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    On The Burger Show, smashburgers are gospel. And over the last few years, this iconic style has exploded in popularity all over the world. For today's challenge, three burger experts are going to teach you three different ways to make a smashburger. Burger Scholar George Motz will be giving a history lesson on the original smashburger. Burger Show host Alvin Cailan is flexing his creativity by making a hybrid Jucy-Lucy smashburger. And cookbook author J. Kenji López-Alt will bridge the crispiness of a smashburger with the juiciness of a thick patty in his burger science experiment. Get ready for your ultimate smashburger master class.
    J. Kenji López-Alt's 'Every Night is Pizza Night' is available here: bookshop.org/books/every-night-is-pizza-night/9781324005254?aid=1588&listref=books-by-kenji-lopez-alt
    For more of Kenji's tutorials, visit his IRflow channel: irflow.info/work/qqJQ_cXSat0KIAVfIfKkVA
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    1. First We Feast

      *The Burger Illuminati has assembled 👁*

      1. Hulk Smash

        @James L No, they don't. That guy is a snooze fest.

      2. Vandal Savage

        I'm joining. Where do I sign up?

      3. Qz Mobile

        @DEATH IS IN THE DETAILການຄ້າຢາ

    2. Peter Bradshaw

      Kenji won this by a landslide. So much breakdown and making your own American cheese? Dang.

    3. Marshall Akewood

      None of these boobs are “experts”

    4. Sixtus Royston

      Awesome the legends in the cooking world 👍👍🙏

    5. Dennis Hanes

      Smash burgers are everywhere?!?!?! I've never had a smash burger.

    6. Vee Gonzalez

      Wow you guy's got me wanting to make homemade smachburgers tomorrow for dinner i have some Hawaiian bread roll leftover from Easter ohhh yeah 😋

    7. Chris Bailey

      Would've been nice that after they cooked the burgers, they came back together again and talked about each one together.

    8. RedRisotto

      You wouldn't need a wallpaper scraper to get your wallpaper thin patty off the damned grill if you used more meat than in a Happy Meal. Burger #1. Cool. But frying in beef drippings will kill you and you will shit where you stand. Burger #2. No different that just stacking patties (just less crust.) (Winner! Even though messed up.) Burger #3. You don't need beef drippings in your cheese it will just make you shit. (Pretentious nonsense.)

    9. Plumbaman13

      Alvin could’ve called it the fold over , meat flaps doesn’t sound right especially being beef

    10. Korey Simon

      so it's 4am. Is it entirely possible I just watched this video and went and made me a couple smashburgers? Yes, yes it is.

    11. Jose Carrera

      Gordon Ramsey Voice " Finally some good fucking food. "

    12. Rob A

      #3 🍔

    13. chaff5

      I wonder how these guys feel about the chain restaurant.

    14. 3820jack

      I can't remember craving for a burger until I watched this! Wow the last burger really got my attention! I grew up in the early 60's and our Saturday night special was beans hotdogs and hamburgers. At that time Teflon was still a pipe dream and my mother used an electric fry pan. The pan created this crust of the now smash burger and I haven't had them since those days.

    15. meriah aiello

      Prob my favorite episode! 3 favorites!

    16. Andrew Seath

      There is nothing more of putting than watching a morbidly obese man stuff a burger into his fat face.

    17. TRTL

      Excuse me did he say beef cheese? FUQ ME UP

    18. Tom Bevan

      Anyone know the brand of apron Alvin is wearing or atleast where I could get it? I love the look of it and cannot find it anywhere!

    19. Chirantan Sanjay

      Loved the Kenjis one....

    20. ItsSomeDeadGuy

      George: Past Alvin: Present Kenji: FUUUUUUTUUUUURE

    21. Joey Clemenza

      leave it to motz to be a goofball, alvin to get crazy and kenji to educate me.... all three personalities in one burger episode. loved it.

    22. Graeme Young

      Who else is Immediately going to Amazon to buy sodium citrate?

    23. EvanTheB3AST

      I want a double joy

    24. Optimus Prime

      Even these amazing burgers can't save you cyberpunk!!!!!!!!

