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    From an old-school tavern in New York, to a 4th-generation family-run burger shack in Texas, here are 5 classic American hamburgers that every aficionado should know about. Craftsmanship, attention to detail, and generational love are what make places like Apple Pan, J.G. Melon, Herd's, Cassell's, and The Region bucket-list burger spots.
    Classic burger joints are everywhere. As always, remember to support your local burger heroes!
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    1. First We Feast

      What is the best burger in the country?

      1. Mandolin Hooper

        Perry's on Vashon Island.

      2. Mr Waffles

        Send him to Roadhouse 25 in Wheeler, WI. We've won best burger 3 years running, and have some AMAZING options.

      3. MCMC

        @Richard Alexander Very good indeed!

      4. MCMC

        Some people might roll their eyes, but hear me out. In New Mexico, Mcdonald's serve a classic double cheese burger topped with green chile (like most burger places in the state). There are of course places that serve better green chile cheese burgers in the state, but I have such good memories of eating them when I was a kid that it's the burger that I think of when I hear the word burger.

      5. Kithuni

        George Motz!

    2. Ibrahim Bahakim

      George really made me excited to eat burgers again. I made of the burgers he made with the chili and coleslaw and it was so fucking sexy. 🔥

    3. Edward Valentino

      Gimme Apple Pam over In-N-Out All say

    4. Michael De Leon

      That guys sitting next to Adam needs to leave the show and loose weight. He’s a disgusting looking person when he eats and it’s like he’s about to have a heart attack. Get him out

    5. moemann66

      The apple pan burger, which Motz says is the start of the LA burger looks surprisingly like a burger started in Akron, OH at a place called Bob's Hamburg which opened in 1931...and is still open today.

    6. Martin K

      Dude should be eating only lettuce for a couple of years instead of burgers... otherwise he ain't seeing 2022

    7. capitalismgood

      recycled content nothing new

    8. Kieran Law

      So sad how Adam Richmond a.k.a. Man vs. Food died after eating all that food...His poor body couldnt take all those competitions for eating, and sadly, he passed away some years ago. Dunno who that guy was at the beginning, maybe his brother or a look alike. We all know he sadly died. RIP Man vs. Food. Food won - this time.

    9. Star Lazar

      I'm a bit surprised you highlighted regional over fatso's for Chicago. Not complaining, just surprised

    10. Cameron Studer

      Good ol' motz

    11. Jamie Kitchens

      T-Rex arms and hot stuff!

    12. K Schlg

      Same burgers every show

    13. God

      I'm now makin a usa tour of all the burgers I see on her from the drive ins to the steak houses

    14. Dr. Drae

      fk burger shows with no Motz

    15. Peter Tranquillo

      Adam is a dooche. Not a fan. Where's George?

    16. Eddie Alcala

      It’s a shame you guys haven’t explored the burger scene in Los Angeles, yea you had a few in this ep, but those restaurants are icons, everyone knows them. 2 of the most underrated places to go are so cal burgers in east la and grill em all in Alhambra! Hands down those 2 restaurants have amazing burgers!!

    17. Joseph Rodriguez


    18. Kithuni

      How dare you peasants speak about burgers without George Motz? Blasphemy! Blasphemy!! Blasphemy..!!! Yes, I downvoted this video.

    19. Uzi2800

      Well that not a burger... they are all too small!!

    20. Cliffy Leathersons

      More Motz less repeats.

    21. Quincee 33

      Cool video!!! I don't know if i would dig that bread at 3:12. But who knows? I'd have to try it to taste it.

    22. moviemetalhead

      Ahh.. the good old days, before the scamdemic..

      1. Exile Studios

        2.5 million people have died 500 million in the US alone 1 of which was my mother so dont you fucking go on about this "scamdemic" bullshit when even the fucking president of the united states contracted it

    23. Andrea Sanders

      Taste 👅 like heaven paradise foods!!!!! 🍱🍱🍱

    24. Bearrett 50 Kal

      wow re-edits of old stuff I've already seen

    25. Andrew Lee

      Adam rich man needs to be a host again

    26. E Bay

      New Mexico got some great burgers Rex's hamburgers in Albuquerque Laguna Burger on the Laguna reservation or in Albuquerque and Owl Cafe in San Antonio NM

    27. Brandon Marino


    28. biological Health

      A bunch of unhealthy obese people! What a disgrace

      1. Exile Studios

        these "unhealthy" people as you claim are multi millionaires and will die with more money than you have ever or will ever make.

    29. Tomasz Pastuszak

      I don't feel comfortable when I see overweight eating burgers

      1. moviemetalhead

        How big are "overweight eating burgers?"

    30. Betty Glick

      Take a look at Cowspiracy and Forks over knives..

    31. Chris G

      Lot of west coast love, not so much on the east coast. LA is overrated. There are a lot of great places not mentioned its disappointing.

    32. Joseph Esteban

      I'm disappointed...and glad that an episode doesn't air more frequently. My fatass just wants it ALL!!! RN!!!!!

    33. Knifemaker 24


    34. Elijah Noriega

      1/5 to go

    35. hipalex is og `

      Jakes in frisco texas

    36. Tyler Johnson

      So is nobody talking about 04:40 where this guy clearly has bread on top of raw meat?

    37. José María

      Smash burgers are shit for cheap 24h Cafe. Somebody has to say it, and I did

    38. Yumi Tokushige

      I like the counter of Apple Pan. I can't tell which burger 🍔 is best or good for me.

    39. Swagger nautilus

      George Motz is needed asap

    40. A Legit Mobster

      What if after that guy explained how the restaurant had been through four generations. He takes a bite and just goes “this is fucking disgusting”

    41. Nancy D

      I agree!! Plus Apple pan has some delicious pie too!

