The 5 Craziest Burgers from The Burger Show

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    We've featured hundreds of burgers on The Burger Show: all shapes, all sizes, all genres. And while we've made it our mission to preach meat-cheese-bun minimalism, there are certain burgers that make us stop in our tracks and say, "WTF is THAT." Yes, these burgers deserve our attention, too. Without further ado, we present to you the 5 craziest burgers from The Burger Show-including a $777 burger, the world's spiciest burger, an insane Jucy-Lucy, and more! Thanks for your continued support Burger Squad. We'll see you next year.
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    1. First We Feast

      Steamed hams. Spicy burgers. Expensive burgers. Thanks for the ride, everyone. Happy Holidays, see you in 2021! -The Burger Show 🍔

      1. Angelina Policare

        @Avery Dakota damn! Took about 10 mins but it reallyworked!

      2. Avery Dakota

        Not sure if anyone gives a shit but last night I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account by using InstaPwn. Just google for it if you care

      3. Media Pool

        good stuff. i want some of that.

      4. Kilian Wied

        @Martin Laukkanen Foie Gras is usually goose, yes. Foie Gras de Canard does exist, though. Both are pointless on a burger, imo.

      5. Martin Laukkanen

        I love how they think foie gras is duck liver when it's goose liver.

    2. joe B iden

      Kristen James Stewart is Navid Ghasemi's wife, take everything that is a mirror in the house from the wall

    3. Appealsman

      Whoever came up with that 777 burger needs the shit slapped out of them. The burger is working class cuisine. Not a thing chiseled in stone, but there is a vocabulary in which the burger occurs, and if you are throwing stupid shit into it to make a five dollar meal cost more than our paychecks, you deserve to be punched in your junk, repeatedly .

    4. 12346unknown

      Tortilla pressure machine... go on... I’m listening...

    5. Jon W

      Nothing ruins your appetite like seeing Ethan Klein and his wife. Gross.

    6. chris pham

      The flimsy cork hemperly guard because bakery molecularly chop concerning a uptight dietician. flippant, disastrous dry

    7. Fun in the woods hairy dude

      I think I found my dream job. I want to be paid to make youtube videos of expensive and delicious burgers. That's what I am going to do.

    8. Jordan Guilt

      The stingy flax ectrodactyly x-ray because glove compatibly fit amongst a unruly seagull. abject, open russia

    9. Brandon Marino


    10. Evelyn Brownhm

      The guarded soybean relatively bake because hydrogen temporarily harass opposite a temporary dancer. known, previous cricket

    11. José María

      The Don Perignon bottle costs $600 more or less, so that 777 burguer is pure bullshit. You are paying the bottle, not the burguer

    12. Foggy

      Ethan is the most overrated E-Celebrity that hasn't been de-platformed yet.

    13. Tiffany Bumgarner

      Flavor wise I want that folded burger but I love spicy shit so I want to test that spicy burger out too😍 and that steamed one 😍

    14. Krmpfpks

      I can’t watch this. It makes me crave a good burger when my favorite places are all closed 🦠

    15. Liliana Friedman

      He said it he said the thing steamed hams

    16. J Bram

      I'm a simple guy, I see pink meat I don't eat

    17. Javi Nieto


    18. Simon

      It seems like no one is willing to give any criticism to the burgers. Closest we got was with Marshawn talking about how the bacon and lobster didn't do anything. I want to hear how they compare to regular burgers, steam burger is prolly good but I know it doesn't have the browning and the carmelisation you get off the fry top. If all you say every time is "oh man it's so good" are you even telling us anything? I can imagine its hard cause you don't want to "shit talk" someone's burger to their face on a video going online but damn people can take some criticism, better than none

    19. Seahawksfan503

      Beast mode!!!

    20. xVx Zyrix

      Burger 3 is bomb

    21. The channel for everything

      To quote *or paraphrase* Hot Ones alum Adam Richman "anyone can make anything spicy. It's another thing to do the balancing act of heat and flavor"

    22. Brody Baddis

      Number #3 was stupid. Why eat when you can’t taste shit. Waste of beef

    23. Diliana Farias

      That pita burger is such a convenient/efficient burger idk how to explain it

    24. Shanna I

      Idk why I LOOOVED the steaming episode

    25. BigSnipp

      I would like to see them cook an actual hamburger once. After all, it is called The Burger Show, not The Cheeseburger Show.

    26. J W


    27. Joe Giuliano

      In New Rochelle ny there is a lil place called Leno’s clam bar (my friends and i nicknamed it greasy nicks) thats only open durring the summer, they make the best burger i have ever had its simple and amazing in every way so if ur ever in the area durring the summer recommend it for an episode

    28. Cooking with Gulnaz khan

      Looks really good. JazakAllah for the recipe.

    29. B L

      Alvin is very fat

      1. Exile Studios

        He is also very very rich

    30. Louis

      Sorry but George is the ONLY one that should be hosting the Burger Show!

    31. Maurice Andrews

      Marshawn Lynch looks like the actual Count Blackula! Love it!

    32. Tibrys Khane

      I would love to spend a month with Mr Motz and 3 of his burgers per day listening to his stories about where they came from throughout the day

    33. Koparkowy

      I love this show. Getting so much inspirations.

    34. Sean Hayes

      The 5 Craziest Burgers From The Burger Show

    35. dani brooks

      I just left a comment about Hila Klein and it was deleted within SECONDS!!!

    36. dani brooks

      I just left a comment about Hila Klein and it was deleted within SECONDS!!!

    37. dani brooks

      This channel has some of the WORST GARBAGE Humans as guests. If you're new to this channel, LEAVE NOW!!

      1. dani brooks

        I just left a comment about Hila Klein and it was deleted within SECONDS!!!

