Ronda Rousey Splits Bones While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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    Ronda Rousey is a former bantamweight champion and the first woman to be inducted in the UFC Hall of Fame. She’s an actress, author, Olympian, WWE Raw Women’s champion and, not to be outdone, she has a successful IRflow channel as well. Wings have always been a part of Rowdy’s post-fight celebratory feast, but how will the “Baddest on the Planet” fare against some of the hottest wings on Earth? Find out how this sustainable ranch owner and judoka takes on the rounds of spice while answering questions about her love of ‘Dragon Ball Z,’ perfect arm bar technique, her days of working at Home Depot, and the appeal of World of Warcraft. Rousey, hands down, has the most efficient and effective wing-eating technique that we have ever seen on Hot Ones, but will the champion tap out or will she take down the lineup?
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    1. First We Feast

      Rate Ronda’s wing-eating technique from 1 (amateur) to 10 (champion).

      1. Edgar Vega


      2. XxSteffonxX

        11 goat all the way through each sauce

      3. DarkDireWulf

        I'll give it a 9/10 I think Holly Holm can do better :D

      4. fasteddie4145

        I'm from Upstate NY where "Buffalo Wings" are a religion......she's the only "contestant" on Hot ones to use proper technique......10

      5. shex9

        10 no contest

    2. Carlos Flores

      "Stop fuckin beat boxing!". I still fucking love her so much

    3. Welcome to ClownWorld

      My god, i love her.

    4. galen stone

      i wonder what she ate the night Amanda knocked her cognizance into another area code?

    5. Kevin C.A. Schneider

      I respect that Ronda eats all the meat of the wings. Those animals died for us.

    6. J. Sena

      I hate this person.

    7. M M

      I never saw anyone eat wings quite like that!

    8. Gregorio Bell

      If she didn't eat them all she would have wanted to kill herself.

    9. Tito Joe's

      She did it better than Halle Berry!!! Where's her trophy???

    10. 5.0PRIM.0

      Lamest hot ones ever

    11. Shawn Thorington

      She went through it easy.

    12. Billynaire Cruz

    13. keyboardbeats

      What’s up Sean been watching since the beginning, how can I get ahold of that wing board?

    14. iBroewnis

      Invite Emma Watson next time

    15. Neo-Midgar

      I thought the thumbnail was Elon Musk.

    16. XxSteffonxX

      She ate those exactly how I envisioned to be eaten on this shoe ...not the nippling beta cuck bites every other celeb did

    17. King Ching

      She started crying, huh? LoL

    18. MisterZalgo

      ronda rousey got crashed! lol

    19. drownoble

      I forgot she was a WoW player. I wonder how many other MMOs she's tried since she mentioned things like "story mode" in WoW. The story, such as it is, in WoW is rather muddled and in the background. Other games put much more effort into story than WoW does. It is, however, rather easy to play and doesn't require a beefy PC to run.

    20. Stoyan Manolov

      Ronda would make a great Abby in the Last of Us series.

    21. Ridiculous

      She’s so tomboy. Love it

    22. Erik

      Still talking about Misha Tate with anger and hate. Poor Ronda. Misha seems pretty happy with her life.

    23. Kassadyn

      I love how irrelevant Ronda became after being a bitch to the wrestling community that her episode performed the worst out of every other one.

    24. Sushil subba

      want you back in WWE 🥺

    25. Austin The manbear

      Ronda is actually kinda cool

    26. _PanDart

      "Wow"... Sean was thinking, "her head game must be ridiculous" Seeing how she cleaned those bones like a hoover vacuum 😂😂

    27. HoustonSongz

      Randa is going to get thick and not in a good way lol

    28. jay 29

      Should say travis cant eat ronda's ass for a week after eating spicy wings

    29. παυλος ψαθας

      I didn't expect such a cool personality, she seems awesome to hang out with.

    30. Owen dragneel

      Please get adesanya

    31. Kovu Lion

      damn, finally, someone eats the whole wing and not just take a bite

    32. Uncle Angie

      I thought it was Elon Musk in the thumbnail

    33. doofuss73

      Who cares about the arm bar...Ronda knows how to eat a wing!!!

    34. Alex Roberto

      Get David Blaine on!

    35. James Daoud

      Did anyone else think it was Elon Musk in the thumbnail?

    36. Angel Garcia

      The music at 10:00 is always on nukes top 5 🤓

    37. SteveONeill

      Her likability is as dismal as Hillary Clinton. I guess that’s why, even after the 20th viewing, watching Holly Holm knock her teeth loose never gets old.

    38. SteveONeill

      Her likability is as dismal as Hillary Clinton. I guess that’s why, even after the 20th viewing, watching Holly Holm knock her teeth loose never gets old.

    39. Michael Trimble

      She is such a strong, beautiful woman

    40. Jason Brooks

      She is a savage.. love this girl.. she is awesome

    41. Dontworry Aboutit

      She’s still a beast.

    42. Anthony Kendrick

      Rhonda is such a genuine person! My favorite episode so far!

    43. Pwntious

      This was really fun to watch. Thanks yall.

    44. udck

      Literally a second after talking about breaking someone's arm: *the crunching sound of celery*. That was satisfying 😅 4:17

      1. udck

        So perfect you'd think it was planned

    45. Eric Garcia

      keep up the great work respect from ya boy buddha out of waco texas W.M.H EMG

    46. SHONUFF

      1 Honda Housey, what do you regret most about not shaking Miesha's hand? 2 Honda Housey why were you such a baby when leaving MMA and a Bitch to Media? 3 Honda Housey do you think you would have done better if you had a real MMA couch instead of Edmond the worst MMA coach ever? 4 Honda Do you fee responsible for moving Travis to Edmond and him going from one of the top HW's to losing a bunch and looking like shit under Edmond?

