Dustin Poirier Is Paid in Full While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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    Dustin Poirier is the #1 ranked UFC lightweight fresh off his win against Conor McGregor at UFC 257. He does amazing work with his foundation, The Good Fight, and appropriately enough he also has a hot sauce-Poirier's Louisiana Style. But how is he with REALLY spicy food? Find out as "The Diamond" takes on one of his toughest opponents yet-the wings of death!-while discussing Cajun food, crazy amateur fighting stories, and IRflowr boxing matches.
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    1. First We Feast

      Which fighters do you want to see take on the wings of death?

      1. Rainman

        Oh come on. 2 of the best talkers and commentators ever...ex fighters Chael Sonnen and Micheal Bisping..I feel like they'd make it so hilarious

      2. Noor

        I would love to see Khabib Nurmagomedov.

      3. Scarlett B

        Darren Till

      4. Ryan Brown

        @Luis Hayes that'd be hilarious

      5. Therockdwarf Mockdwarf


    2. plasmathunderdx

      When you guys having GSP come on?

    3. liam crawley

      Darren till

    4. Andrew Valenzuela

      Masvidal would be hilarious on this show, and the questions that you can ask him are not like others

    5. John Owens

      Not sure if da bomb is the spiciest sauce or if after you eat it uou go numb. . Every episode is the same.

    6. Whyinem

      The Diamond

    7. Andres Sosa

      Netflix make Food Fight happen!!

    8. Michael A

      Who's here after SNL?

    9. letstalkapocalypse!!!

      This was great much love to Dustin seems like a cool guy

    10. Mohammed Aljafari

      Khabib on Hot ones: “I feel nathing, I came here to smesh wings”

    11. Daniel J

      Not a fan of the background music tbh...otherwise good production

    12. Rainman

      Damn add Dustin to the list of guests who KILLED it: Stone cold Rachel Ray Dua Lipa Dustin Poirer( yeah atbthe end he started to fall a bit but the interim champ( HE should be fighting for belt not chandler and olivieri) did well most of the challeng) Are my favs.....if a guest can still answer the questions and not whine the whole time, then I say they smashed it...barely any sweat...no milk or water...true barely

    13. Rainman

      More UFC or WWE or guests like that please..I didn't even know about this and when I saw the upload I pressed it faster than my wife's buttons lmao

    14. James Bonilla

      Love this!! Can you do mir UFC fighters and Dana White! MCGREGOR, Claudia Galdeha, Bruce Buffer, ring girls?!

    15. Umar Jamal

      These zoom episodes are awkward

    16. El Trapo

      Bro you have to set DC on here ASAP

    17. Robert Garcia

      Where's McGregor 💯💯💯💯💯

    18. Noor

      He is the most likeable MMA fighter eve. He deserve to be called Diamond.

    19. jojo-lee preston


    20. Fredrické Games

      After Khabib's fight with him, I love this guy. Genuine, humble, likeable. Both are my favorite.

    21. Gzus


    22. Fiq Com

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    23. Jovan Parra

      Next athlete should be Darren waller

    24. Hazel Gray

      The earthy hat evolutionarily trace because story logically trot anenst a loud structure. grubby gruesome, long pizza

    25. Cody Norton

      Do one with PsychedSubstance your twin!

    26. Underground Nem

      Shout to the rat king and Dustin with that close 2nd’

    27. April Carbonneau

      I found this interview fascinating. Good job guys!!

    28. Balaji

      Michael Chandler would be amazing on Hot ones!

    29. Iulian Peride

      DC and Stipe... Get them together on the show..

    30. Benjamin Richard

      His charity work seriously inspires me. What a great guy

    31. Daniel Swindler

      Please get Jack Harlow

    32. Neverbitter

      Big smile, broken nose, tough as fuck. Gotta love the Diamond.

    33. TheNorthWolf

      Only man to ever TKO McNuggets. Absolute legend.

    34. Walter Lippmann

      what a guy

    35. J C

      This would be so unfair if you have covid 19. The spice just wouldn't exist

    36. JoKool77

      Both Sean and Dustin are class acts. Great interview and two stand-up dudes.

    37. Stef Meredith

      I would watch that show. Give ddp his cooking mma show

    38. Sebastian Munoz

      So hard to watching seeing Dustin not finishing those wings 😫

    39. SonicBoom2019

      I would actually watch food fight

    40. D Raleigh88

      Dustin "Gumbo" Poirier

    41. Wales U.K.

      I love this channel more than life it’s self

    42. Randall Raborn

      yo am i the only one who noticed his Terence Mckenna shirt??

    43. Tyro Cyr

      Awesome 😂👏🏼

    44. Amri Mustaqim

      The interviewer should eat too!!

    45. M J

      Audio sucks came here for Poirer

    46. Rommel

      Invite Iron Mike

    47. rpnChilled

      That's honestly the most crooked nose I've ever seen, FFS.

    48. rpnChilled

      Jon Jones or McGregor would be great story-tellers, so I'd go with them.

