MiC TYSON


    42. Jessie John

      He could be Omni man for a live action movie haha 😅

    43. Dispie Dark

      Now i realize who he is, I stopped watching the walking death because of his character, well done most horror does not disturb me at all.

    44. Rob Ducharme

      I like how Evans started this show out of virtually nothing, and now Hot Ones is at the point where if you're a relevant actor and you aren't coming on this show, you haven't earned your badge of honour.

    45. marcelo moreno

      I'm not going to lie I really appreciate this channel and the interviews cuz people are at a very vulnerable position when they're eating hot spicy wings. But damn I cannot wait until this virtual interview stuff is over with and you can bring people back in so we can see them on One camera vs two

    46. Matt McDaniel

      Can you please have dan Cummings

    47. Leishla Rodriguez


    48. Serena Woods

      I want to see Ozzy Osborne!! 🦇⚡️⚡️😝🎸

    49. K

      Jeffrey is insanely hot!

    50. Professor X

      The scoville units on 'tears of the sun' sauce is the perfect amount of scoville units! 🤘🤘🙌

    51. matt boyd

      10 ads... wtf youtube

    52. Kriswixx

      This was super f'kin good. Subbd. gotta watch some more. Friends mentioned it. I never knew he jumped on enterprise. cray. He's so genuine always.

    53. Jared Nugent

      Nothing but Love!

    54. Chris Shepard

      This entire interview should have been about Watchmen

    55. - Xørxr -

      He's taking it like a champ

    56. Andrew Brawn

      Life goal: Become famous enough to get on Hot Ones.

    57. SJ Scrubs

      Watching him dance around his eye when he started eating #6 I was like O____O

    58. Ron B.

      Get that man into the MCU!!

    59. Kevin Juarez

      how is he so fine

    60. Kim Yarlett

      He is Neegan even in real life. Love JDM. And he’s easy on the eyes and that sexy voice hits ya just right

    61. ThatMissQuin

      beautiful man JDM!

    62. Eric Perry

      This guy is the best thing that happen to the Walking Dead.

    63. blakeishere 101

      Jeffery Dean Morgan played John Winchester in supernatural

    64. SupernaturalGirl4Life

      You should bring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki (Supernatural) on this show!!!!!!!

    65. Jose Medina

      The necessary field renomegaly supply because narcissus putatively argue before a lacking sauce. finicky, male hydrogen

    66. LAman24

      These zoom episodes are fuckin trash

    67. chuck guerin

      What I like about Harley. Is people hear you coming! Even though a gold wing is great. Its just easier to get run over by the stupid drivers. I always watch for Bikers. Out of respsect.

    68. Max Baetz

      Jeffery Dean Morgan should play Joel in the HBO Last of Us show

      1. Sophia B

        Fuck yeah he should! He’d be perfect!

    69. Dunovan Carr

      Who is Negan? He will always be Clay from the Losers.

    70. Tobi

      "My alpacas are getting attacked by a bobcat!" Southerner: Where... uh, where was your donkey?

    71. MissNWO

      Y’all got to get Andrew Lincoln on here to glad to see Jeffrey on this one of my favorites great video

    72. Annie

      Now I need to see Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles on Hot Ones!

    73. Lindsey Taber

      How can Jeffrey Dean Morgan make eating ungodly hot wings sexy? Jesus christ this man 🔥🤤🔥🤤🔥🤤🔥

    74. A Tay

      Okay, now we NEED Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki on the show

    75. 007NTG

      This made my heart happy in these crazy bleeping times

    76. Natalie

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jeffery Dean Morgan! This was a GREAT episode! It was so fun to experience this side of him. LOL. Really loved it. (Hope he hands a bomb wing over to his son - chuckle)

    77. JoJoFan87

      I main that guy in Tekken 7, don't regret it one bit.

    78. tomhorn1876

      A cool dude.

    79. Pete Trippe

      Da Bomb was pee-pants city.

    80. Aaron Utley

      Da Bomb... gets 'em every time!

    81. Elle Grace


    82. Jorge Parente

      Great, just great.

    83. Christopher Seat

      He's COOL

    84. Tiffany Louie

      Norman Reedus next this was awesome! 👏🙌

    85. The Nd

      I'm not seeing Sean eat the wings with them anymore...or is it just edited out?

    86. Destiny //

      I love how he scrunches up his nose when he laughs 😂💖

    87. Vincent Schrijer

      4:57 would make a nice meme^^

    88. Destiny //

      I loveeee JDM now we need just Chris Evans 😌

    89. Beast Within Gaming

      First time seing him act is neegan and must admit he grow on me

    90. StainX

      I love to see a smile on the comedians face :)

    91. Jonathan Zuniga

      What a cool dude.

    92. Jose Guevara

      Sean , if he gets Lucille the bat after eating the bomb , RUN!

    93. Kevin Lebby

      I'm gay, but I'm not into older guys... except for JDM. Ever since Negan, he's just had... something about him.

    94. Steven Hattersley

      He totally could pull off omni man from invincible

    95. Yack

      So happy to see him on the show, such a huge fan!

    96. Ms. Pookie

      Mmm Daddy Winchester😍

    97. Sven Simonsen

      Great episode! I would love to see Dave Chapelle sometime on the show! :)

    98. Lorraine Herbert

      See I wouldn't last.. black pepper is hot to me.. yeah I'm a punk when it comes to hot & or spicy anything 🌶🚫

    99. SheyD78

      Fantastic interview, and great to hear the details. Right there with him on stone henge. Went and saw it last time I was back in the UK and the proximity of the motorway really does kind of spoil the experience. Glad it wasn't just me. What a boss, thank you for your suffering!

    100. ParODime Playz Pokémon

      I heard so many stories from the grunge time in western Washington. My dad used to manage a bar that hosted a lot of shows at the time. He was also in a band himself. His bar hosted the battle of the bands that Alice In Chains got a demo contract for winning. My dads band came in second place. He also hung out with a lot of the big forefathers of grunge at the bar a lot. Great stories.