    47. Dylan Hagen Welch

      Please put Glenn Jacobs on the show

    48. JugCityKid

      Dang, she really cleaned those wings

    49. relles Molina

      She’s so hot looking

    50. Act4Randy

      You where for real right Ronda, lock your ankles spread you knees, you get more pressure, and it hard to counter when the knees are spread and you leaver that weight! No, pun..😅🖖🏾💪🏾

    51. WORK420711

      Subscribe to Our Wrestling Perspective on youtube

    52. Joel Mendoza

      Did they dab the last dab? Or did they skip.?

    53. Ranjodh Sidhu

      I never liked her tbh

    54. Samuel Fogelgren

      Ronda is f'ing awsome! Great episode!

    55. Thyme4Coffee

      She has a great smile.

    56. Freeman Dude

      I love a women who can beat my ass.

    57. Fat Casual

      I'd love to see Sacha Baron Cohen on Hot Ones

    58. RushFanatic87

      Ronda Rousey confirmed: freak in the sheets 🤣

    59. Bo

      Da Bomb has to be the hottest sauce they have, It’s makes every guess freak out.

      1. Mr Gnashtastik

        I own the sauce, for me it’s not because it’s crazy spice, but the taste, at least to me is so unflattering I hate it, the spice is fine, just hate the taste

      2. Commander Shepard

        having tried Da Bomb, its not the overall heat thats bad, its the fact that it starts barely hot, then suddenly out of nowhere it all hits you at once. no build up, no instant heat, its like going for a nice walk to suddenly get hit in the face with a bat.

    60. Wesley Brown

      What the hell is the deal with ranch, blue cheese, and celery. This episode shouldn't count.

    61. Wesley Brown

      What the hell is the deal with ranch, blue cheese, and celery. This episode shouldn't count.

    62. Zachariah Caywood

      I wish I was a chicken bone so bad

    63. Zachariah Caywood

      She's so FUCKING sexy

    64. bloody

      Come on, Sonya Blade!

    65. Ome Tecuhtli

      No bj's from Rhonda lol

    66. Dakota Price-Williams

      Rhonda is a fuckin real g! Straight cleared all the wings

    67. Edward Smith

      Ronda , you are so real! I love it. Down to earth & awesome all around. Best wishes.

    68. Codylucky13


    69. JxC

      Most badass chick on the planet.

    70. Lucas Channel

      He won't be able to eat my ass for a week ! LMAO 🤣

    71. carmelasuarez44

      Please put Aj Lee in the hot seat!!!!

    72. David Fulcher

      I've always hated her because of her rivalry with meisha Tate but I love how she's sitting here no make up no professional hair do or anything just being Rhonda. Plus she's friends with the Diaz brothers so she must be okay

      1. markibenny

        Kinda the same here, I don’t find her classy at all...

    73. Shubhansh Mahawar

      If any one noticed, she is pampering her hens but on next shot splitting chicken wings bone 😂😂

    74. Tihem

      20:58 i died xd

    75. Colin LaGesse

      As a former WoW player, I can easily say that it's a horrible community with some pretty toxic people.

    76. Michael Mann

      That's how you eat wings!!!!!!!!!

    77. Robert Ormsbee

      She is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen 😍 ❤ 💕

    78. Azeraphale '

      good, she doesn't waste food, that's a person who knows not to waste good food

    79. kevin clark

      When she said “so you should just get really good at arm bars” and then bit into the celery, it sounded like a bone breaking into little bitty pieces.

    80. Gilly

      Please get Tyson Fury on the show!

    81. William Kious

      It's akin to Hemingway interviewing Peter Griffin... And she's a celery chawin', ranch dippin', milk swillin' PUNK.

    82. kris Smith

      Why didn't she do the last dab

    83. KP Nation

      Holy shit! I thought they were in the same studio but different rooms!!

    84. Murder Mitten989

      I love Rousey lmfao

    85. Frosted Flakez

      And thats how you eat wings

    86. Sir Tko

      She is so awesome,.. man your living the dream !!

    87. jsmc84

      she is the perfect example of why you should be humble

      1. frost

        @jsmc84 we miss understood each other I thought you weren't aware of how far away from hubmle she was

      2. jsmc84

        @frost yes dont get me wrong i love her and it hurt me to see her downfall

      3. frost

        Wait... Do you not know her story?

    88. Gunman610

      Oh, my God, that was quite possibly the greatest interview ever. Slightly disappointed that they didn't ask her about Mortal Kombat 11, but ah well.

    89. Dano Man

      Ronda is the stuff

    90. Memo Vasquez

      All i see is heart's floating around her.. Ronda Rousey is sooo beautiful... Intimidating but VERY BEAUTIFUL..

    91. Elias Maldonado

      So the last 1 has no scoville rating?

    92. Kain VS Predator

      Becky; roonie, ya little weirdo

    93. Ashley Moore

      Yes she is a WoW player!! My girl!! 🌹❤🌹

    94. Danny Romero

      Hot ones is garbage now with all this video chat eating, you guys really are sheep thinking this corona shit is real shits crazy

    95. mw3312

      Damn, these wings hit her harder than Amanda Nunes!

    96. Marcu 15

      Been a werid two days I didn't like Rhonda at first but after a couple of interviews she's cool. However ur performance as Sonya Blade is still unforgivable it gets worst with each dlc character

    97. D00MTR33

      I don't care how spicy it would be, I'd still eat that booty like groceries.

    98. Mighty Murph

      Get CT Fletcher!!

    99. William S

      She annoyed me right off the bat

    100. Dan Bradley

      Needs to go back to her dentist and have those dentures adjusted.