    49. Tyler Winningham

      Dustin looking like Sean William Scott

    50. Ducati Monster

      This guys video quality is in 2030 and Dustin is in 2003

    51. W4Pz

      but Khabib slip tho

    52. noni y my ordenador el bobo

      WTF a fucking diamond

    53. Leon

      I would love to see khabib on this show

    54. Eamon Walsh

      The simplistic repair orly nail because stopsign fundamentally curl among a splendid handsaw. left, married raincoat

    55. Max Blazer

      Ill watch when you arent doing zoom anymore

    56. Alicia

      You should do one with Josh pec

    57. 13thscrewball

      They should try to get Phil Anselmo on this. Another Louisiana native

    58. Alexxxa Wild

      like like like

    59. Chad Kunka

      To me constant kicking below the knee is like stomping on the opponents feet. Legal, but wimpy. That's just me tho.

    60. Kevin The last style bender

      Conor mcgregor on hot ones when he’s dying of the heat what the fook is this what the fook is this

    61. luvetohate

      Dustin seems like a great guy. But King cakes? That's a Roscon de Reyes, traditionally we eat it for the Reyes celebration in Spain. It's basically the same name too just different language. I had no idea other parts of the world also had it.

      1. DrowningClown

        It's a hold over from our French heritage. It's customary to eat King Cake for Mardi Gras which is a last ditch attempt to get wild and merry before lent. Most Cajuns are catholic.

    62. Gary Lee Hester Jr

      I wish you guys could get Teofimo Lopez or Ryan Garcia or Anthony Joshua or just some professional boxers on here. Floyd Mayweather would be the best show ever. And like I always ask for, for the last 5 years, I wanna see kid rock on the show

    63. Iskateveryday

      Why are his eyes so black wtf

    64. LH Prod.

      I’ve tried his hot sauce and it’s pretty good

    65. Patrick Akpaette

      Seems like a really good guy

    66. KA Boozle

      What I LOVE about this show is how it introduces me to people who are at the top of a field that I thought would not interest me at all. But just like gaining an appreciation for the music of Billy Eilish and Machine Gun Kelly before I now understand the appeal of ultimate fighting. Thanks!

    67. 2012HD

      I really hope his series actually happens that sounds interesting

    68. B M

      Dan Hooker vs Dustin Poirier was an insane fight

    69. sofi A

      he will be the undisputed champion, great fighter.

    70. David Fulcher

      Hit like if you want to see Derrick Lewis smash these wings.

    71. Ben Massey

      Im such a big fan of Dustin poirier... totally fucking top bloke

    72. YaBoi Squacks

      He owns a hot sauce company it'd be pretty embarrassing if he didn't make it through the hot sauce gauntlet

    73. osama almousallam

      I honestly hate these online interviews, bad audio and video, as a long-time viewer of this channel i have been very disappointed to see potentially good interviews with the likes of The UnderTaker, Dua Lipa, and Dustin here to be ruined by this interview style. What's even more frustrating is that i know that they won't be doing it again to make a better version. Such a disappointment.

    74. Danny Gilmore

      My favorite one sooo far. Dustin has been one of my most favorite fighters of all time. He’s up there cowboy... they need to do one with him!

    75. Lucas Stokey

      Dustin: talks about fighting weaknesses Next opponent watching: "write this down''

    76. The Poobster

      Interview the spice king

    77. Abby Alder

      The curved draw classically warn because swim intriguinly multiply off a serious interest. dead, reminiscent ring

    78. Cary Chilton

      Dustin was so composed, CHAMPION MENTAL FOCUS

    79. dannywholuv

      This show can't be more American if it tried 😕

    80. roy clark

      Max halloway for the next one!

    81. ez_e318

      You gotta go through the top 10 fighters in every divison🙏🏼😂

    82. justin sk


    83. Nathan Lee

      I like how Sean went into full priest at communion mode and did the hot sauce prayer of the last dab

    84. Mr Anderson

      Damn, I unsubbed from First We Feast when they started toting the transvestite narrative but had to come back for a sec to see Dustin Poirier. Alright, peace. ✌

    85. Happy Bob

      Dustin’s a class act - got smashed, hung in there, kept getting better, beating great fighters and then got that one back against Conor. Came within a whisker of beating Khabib too. Respect 💪

    86. Miguel Hidalgo

      Damn, the respect he shows for Conor is insane. A gentleman and a scrapper.

    87. RashMundo

      Initial screen shows just nibbles taken out of each wing. Definitely skipping this one. Bye!

    88. Philly Breed

      @15:58 only ct fletcher fans would know about the music playing in the background.

    89. Jacabo Blanco

      Man we need in person stuff again. Just isn't the same.

    90. Pato el

      I would definitely watch FOOD FIGHT!

    91. Marcus Aurelius

      This guy gets punched in the face for a living, and he was struggling here lol.

    92. Robert Barnette

      That was great! I hope he does that food show...great idea!

    93. Andrew B

      FWF low-key throwing shade at Donald Cerrone.

    94. sam jones

      Great interview but no need for the background music and personally annoying for me.

    95. doc Mo-gun

      brother prorier finally getting the media exposure he deserves and all it took was a win over my another favourite McGregor. Rise and shine...

    96. asioe kiou

      I’ll be honest I didn’t expect Dustin to beat Conor...but I’m happy that he did. What a guy!

    97. Michael Fox

      Get derek lewis on here

      1. asioe kiou

        Last wing he almost put his finger in his eye!!! Ooo that was close!!

    98. Yetti Man

      Charl Sonnen, Michael Bisping, Izzy, Wonderboy,,derick Lewis, Tony Ferguson

    99. Jacob Fordham

      I would absolutely binge-watch Food Fight.

    100. Jimmysiv

      Cool dude.