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    At its core, a burger is simple: meat, cheese, bun. But when immigrant and first-generation chefs reimagine the burger, it's a whole different story. In today's episode, IRflowr Casey Neistat taste-tests 3 mind-blowing international burgers that reflect the diversity of L.A.'s robust burger scene: a Japanese deep-fried burger from Katsu Sando, an Indian spiced lamb burger (and cheeseburger samosas!) from Badmaash, and a super-spicy Thai burger from the legendary Jitlada. You don't wanna miss this.

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    1. First We Feast

      Like if you agree with Casey Neistat: *L.A. burgers > NYC burgers* *NYC pizza > L.A. pizza*

      1. Pusher ✔

        @Danny Nidiffer haha. No way people are downloading that sht opening backdoors on their smartphone...

      2. Madeline Kaaihue

        @Danny Nidiffer trying it out now. Looks good so far :)

      3. Danny Nidiffer

        I dont know if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my friends Instagram account using InstaPwn. Find it on google ;)

      4. Erik Basil

        Oh, hell no: this whole New York pizza thing only plays if the goal for our pizza is for it to be so anemic and thin that we can read a newspaper through it. If that's the standard, then sure, there are some great examples of it in New York City. I've been there, and loved it. But if you want great pizza, you have to be able to step away from this artificial standard for a style. Sure New Yorkers like to think that's the best, but there's so much more and that is what establishes Los Angeles as a concept in the first place: it was a melting pot of people that wanted something better, who are willing to try new things, who make things better. LA has fantastic pizza, and just like everywhere else there's also crappy pizza sure. One thing for sure, if I want a good slice of pie I sure as heck don't think about New York style.

      5. Pusher ✔

        @Akil Das haha. You have no idea of an good pizza. Come to Europe... Real italian Style pizza... Noooo Sugar in the Dough pleaaase.... US pizza sucks so much... best pizza youll clearly find in italy (nearly everywhere but naples and sardinia are the best in my opinion) but there are also easy to find authentic italien pizzas all around in western europe (big cities) mostly driven by italians. US pizza is pervertation of pizza. Best one in the us you get in NY... it's closest to italien quality. But much to often bad quality (processed mozarella) i sometimes wonder if anyone in the us has ever eaten real mozarella... its fake cheese everywhere.

    2. Dox Diggla

      The Indian dude had me at the big L reference

    3. Nontouchable

      How does a coke head have any taste/smell buds left? How is this representative in any way :)

    4. Darth Matt

      2:24 his dad really likes the karate kid lol

    5. gaylord mcgillicuddy

      All 3 look like shit...

    6. Drey Balatskiy

      The Indian dudes seem like potheads, they remind me of Kumar from “Harold and Kumar”

    7. Don’t Reply


    8. Jonathan Spiliotis

      Who is this Casey guy?

    9. Flamingpiano

      Button for missing having decent Hot Ones shows

    10. Mountainman

      Didn’t know the Daniel Son the karate kid started cooking burgers..

    11. Pedro Maia

      The uneven fox differently stir because dorothy mechanistically decide save a obnoxious samurai. striped, tender tense head

    12. Martin Kleynhans

      HAHAHAHA the guy laughing at the fact that they are likely making a loss but the important part is that people know about it. That is Golden right there!!

    13. Luke Adam

      casey you should get a teemoboard and do a review I have one and its amazing

    14. Sisto

      Why do I keep watching these videos at 4 am?

    15. Russell Smith

      Those brothers definitely toked a fat J before filming.

    16. mera will

      The opposite flock reversely brake because city encouragingly reflect beside a foamy direction. average, second-hand scene

    17. Scott Ross

      To the producers...I know that I can figure some things out on my own, but I think it would benefit the restaurants and the viewers if you put their restaurant address and maybe a link to their website in the "SHOW MORE" description. Because I need to order from these places this week, yesterday.

    18. Sombojoe C

      LA Pizza can’t be as bad as Florida Pizza! :(

    19. Juan Ceballos

      Those two brothers need a fucking camera crew! They look like a riot, and their food looks off the wall!!