    25. Juice Xu

      The bent risk unexplainably check because heaven topically smash for a round ticket. shaggy, low riddle

    26. MultiPaulsy

      you react to much about getting burned??? its questionable at best!!! we get deal with it on the reg!!! come at us bro

    27. K h

      Alvin is not a burger expert, he is a burger magician... and I mean making them disappear, a lot of them.

    28. True North

      Defo gonna make Kenji's burger one day - minus the beef cheese. I think American will suffice - but I love the idea.

    29. Belgand

      Now go in the opposite direction and cover the apex of the burger-making art: thick burgers grilled over charcoal.

      1. ItsSomeDeadGuy

        Grilled burgers are shit. Dry meat, no crust.

    30. Harlee Colon

      The devilish hook acromegaly complain because worm neurophysiologically untidy via a nervous handball. messy, ashamed tanzania

    31. All Abored

      Mottz has the best hair!

    32. Jukka R

      "presented by Cyberpunk 77" ;D

    33. HYPERION8089008 Nakayama

      The historian, the artisan, the burger boi

    34. Chef Boy R E

      I’m making the flapper on my next episode

    35. Tom Parsley

      Holly smokes, Kenji just pumped up a game little higher. That for me would be perfection at its own.

    36. Tom Meng

      The inconclusive error beverly list because grease indisputably push circa a miniature vacuum. innate, boundless bronze

    37. Booth Biggs

      The breezy hurricane ipsilaterally smile because pantry undesirably post versus a momentous vulture. mature, idiotic ramie

    38. Louis Johnson

      I’ve been burger cookin’ for 21 years and by far I’m proudest of my career at Schoop’s here in the NWI. The smash is so fun, methodical and delicious. Yum AF!

    39. Spike 70

      This was awesome......I’m inspired

    40. Hector Meza

      A scrapper .... Genius :D

    41. taffy3350

      The holy trinity

    42. teddy thodo

      how in the world do i prevent my house from becoming engulfed in 200 pounds of smoke???????

    43. Standbackforscience

      It's like a science lesson, in my mouth.

    44. murderhob0

      George's passion and knowledge makes him so fun to watch. Get this man a tv series

    45. Nicolas

      Oh I'm so happy to see Kenji López-Alt! I read his articles! He's the BESTEST! Ok, George is the bestest too, so humble, so humorous, loving the story and we all know he loves the taste... but leaves it to his friends to make magnificent burgers. He just... makes the first. And teaches us a wonderful lesson of humility. You guys are good.

    46. mdudzic0401

      best history lesson

    47. Saquib Adam

      How many grams of beef did you guys use for the flapper?

    48. fergy Ferguson

      Y’all I live in slug burger capital of the world,you can’t drive 20 miles south of me and not see a slug burger joint..I live in small town in Tennessee,population 6000 we got 9 in my town..flat burgers cooked in grease. We have slug burger fest,we’ve had famous fast eaters set Guinness records...come to SW Tennessee and try a slug burger.. They been here since 1920’s

    49. Hulk Smash

      Best Smash Burger vid on youtube. Nobody else comes close.

    50. El Burrito

      Somehow I've just never heard of a Smashburger until I started watching The Burger Show and now it's all I can think about. I can't wait to try making my own smashburgers

      1. Hulk Smash

        It's tricky, you have to smash the burger just right.

    51. Bbearhug Thomas


    52. Bbearhug Thomas

      I more worried about that fat guy's health than his complicated and time consuming 10" patty.

    53. Erica Hughes

      The alcoholic british undoubtedly colour because repair reciprocally brake near a acrid athlete. polite, glib balinese

    54. Exercise Historian

      Kenji wearing apizza scholls! Awesome

    55. 1MightyR


    56. Yuri Travels

      Hamburger is or actually chessburger for my choice is something that always keeps bringing me back to that first time or my first drive-in movie theatres I was in on my teenage years dates back in 80’s and 90’s Now during pandemic I found a great angus meat supplier near my house and for past 9 month I eat burgers at list 2-3 times a week

    57. Christopher Gentry

      Kenji's burger idea is brilliant, especially the "beef cheese." Call this burger the "Best of Both Worlds Burger."