    38. bloodflower11375

      I love Bob's Burgers! H. Jon Benjamin at the end really tied it all together. Nicely done!🍔

    39. oran4477

      אייל יא מלך דחוף אותם לפיתה

    40. KirkSolo

      I gained 4lbs just by watching this video.

    41. Yakovlev

      1:36 Bruh, that's a typical pljeskavica in the balkans

    42. Janu Dang

      how is the malayasian thai burger not on here!!!

    43. Akhil Ajith

      Definitely the first one.

    44. ridethespiral

      Alvin, love you man, but eat more salads.

    45. LaurentBM1

      gimmick seems to be the key!

    46. Scott Russell

      Can’t wait

    47. LouCheezeYouSleaze

      The trick to eating the baseball burger is to not slice it in half, hold it vertically, and bite from the top down. That way, the burger patty holds the cheese like a bowl

    48. Gideon Hall

      bring marshawn lynch and bob from bob's burgers on the show together

    49. colonel 100

      Howlin rays makes good chicken...but that burger should be reserved for prisoners on death row...looks nasty

    50. Craig

      Yeah, look. I’m sick of “Instagrammable” Burgers too. If you need to create a ‘statement’, do it with flavour, not shock and awe. Taste always wins over a huge stack of random bullshit, dripping with whatever.

    51. White Rabbit

      2:33 play at 0.5 speed "Welcome, to Jurassic park"

    52. Emil Smith Nielsen

      Guys, you need to take a look at Denmark. Google Bøfsandwich or Flæskestegssandwich. Maybe write to Umut Sakarya .

    53. Toutai Palu


    54. Sven H.

      3:20 - Please don't include animal cruelty foods like foie gras on your show, which is banned in multiple countries due to the inhumane methods of producing it.

    55. Ohad Alfasi

      יש פה ישראלים?

    56. jay p

      greatest show on youtube

    57. Mesquite Automotive

      The pita burger is the one I would most want to actually eat.

    58. Shannon Curry

      These burgers are pretentious.

    59. Shannon Curry

      Gordon Ramsay should try these

    60. Klaus Anger

      This man in the Jean Button down showed us how to make a white castle burger

    61. Andrew Sabel

      Get Sam the Cooking Guy on Hot Ones!

    62. TheOtakuComrade

      That $77 burger is just a waste, the ingredients don't mix well, it's just a way to spill money. Kobe beef has a very distinct and delicate flavor just like the lobster and the goat cheese, why would you cover all of those with the rest?

    63. Lars Kitchen

      Wow, crazy Burgers :D!

    64. Oneiros

      Imagine mixing beef, lobster and foie gras together and expecting people to pay a ridiculous price for it. The worst part is that some people with too much money and no taste would actually buy that thing and say it tastes good =')

    65. Martin K

      Alvin's Christmas wish was a heart by pass and a ton of walfren

    66. martino

      Our man george with his steamed hams

    67. Marco Detragy

      Congrats guys! Can't wait for next season!

    68. Mark Howard

      The Mike Chen episode still ranks in my top two for this series. That PITA Burger looks AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS. almost makes me wanna take a trip to try it once things calm down.


      I Need the Burger Show on Bluray to put in my collection.

    70. Joy Penman


    71. Ivy Lee

      Raving about chefs food Chef: Iloveyou givemekiss 🤣🤣

    72. iceicebuddy

      Ditch Alvin, more George.

    73. Clifford Peterson

      Alvin, hope you start takin better care of yourself bro....seriously.

    74. FritsM

      try danish FLÆSKESTEGS SANDWICH, it is crazy good

    75. sammi Chen

      I love this channel.

    76. Ishaboo l

      this is just reused footage

    77. du315h0k

      That folded burger lookin good. Not impressed with the $77 burger.

    78. Jordan

      Freaking Motz man. What a legend.

    79. Rachel Phillips

      why didn't hot ones guy try the burnin' burger?!? where did he go??

    80. chris mcdonald

      I feel like the 777 only made the list cause it's crazy how it had the clout but zero reaction. Side from the bun lol

    81. Yoni Marlow

      Was miznon in Israel or in USA?

    82. RashMundo

      For some reason for the last season of the burger show, Alvin kinda lacked a bit of the same energy. Also the Miznon burger is amazing please support them if you’re in NYC or Brooklyn

    83. n m

      i lost interest when you guys brought Ethan on

    84. Anthony Hernandez

      Baseball burger is crazy... stupid.

    85. Yummy Food Secrets


    86. Goalie Dad 33

      Please do 5 Best burgers of all time next.

    87. ༺NoSc0pe༻


    88. Sanjuro _


      1. PyroNinja713

        Also, just because the ingredient is expensive that does not mean will make the dish taste better.

    89. Mrbink01

      "Tortilla pressure machine"

    90. Micro Tech


    91. Brad Bedard

      Ugh 😩 now I'm hungry and it's 330 in the morning why am I torturing myself like this 😅😩😅

    92. Tugboat5000

      I love you, Burger Show.

    93. Tim Jordan

      How can you not include Kenji's burger with the beef demi processed cheese?

    94. KetZino Nugget

      I want that burger to slap me in the face....the bread good tho


      Yummy! Who's craving for some hamburgers now?

    96. manny s

      I'm sorry that steamed burger looked gross!!! Ugh... maybe another 20 min's it might have been close to done... but that burger looked like a raw meat E. coli party that nobody should be invited to!!!

    97. marcus F


    98. naryah22

      Go for num 4

    99. Starlorb3

      Sorry but FUCK foie gras. That shit is mega unethical. For the uniformed they tied geese mouths open and force feed them grain until they die. It is extremely painful and fucked up. It was banned in the US until Trump repealed it.

    100. wordkyle

      George Motz. That's all that needs to be said.