    20. ToldoMexes

      LA ate Caseys soul, spirit and creativity ...

    21. Caleb Brandalise

      Here for Casey's 6 lines.

    22. MMCXII

      Wait this dude still relevant?

    23. A Legit Mobster

      He is such an ugly guy lmao

    24. The Empire

      Who else from NZ heard " New Zealand Lamb" and got a bit proud and excited.. I feel like I wana go hang with those dudes to have that burger!

    25. Atticus Kayser

      The badmaash dudes need their own show on First We Feast

    26. Natehasmusic

      Excuse me you did last dab? No I don't think you did. I think you tapped out Casey.

    27. krashdown102

      Casey has quit youtube?

    28. Gap Sauce

      That guy has a big ass nose!

    29. Paul de Bellefroid

      eating animals... 2021, wake up...

    30. Dekiru

      I always wanted to eat a samosa which had meat on it 🤣 i mean like for 3 4 years and my mom's like its not possible 🤣

    31. Jonah Lucero

      Love the 50s diner

    32. José María

      Congratulations to the uncle of the two brothers

    33. Aaron Nuffer

      The 3rd lady was amazing, wish I knew her. Have to hit up her place next time I’m in LA

    34. Jory Reyes

      Casey where you be? It’s been 3 months...salt water get in yo head?

    35. Maximus Meridius

      PROJECT POWER 😊.... watching right now

    36. bitcoin-bullion-bullets

      I want to hangout with those indian guys. Guaranteed good time

    37. Colleen Herklotz

      Yo did the first chef say his name was Daniel son like from karate kid

    38. Андрей Гончаров

      I put chili inside the burger, then I put chili on top and add chili sause

    39. Bloomin Tokyo

      U ain't getting that katsu burger in any Japanese convenience store.

    40. Adam Pereira

      Brampton shout out

    41. landkina

      gr8 vid loved all the burgers & the awesome vibe through out the whole vid stoked New Zealand lamb got a shout out swell its the best in the world much love from New Zealand be safe love to all my friends there atm......

    42. Sally Misso

      Casey!!!!!!!!! Miss you long thyme...loved this

      1. Q Qw

    43. BrusaTV

      Whats the song at 2:20 called?

    44. Taylor James

      Why use Waygu beef in a burger? Pretty pointless in my opinion

    45. R W

      Bay Area has better pizza than LA

    46. Carlos Andrade

      11:15 oofff

    47. tunfu

      The FAT GUY should do some exercise...

    48. Foxie Dog

      I hope they include a exercise program with the hamburgers

    49. short film natural es Great episode.. 😋 thanks for that fun content 🤩🤗

    50. Dad & Daught's Home Cooking

      I still can't watch this guy! Like 2, maybe 3 minutes into all his stuff his size is just such a huge turn off. That and because he is such a great and likable guys, I watch with this sadness that he's not gonna be around much longer.

    51. Eli Van Bijnen

      only place where u can find fat indians should be america. Im not dissapointed.

    52. LEWD Nightcore AMV'S

      Isn't that dude the dude who was caught scamming people out of millions a few years back

      1. Simone Eli

        no its not Trump

    53. Wretched Slippage

      What the fuck does that guy even do? Other that ripping through traffic and then getting mad when people honk at him?

    54. Sean Acton

      Casey could play Stan in a live action Gravity Falls.

    55. Mike Walters

      Awesome that a lot of these videos got picked up by Hulu. Well deserved

    56. kim c

      The werry first bruger type you eat is inventet by a man from Denmark meet betwin toast from 1895 its not american. But you have make it so better.

    57. Chris Favreau

      Damn, Ralph Macchio looks so different these days. I'm really happy that Daniel Son found his calling though. 🙂

    58. Azoth Amenti

      Watching this is abuse

    59. Asfand 157

      man i love u alvin

    60. Bon Vivant

      We stopped trusting Casey's taste after he voted for Hilary.