    58. Richard Fox

      I'm glad there's such a thing as a 'burger scholar'.

    59. MapleBalls

      a hole and a slant saved it eh?

    60. Suvir Sinha

      It’s not George Motz if he’s not burning his mouth and/or hands.

    61. grungeman86

      As usual, Kenji knocked it out of the park. Such a talented master

    62. shocker233

      this is awesome

    63. Googol

      DAYMN! Those look tasty!

    64. Palaina Nocturnus

      I ate 3 Angus beef cheeseburger sliders while watching this.

    65. Fakhrul Islam

      as a gamer cyberpunk is here?

    66. Jacob Gillispie

      What is y'all's 3 favorite burger places? And single best burger you've ever had? Best one I've had is a "higher" end burger but it also isn't an overly over the top burger. It had bun, meat, lettuce, garlic aioli, and bacon marmalade.

    67. Boots

      How to make a smashburger. Step 1, drive to Smashburger.

    68. Hugh Janis

      Nobody can make a better smash burger than culver's

    69. Roger Moore

      1st was nostalgic, 2nd burger was the best imho. 10:30 THIRD burger is NOT a smash burger by any stretch of the imagination. I am sure it is a great burger, but you have clearly diverged from the topic at hand. I like you scientific explanations and you get mad props for that.

    70. John

      George has an annoying thing that when he is near finishing a sentence or finishing a bite of something he stops and coughs or some other action. He does this every time. Odd stuff.

    71. Wolffy241

      Third burger should be called "When world's collide"

    72. Unfair Advantage

      doesn't anyone flame broil burgers anymore?????

    73. eswar hv

      Hi George, I Sid like to advise u to look up 'Chapli Kebab' it's a form of beef party similar to what u have demonstrated here. The spices 're similar to the 'Fat Mo' burger u demosntrated

    74. HLG_TheShepherd

      What kind of american cheese is used? All i ever see at markets is the kraft american but it tastes and looks way different

    75. Sassy The Sasquatch

      McDonald’s wins

    76. Alexander Lavin

      The New Religion

    77. Jerry Marino

      What makes them experts?

    78. M L

      Kenji FTW

    79. Mike Hate

      How much for a nibble of that beef cheese? How much just to smell it???!!!

      1. Tom

        check Craigslist

    80. Pj Spirit

      Kenji doesn’t give a fuck. He’ll do whatever do long as it tastes good and he’ll tell you why it works with SCIENCE and I love it

    81. Father Noon

      George: I love the origin story Alvin: I love to keep it simple Kenji: I have no idea what this is going to taste like lol

    82. richards5800

      Last burger need beacon.. then it's award winning

    83. Troy Street

      If it was possible I would love to eat a Georgie burger and learn the history of the burger

    84. Sakira Rose

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    85. Roger C

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    86. Vandal Savage

      That flapper needed onions, pickles and mustard.

    87. Rex Cheng

      Kenji is showing off!

    88. Sier Gitt


    89. Cole Salo

      If the chef don’t look like the second dude I don’t want to eat the food

    90. Jason Song - Tasty Food Reviews

      The flapper with the juicy loosey effect - I'll have one please!

    91. Onkar Mane

      There are some similarities between the flappy burger 🍔 and my girlfriend 👧 🤣 😂 🤣 And I love them both

    92. Xavier Bolivar

      Lmao, when Kenji said his was gonna get weird. Beef cheese was definitely not what i was expecting... lol

    93. Tom bryan

      Asian guy did the best job

    94. John A

      These guys are so gay for burgers omfg

    95. K Connell

      You have to use two spatulas, for controlling the flip and smashing better

    96. 99Jaapie

      Kenji, you are baaaad! Man, beef cheese, 2 different patties and toasted garlic mayo buns oh boy, new project!

    97. Christian Stenner

      this is the best burger show episode

    98. Tyrone Sampson

      OMG the juicy loosy effect

    99. Poop Snorkle

      At first glance, I thought that was Steven Reichlen

    100. Ryugo7 7

      The historian, the fatass, and the scientist.