Awkwafina Gets Hot and Cold While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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    Awkwafina is the Golden Globe Award-winning actress you know from films like Crazy Rich Asians and The Farewell. Her latest project is the highly anticipated animated film Raya and the Last Dragon, which is coming to theaters and Disney+ on March 5th. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as "Nora from Queens" takes on the wings of death, fangirls out over Hot Ones, and breaks down everything from her love of Charles Bukowski, to her formative years as a trumpeter. Plus: a special cameo from The Takeout host Dumbfoundead, and Sean's post-mortem on the infamous Bobby Lee episode!
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    1. First We Feast

      Regarding the Bobby Lee episode: Did he or didn't he? What do you think?

      1. D Pavs

        Does a bear shi.... hmmm maybe the bear ate hot ones too.

      2. Just lyke hunni

        He definitely did

      3. Toby Vernon

        Bobby Lee is old news.

      4. Dave Tuttle

        Yes - shart shat fo sho.

      5. megan tyler

        He took ex lax before the show. I personally know him and I’m like 70% sure that’s something he’d do

    2. RustyKnight1217

      Anybody else like Silk (unsweetened) Cashew Milk to mitigate sauce heat? I found it works really well for me.

    3. Tyler McFadden

      she could be in air bud as the adopted child lol

    4. Kang2112

      Awkwafina is so damn beautiful I'm stunned by her sublime beauty.

    5. elmikeQC

      Aquafina, interesting brand name.

    6. Partinaire

      I love her voice.

    7. Juanita Cao

      “Bok bok bitch!” said the Da Bomb chicken wing

    8. Nathan RB

      kinda cringe tbh

    9. Jesus Guardado

      Akuawafina is cute ass PHAQ

    10. vincy jpg

      I am simply in love with Awkwafina and this episode of Hot Ones

    11. Lurker 8675309

      that song in the end is the into for Curry Shop, please bring that show back you guys

    12. RichKitty byNickZ

      Great video. Are the spicy shoes edible? 😅



    14. Robert Coffin

      I love watching Hot Ones but holy crap did someone get crazy with the ad breaks in this one.

    15. YotaruVegeta

      You can tell Awkwafina has a background in interviewing because she actually asks Sean questions. I don't think a lot of celebs think to do that

    16. Fidèle

      Finally with her real accent....

    17. Sharon Yang


    18. Matt Crouch

      Her voice reminds me of scarlet johannson's

    19. SeckSual PanduH

      What a stereotypical played out American Asian persona. Christ, this country ruins everything.

    20. Hercules A.

      In love with her voice.

    21. Eric H

      I love her. I also love that they both are such huge fans of each other's work.

    22. LondonAguilar

      oh my gosh, she was so funny in crazy rich Asians

    23. Jah

      Did sean dub his lines?

    24. Sam S

      She was the BEST voice for Sisu!

    25. Theo Babich

      Do y’all know what’s hotter, Apollo or XXX.

    26. Daniel Pak

      who was interviewing who?

    27. Owl Ampersand

      I LOVE AWKWAFINA she’s hilarious!

    28. Ewing Fox

      Po chai pills - smart Grandma!!!!

    29. Claire Elkins

      I love her.

    30. DiegoGarciCruz

      Awkwafina seems like the type of person who would show memes to any fan she meets.

    31. Z. P.

      Sisu ♥️

    32. youtmeme

      the bomb did it again!!😁

    33. Jessica Chang

      Felt those Asian herbs #savethebutthole

    34. Keith Showell

      Love me some Awkwafina. She's more refreshing and funnier than a bottle of Aquafina! Of Course... "Mmmm...Um-Hm...That's what that do." LOL!

    35. Maria Camila Gomez

      Oh my Gosh please do Karol G. She is a big Colombian Artist. Or Bad Bunny

    36. Rainbow Sharks

      You didn't ask her about the dark crystal 🥲🥴😭

    37. LollyPolly813

      Great episode!!!!! Fucking love Awkwafina!!!

    38. ziq man

      lmao awkwafina reverse interview sean

    39. Camry Hunt

      She’s gorgeous

    40. 1 I JACK

      I actually think Da Bomb is pretty good, don't get me wrong it's hot but actually is pretty tasty. Myself and some guys at work had it recently and it wasn't too bad. But we also didn't have all the others before it which I think contributes to the hotness the celebs deal with.

    41. onlylane

      I loved this!

    42. Michelle Gilman

      Imagine being that lady who said Awkwafina was a bad waitress, and seeing her be so successful in her career now!

      1. jim dandy

        She could probably send the dry cleaning bill!

