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    Kevin James is an actor whose career in comedy touches everything from stand-up to massively successful TV shows and films. He also stars in The Crew, a comedy series set to release on Netflix February 15th. And check out the Kevin James IRflow channel as it quickly approaches one million subscribers. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the King of Queens tries to become the King of Hot Sauce while talking about everything from UFC fandom, to Hitch lore, to the preeminence of Long Island pizza.
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    1. First We Feast

      Which state has the best pizza? Debate...

      1. Adam Thatcher


      2. M0r9h3us

        Florence, Italy.

      3. Jeff Brown

        Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada--Pizza capital of the world. More pizza restaurants per capita than anywhere else and their own style of pizza.

      4. Joe Patrick


      5. Pennie Wyatt

        I can’t remember going out to pizza anymore.

    2. Adam Jenson


    3. Gus Espinoza

      The well-to-do pickle consequently blind because child arguably grip given a ruthless bird. poor, measly antarctica

    4. Donovan Nungasak

      1min 30sec on the dot. I’m in for a corny ass Paul blart interview aren’t i

    5. Chris 1A4

      I don't understand why none of the guests don't use finger bowls?

    6. Isaac San Juan

      Paul Blart: Bald Cop

    7. Brad

      You should cut Da Bomb from the lineup because it prevents us from seeing a true reaction to the ones that come after it.

    8. Erik Whitehead

      Covid worrying ruined this show lol... you can be in the same damn room without dying... sigh

    9. rangerlcfc

      Puts on one glove. Also uses his other hand

    10. Dan

      Vegan philly cheese steak? Should probably be called a San Francisco cheese steak

    11. Cali Grav

      Forget Billy Joel, Kevin James is now the representative of Long Island. WE GOT THE BEST PIZZA BABY.

    12. iMikeTech

      Awesome one!!!!!

    13. Dont Worry

      Sean is hands down of the best interviewers around, the countless amount of times celebrities have gave him huge praise says it all. I've never had a complaint ever, but I was just surprised he never mentioned Adam sandler. Him and Kevin are boys and Adam always casts Kevin so I just surprised.

    14. D20a5

      Wow!! He did freaking fantastic! He seems like such a down to earth, nice individual!

    15. Christopher Spivey

      Kevin the sound guy is one of the most hysterical videos to grace IRflow since the pandemic 😂🤣

    16. Family Warrior Project

      He is not the only one who forgot who he is.....

    17. Adam Thatcher

      Not sure I'm a fan of the socially distant challenge how do know the guests prepared wings correctly.. like you all would on set ... used mild on all the wings and acting like it's hot 🔥

    18. Jack Sparrow

      Doug don’t give a damn! Great episode

    19. Dusty Hughes

      get “Freed Me More” Ryback on the show

    20. joshua sanchez

      The mountainous police opportunely back because polish optically burn worth a tested plywood. tall, conscious chance

    21. Icon Of Sin

      🔥 Hell yea! Kevin James Rocked that challenge 🔥

    22. gotz2grind

      No Country for Sound Guy | Kevin James

    23. Osha Dick

      Kevin James will always be funny.

    24. Northern Canadian

      Mall cop meets spice cop.🌶💥

    25. Lariana Saavedra

      Where can I get hot ones hot sauce? 🤔

    26. Sarah Newmark

      He will always be Paul blart

    27. Chubby Artist

      I’d love to see Meat Loaf do this challenge! He is one tough mother and would kick the ass off this line up sauces!

    28. KingVi -_-08

      This show is phukking AMAZING ! 😂😂

    29. Jeff Hebron

      He never touched the milk or water

    30. sniggity

      Kevin was a complete gentleman as always. May he be blessed in everything he does, he’s a great dude !

    31. Christian Tullius

      Non-vegans are so scared of vegan food being delicious because it means they can't use 'rabbit food' as an excuse anymore.

    32. Jason Dorsey

      Get Chase Elliot on hot ones

    33. Roberto Del Castillo

      Kevin James HOT

    34. Elizabeth Keller

      I have such a thing for Kevin james! He is just always so funny, and just seems like an all about personal guy over all.. and there's something about him I find so attractive

    35. Drone Worship Motovlogs

      I wonder how many burp snarts this created???? 🤔

    36. Mothahhfuckuhh Jones

      "My Eyes Are Getting weary my back is getting tight I'm sitting here in traffic on the Queensboro Bridge tonight and all I want to do is cash my check and drive right home to you"❤❤❤❤ King Of Queens is 🐐Status

    37. Joe W

      Doug. That is Doug

    38. Mickey Kaline

      Bro is so rich he got someone feeding the wings to him on the side 😂

    39. Steven Williams

      I ordered their sauce..they sent me the wrong sauce with the right label on it..los calientes is red on the show..mine was green and didnt have any heat at all

    40. María Verónica Viñas

      I love him😅💕

    41. Kelli Atkins

      Get GugaGoods on here!!!