    61. antonthewall

      Anyone remember when Neistat endorsed Hillary Clinton lol? what a tool

    62. McDionald

      Is he blind?

    63. Alexander Rewijk

      oh yes, burgers in pita is actually pretty nice, done it many a time

    64. No One

      The vibes in this video are ASTRONOMICAL.


      Indians cringe af lol

    66. RATED GEKO

      Buzzfeed after seeing this video: Is Casey Neistat racist?

    67. Jake Evans

      Alvin’s face at 15:58 when Casey asks if the crew is gonna have any 🤣🤣🤣

    68. Jay Greezy

      Instead of "Veruca Salt" the captions say "Baruch Assault" making it sound like a historical battle.

    69. Ethan Nygaard

      Anyone else think of karate kid when he said Daniel son

    70. Ross Turcotte

      only time i've had badmaash it was actual trash

    71. Media X Marketing

      everyone besides casey was obese

    72. Andrew Sabel

      Get Sam the Cooking Guy on Hot Ones!

    73. George Prewitt

      I also just wanna give a hug to the owner of jitlada

    74. Mike Joshua Manlangit

      "Lada" in our dialect directly translates to chili

    75. Vince Dae

      We’re not making any money on it ..... BS... Australian wagyu isn’t really very expensive and that burger would cost me maybe 100 usd. To recreate .... at the absolute max that is

    76. Hollywood Purgatory

      Shout out to Katsu Sando they are the best!

    77. Ryan Kenyon

      The badmaash guys are amazing lmao, love their energy and I'm so jealous I can't get to their restaurant I looove good Indian food

    78. Stephen Ruhland

      Shout out to Markham!!!!

    79. John Wong Kim Siong

      Mine too!

    80. Mert Tanrıverdi

      Man those guys are insane

    81. Zigaza

      I am Thai. I went to Jitlada many many times. Never have the burger, fuckkkk. 🤦‍♂️

    82. Uchiha Itachi

      love you both!

    83. Patrick94GSR

      4:05 is that $85 for that Wagyu burger??!?

    84. s a m p l e t e x t

      The Badmaash dudes we a definite highlight. I'll be paying a visit for sure.

    85. David Graf

      Can Alvin be replaced? We need a new host.

      1. roben lotha

        You're inviting trouble, brother😃

    86. Life Inside The Box

      No bun? Not a burger. It’s a freaking salad. Might be delicious, but it’s not a burger.

      1. John Ree

        While technically a burger is the ground meat patties, I agree it doesn't qualify as a burger because when as an American I refer to a burger I mean a burger sandwich

    87. dies irae

      watching this while eating a piece of baguette

    88. King Khari

      Shout out to all the ocks🕉👌🏾😭

    89. Reed Fry

      Casey Neistat doesn't know shit about food.

    90. Cream City Boy

      The Burger Show 🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔

    91. Dassix 1

      Anyone that thinks LA has the same if not better pizza, either has never been to NY or is flat out lying lol

      1. John Ree

        Anyone that says LA has the best burger is flat out lying

    92. Lufuno M

      The real karate kid

    93. AQ M

      This guys hair looks like Big Ernie McCracken from the end of Kingpin

    94. Islam and the life here after

      Alvis needs to worry about his health before a IRflow show

      1. Ignacio Lagos Ruiz

        You need to worry about yourself before doing this kind of comments

    95. MaRINoL

      Casey is annoying AF. He needs to go away.

    96. Lexi Lacecastle

      Ok looks like I'm going to be adding some dried peppers to my burgers. Great for April fools day

    97. Derek Babin

      And now I miss being in Japan :(

    98. Arham Qazi

      15:56 He be like : You can give them to me

    99. bryanaustin22

      Today I learned that burgers are ground meat between two pieces of bread, then learned that the two pieces of bread are not actually necessary... 👨🏼‍🎓

    100. Jayson Gomes

      The owner of Katsu Sando could be Andrew Yang's younger brother.