    43. Crystal Estrada

      My love for my girl Awkwafina just got bigger especially when she mentioned Oaxaca, Mexico! She's tight!

    44. Ani Jayanth

      Y’all know how funny this would be with Eddie Murphy or Dave chappelle?

    45. Ana Lou

      I loved her show and need more episodessss

    46. Adya Raina

      love this hahaha you guys should totally call jay park too! asian rep

    47. MusicISlife

      lol, "How come it doesn't go away?" That is Da Bomb for ya.

    48. Kyle Cunningham

      I love how its more of a conversation than an interview

    49. Dave David

      Sexy amazing woman smashed it shes hilarious and gorgeous too.. amazing interview great questions you have to interview some of these politicians my brother

    50. Gary B

      Get ppl back on set with you! This is depressing. Get it back to normal, fuck new normal

    51. Charity Fernandez

      Sean is my favorite interviewer, he never interrupt and mostly intelligent... Goodjob👍👍👍👍

    52. 12 O2リ 21

      I love her raspy voice 💕

    53. Elle E

      Had my own wings as I watched :D

    54. ChrisS

      I felt bad when she told that story of spilling something on someone's coat

    55. Grey Ang

      What does it call when your mouth sweats? 😂

    56. Grey Ang

      The Chinese stomach medication is the exact same ones that I take every time, it works every damn time without fail 😂

    57. Igor Schmidlapp

      Tonight... we are introduced to the Hot Sauce Sphincter... or "butt hole"...

    58. Igor Schmidlapp

      Trumpets get goofed on? Miles Davis... Al Hirt... Chuck Mangione...Herb Alpert... Doc Severinson?

    59. Igor Schmidlapp

      I'm becoming a star.. my stage name will be Club Soda.... :-P

    60. Steven Del carlo

      Her personality is as beautiful as she is


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    62. cj jernigan

      annoying voice on her

    63. Ravy

      I always thought Sean was an awesome interviewer but Awkwafina was awesome, and a great guest. Definitely, felt more like a conversion between friends than an interview.

    64. Mendoza Johnny

      They should date!

    65. Gary Mike

      Da Bomb, is the one that should be at the end, seems like that's what everyone thinks is the hottest.

    66. Jovan Parra


    67. Илья Иванов

      You should invite Lewis Hamilton

    68. Bee B E E

      I'm so glad u interviewed this beautiful lady. Love Nora.

    69. Elias Russell

      i wanna see donut operator on!!

    70. psuedospike

      She was amazing as Sisu in Raya the Last Dragon

    71. Wen

      Damn ! I get so immersed in her stories I feel like I need to marry her

    72. Cody Norton

      Do one with PsychedSubstance your twin!

    73. Susie Lewis

      Totally agree about hot sauce bottles! I used to buy hot sauce from Mo Hotta Mo Betta.....for that very reason! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    74. J McHiggins


    75. J McHiggins

      Ha Ha Ha

    76. J McHiggins

      Surf Ninja

    77. J McHiggins

      All dogs go 2 Heaven

    78. J McHiggins

      Scat LmFaofffffffff

    79. J McHiggins

      I just Grab 8 &not care AT All

    80. J McHiggins


    81. J McHiggins

      You get IT

    82. J McHiggins


    83. J McHiggins

      Lots of COFFEE spilled at 7/11

    84. J McHiggins

      Metal and HipHop are cousin's

    85. J McHiggins

      Slipknot heals

    86. J McHiggins

      2018stop drinking

    87. Shirley Wong

      Sean looks high AF. 😂

    88. msy badack

      she is so suprised to hear the first questions and tosee that Sean did his homework !

    89. Porter Sherlin

      The tangy postage appropriately surprise because woman unfortunately exercise mid a abashed substance. murky, utter dresser

    90. elaineeyyy

      The earsplitting custard totally live because iron pivotally hand lest a crooked station. clammy, understood loan

    91. Rose S.

      I was waiting for “You’re Awkwafina, we have to know”

    92. Sheena McCullough

      Trumpet was my instrument too 😃😃😃

    93. Tiffany Timbric

      OMG, I never imagined I would see an episode like this and I swear it has ascended me to a higher level of being. I'm laughing so hard!

    94. Myrna De Jesus

      I adore this woman.

    95. kevin brown

      I love this back and forth interviewing.... I learned a little bit about Sean.. didn’t know he was a copywriter..

    96. Jose U

      Sean is the best kimd of interviewer ever.

    97. Cody Sean's

      I'm the happiest I've ever been.!

    98. spoonman76239

      And hell broke louse

    99. Laura

      awkwafina talking about bukowski is the coolest thing ever

    100. Lane

      These two are vibing with each other so hard I love it & I hope they stay friends