    42. Nicole Bett

      Something tells me long island has shitty pizza

    43. Marius Smit

      Come tri South African pizza... you'll be amazed hehe... and yeah I've been to States,,, horrible pizza

    44. Marius Smit

      Tougher than any of the others. Kevin,,,, the main man we love you dude

    45. tamica jacobs

      Hy good morning hot wings channel

    46. K9 Hero The Boss

      I love the I Am Legend short on his IRflow

    47. Steve steve

      This dude sucks

    48. David Galvan

      Honestly, these don't have the same feeling as when they were face to face

    49. Officer Pena

      He is the mall hero to me

    50. Conservative Voices University

      Not in studio is fucking ridiculous 😏😏😏 you guys are loosing it 🤔🤔🤔

    51. noisyturtle

      The music is really weird on this episode

    52. Broken Laundry Door Hernandez

      His arteries felt “I’m eating double for what you’re not eating”

    53. A.J. Garrett

      No drink and going for more? That's next level. Another great show!🤩

    54. Mohamed Ali

      Nothing about the king of queens, im disappointed doug

    55. Velasquez

      Why am I not surprised that the condo requiring 15k a year be spent in it's own restaurant is 432 Park Ave

    56. Cathy Morgan

      Albert from Hitch always for me! Made me laugh a lot watching you great job!

    57. Trolled_ You_So

      Best quote ever about the Da Bomb "That's a nasty little fat bottle bitch, right there..." They should past that on their bottle.

    58. wfmbu

      Love Kevin James he’s so funny

    59. victoryak86

      Kevin James, Man of the People, is so hillarious. He’s a classic physical comedian with perfect timing and just naturally entertaining and funny. Likable to the nth degree.

    60. Kyle Lasota

      I absolutely love this man. Seems down to earth and truly hilarious

    61. Vince C

      With his look here, which is a marked improvement over his cliche appearance, he could enliven a character who starts out boyish and unconfident but turns disturbingly dark by the end. He would have to literally suppress his inner James (like they did to Nicholas Cage in Joe). He should study this vid over and over and try to replicate some of the twisted expressions he had when burning alive. He could be a very interesting serial killer, or any role where the lead plunges into an emotional abyss. Lookin good Kev.

    62. JDM Originals

      Hitch will still be one of my favorite movies ever

    63. Patrick Akpaette

      I just want to give some props to the entire Hot Ones Team. This channel has come such a long way, and it's clear the amount of time, care and dedication everyone involved has put into the finished product. Really impressive!

    64. Travis In Canada

      I am enjoying The Crew on Netflix, its classic Kevin James but with a cast of all new people I am not familiar with. And the comedic writing is supporting the cast well. Keep up the good work!

    65. Inujosha

      I salute Paul Blart

    66. Josh

      I love this man

    67. scott grit

      was so hot i forgot who he was for a hot minute there

    68. Ani Widianah1517

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    69. InTheA.M.

      I truly love the effects they use in the moments of pain. Always got me laughing.

    70. Sanzhar Kurmanguzhin

      I have to tell you, i was not very upbeat about the crew but after couple of episodes I was hooked. Can't wait for the next season and would defo recommend it!

    71. Alba De Jesus

      Kevin ate more chicken than hot sauce 😂

    72. Radioactive Penguin

      Alt. Title: Kevin James becomes a Mob Boss while eating Spicy Wings. lmao

    73. Minura MJ

      Guys HIT the LIKE button if u want to see Pewdiepie in an episode

    74. Touchnshuv

      Like a boss.

    75. DylanGaine

      Kevin James is TOUGH, in every sense.

    76. d3sigN8t3dDruNk

      I love Kevin James. I watch everything he's involved in, didn't know he had a YT channel tho but i guess a lot of famous people got one last year. Def gonna have to check it out.

    77. Cody Norton

      Do one with PsychedSubstance your twin!

    78. Lemuel Ayala


    79. Brandon Tyler Poole

      Borat would be fun on this show.

    80. The Man

      Only the king of queens can do it like that. 🍻🙋

    81. soulseeker

      The Crew is AWSOME! Check it out, I've watched it four times already. Cant wait till season 2!

    82. Wicked c

      What happened to his hair

    83. Let5G0Giants

      I like how Kevin James thinks there’s only one vegan in the world 😂 Double isn’t gonna cut it. If you’re gonna talk that shit, back it up. Go carnivore. I mean it’s still not enough, but hey, an idiotic diet perfect for an idiot.

    84. Juan Enrique Rodriguez


    85. Abe

      Paul Blaurt

    86. zatehlq

      14:29 ..........................................

    87. OPAL L

      Lol the title of the video😂😂

    88. Daniel Swindler

      Please get Jack Harlow

    89. Chris Eagle

      Next comedian I would like to see is Sebastian Maniscalco! I think he would be hilarious

    90. Alex Valdez

      Where’s the Tyler the Creator episode?😪

    91. 2018 2018


    92. Taylor

      Loved it!

    93. LENEND

      When you realize Kevin James did better than Gordon Ramsay

    94. Simon Bach

      I love The Crew, I hope they are making more seasons!

    95. John Qualls

      Ultimate final season of hot wings: Sports Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, Serena Williams Actors Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves, Betty White Thinkers Obama, Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson Comedians Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Chappelle, Ellen Degeneres Thoughts?

    96. DianeCee0

      As a Long Islander, I love this on another level.

      1. Johnny Devereux

        Nice when he mentioned smithaven mall

    97. Jazmin Hope

      The screeching oval neurophysiologically wobble because risk acceptably communicate anenst a miniature sponge. wide-eyed, ragged afternoon

    98. Fireoncityy

      4:43 😂 *"oh whoa... wait a Ho ma ma ma"*

    99. Osmar Zzambrano

      g eazy!

    100. Todd Bowne

      206 NorthLake Pizza !!! 206 SEATTLE