    42. Lewis Kemp

      I'll take one of each please. Thank you

    43. Em Kav

      "Irish" bar lmao

    44. Tristan Putnam

      I live 20 minutes from jacksboro and Herds burgers is still open thankfully

    45. zorth42

      Apple pan looks like some west coast bs

      1. moviemetalhead

        What gave it away? That it's in LA? Smh

    46. bull pippy

      love this guy.... he lost weight too i can tell #livelongandeat

    47. BallzD33P

      I feel like a time traveler! I've seen all of these already... I want new content.

    48. Adrian.

      Fosters Freeze Baby!

    49. Multicam Merman

      Some of the best places I’ve found C&D drive in-Boardman OR. Fred’s Meat & Bread- Atlanta GA Pollard Flat USA- Lakehead CA

    50. YTE l Yare too Eazy

      The flappy cheese is not needed in my opinion

    51. Seth Law

      We need more Motz!!!!!

    52. StoneyCone

      4:38 fucking disgusting. Buns on top of raw hamburger.. Yuck!

    53. Psi

      I would watch a vlog of George Motz. The man is so interesting

    54. Blackriff99

      I mean how many ways can they say the same thing every episode. We get it. Burgers are good in mostly every format. Not exciting


      Cali would use sliced bread for a burger. Lol

    56. Khatta Kita

      Who is the guy in the first part?

    57. Denlim Wolf

      I love seeing the big guy cringe at being forced to eat veggies. 🤣

    58. MikesHighLife

      Man am I stoned

    59. Kore Gaming

      George Motz

    60. niktve

      I wonder how many seasons this will go before Alvin dies from heart failure

    61. CptCanada

      Awesome colab with the boys!

    62. Alexey Boltax

      Great recap, but feels like a pandemic filler episode.

    63. Global Foodie ASMR

      They all look amazing

    64. R GEN

      I really need to make a apple pan run. So bomb.

    65. ForbesyGames

      Johnny Rockets in UAE was the best burger i've had in my life, so far

    66. robertk2007

      Can’t argue with any of these

    67. Josh Vannatter

      I'm gonna havr to try them all before I head out to burger heaven!

    68. Walrus Gummies

      WE WANT MOTEZ. Not a fan of this guy

    69. paul Ham

      so thats where the burger show went! for some stupid health reason i decided to un-subscribe....nevermind i wont ever do that again! subscribed !

    70. James Duffy

      In the San Francisco Bay Area, check out the Deli Board in SOMA in SF, Double Decker in Hayes Valley in SF, and Val's Burgers in the town of Castro Valley. Those three spots are hidden gems that will blow your mind and arteries.

    71. SCGunDog

      50% of comments: WHERE'S MOTZ Other 50%: Don't watch while hungry

    72. Lukas Sprehn

      Was this filmed long ago??

    73. Miles Oswald

      For all you outside of LA feeling like you're missing out. Apple Pan looks way better than it tastes

    74. mrbear1302

      #3 is RAW!

    75. Willis Pautz

      Where’s the pimento burger

    76. N

      Nope. The best burger you'll ever have is the one made in your backyard, with beef, maybe some pork mixed in and love all around you.

    77. Nevan Howland


    78. Fiona Sparks

      It's awesome that Herds made the list, but Kwickstop has to have the best burgers. They have beat anywhere I've been before.

    79. Bobbie Wilson

      Herd's Hamburgers is all you need. It makes you one with the earth/George Motz.

    80. Christoph Gorman

      White mana?

    81. Big Joe

      I've seen my fellow fat man cook on multiple videos his stuff never makes me want to try it

    82. TheOfficial FromtheBottom

      We need more motz

    83. ASeeYa

      great to have burger content, but i´m not digging Alvin I can´t point my finger on it, but something really throws me off with him. But burgers are love, burgers are live so I guess I´ll watch it.

      1. Steven J.L. Austin

        Agree. Hard to watch someone who has no regard for their own health.

    84. Daniel Busser

      Sitting here eating my salad on my diet just hurting myself by watching this

    85. KermiT Suertudo

      get new content

    86. Dequavis Hardaway

      Ham(burger) culture will always and forever exist.

    87. RosePig Cooking

      Excuse me I have to clean the drool off my phone 😛

    88. silentjay01

      I have two local burger joints that I always support. The first is a drive-in that also makes the BEST Frozen Custard and the other is a place that not only makes an amazing Juicy Lucy, but also has a spicy chicken sandwich better & bigger than you'll get from any chain.

    89. Porter R. Million

      What about the Juicy Lucy that started in MN? Fantastic burger.

    90. Jonathan Martin

      I miss George.

    91. RashMundo

      Both Alvin and George are both great.

    92. I'm from Austria

      Boring without Motz. Didn't complete it after noticing he's not there

    93. PRO Raccoon

      Surely get Wee Man on for the wings? 💪🤯

    94. Moneythedon

      I need to find the best Turkey burger spot

    95. Shane Grithorn

      More Motz

    96. Benji Lieblein

      Smash burgers 👎🏽 👎🏽 👎🏽... Lugers burger better then all these places. Apple Pan is mediocre at best. Peter Lugers is 1, Emily #2, Cassel #3, JG melon #4, white manna #5... that’s the list. Period end of story.

    97. James Worley

      Not this guy! Bring back George!

    98. Del Pullen

      No Teisted Root bison buger? This video reeks of wannabees.

    99. Del Pullen

      #1 is bullsh!t.A solid 6 ouf of 10. Just like In & Out. Calfornians SUCKS a burgers and pizza.

    100. PoopityScoop

      "I want a burger... but you know what, I also want a half inch of lettuce" said nobody ever

      1. trevler

        I say it.