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    Sean Evans is back in his Santa hat, and you know what that means-it's time for another Hot Ones Holiday Special! Looking back at one of the craziest years in Hot Ones/world history, our Spicelord-in-Chief cracks open a year-end mailbag to answer your hard-hitting fan questions. Plus: We reveal very exciting news about our new charity initiative with Common Threads, an organization bringing food and nutrition education to communities in need. Smash the donate button next to this video if you can!
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    1. First We Feast

      Happy holidays, spicelords! Who was your favorite guest of Season 13?

      1. Aiden Hopkins

        Hey you gotta do BRUCE CAMPBELL

      2. libee84

        Dan Radcliffe! Love to see Woody Harrelson, Keanu Reeves and Pedro Pascal in season 14!

      3. Daniel Jacobs-Daghuer

        Do an episode with Dylan sprouse

      4. Martin

        Tie between Taker and Daniel Radcliffe. Would love to see Felicia Day on some day

      5. Jayson Morgan

        Daniel Radcliffe

    2. TRUMP Won

      B-iggest I-diot D-emocrats E-ver N-ominated

    3. SolidDerek

      Honestly, this always gets me thinking....who are those 191 people disliking???? (at the time of writing)

    4. James Cooper

      dudes... PLEASE tell me you have Linus Sebastian on your shit list for 2021.

    5. Melangell ATC

      Craig Ferguson... Why are you shouting, Sean? Oh... Trump lost. Get over it.

    6. Ballistischer Falke

      Can anyone tell me what 130,000+ scoville units feels like?

    7. Elphin D. Blackforrest

      Has anyone seen Coolio lately?

    8. Asha Ramisal

      We love you Sean!! And of course your whole crew!! 🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤

    9. Sai Gautham Reddy Alavala

      You guys should invite Matpat for season 14

    10. D Beaulieu

      Your brand of culinary delight has hit our grocery store shelves here in Canada. I've noticed that the stores are actually displaying hot sauces in their own category now.

    11. Brian Macbeth

      When will Sean and Chile Klaus do a special where they try the pepper X

    12. Turbo Maximal

      Get 50 cent on the show

    13. 0 13

      So great and wholesome. Always love a sneak peek into Sean’s life.

    14. Belfastchild1974

      I got some sauces from this show, including the last dab. The first time I tried it, it was pretty hot, but now I am putting more and more on, and while it has a nice warming flavor, it doesn't burn anymore like the first try. How much would you normally put in the wing to make the people react like these sauces are hot? I have the feeling it needs more sauce than wing.

    15. John Thomsen

      Da Bomb could not handle Michael Jordan

    16. Birds Dont Smoke

      Do a hot ones with xQc

    17. Alan Samples

      David Portnoy needs to be on here..

    18. arni0202

      Now Michael Jordan HAS TO BE ON THE SHOW! It's gonna happen! 10m subscribers? he HAS TO

    19. Queen -Of-Filth

      id so donate if i could!!! this is amazing...

      1. Common Threads

        We are so excited to collaborate with First We Feast on this partnership!

    20. Prettygod

      nardwuar on hot ones would be the greatest thing ever

    21. Colton Walters

      I would like to see Tom Hardy or Leo Dicaprio on next season.

    22. Neil Ahir

      Y’all gotta get Pedro Pascal on the show!!!

    23. Kecske János

      Can you guys get Elon Musk on hot ones?

    24. João

      Sean would you please invite Jane Levy to eat some Hot Wings?

    25. Julie Wood

      LOVE this show -Thanks much ❤️

    26. 🌟HemppaHemuli🌟

      Bruce willis or chris pratt would be awesome quests🙏

    27. Lyrically Achilles

      They should have James King on hot ones challenge.

    28. Charlie King

      I love this show. My favorite is Shia LaBeouf & Ashton Kutcher . I like it when they clean the wings. And Shia sauced Everone. He’s awesome just saying

    29. Patrick VonSmithenstein

      Did you buy those stockings from Target? lol

    30. Neil Kaushik

      Please get Elon Musk for the challenge!

    31. Gio Fenix

      Get Daniel Ricciardo

    32. Valerie

      Robert Downy Jr and Dave Grohl are my top picks to see on the show. Hopefully IF they ever get a hold of them, it's post Corona era. Also, is that Micheal Jordan pic a sneaky after filming sneak preview? Where they got a hold of him AFTER this was done filming this? That'd be dope.

    33. Sif Smith

      Sooooo, Keanu Reeves? Or?

    34. Yessir _

      Y’all need to get reviewbrah on an episode

    35. Candice Fuino

      Can you come to Syracuse, NY? All of the students qualify for free lunch because the poverty rate is so high :( most children dont get meals unless they are in school. We are currently remote so families have to pick up meals at the school if they need it. We would be so appreciative

    36. Jenny Nguyen

      I am madly in love with Sean😚 Madly.

    37. Jenny Nguyen

      I madlyy love you

    38. João Pereira

      I dunno about you guys, but I really think this guy should interview Matt Heafy. 2 cool dudes and 10 hot wings, should be quite a show.

    39. Abhner Gallegos

      Invite the insane clown posse that would fun as hell

    40. Trip Calloway

      yall needa get trevor wallace on this show

    41. TOJO Heatley

      I feel like Sean isn’t drinking coffee in that mug...

    42. Tones 43

      Stop yelling at me you....Fuck!

    43. Angela Nunley

      You should get johnny depp on at somepoint obviously times are hard for Right now but you could have him on and ask him questions about everything else but the whole amber and johnny situation idk that would be exciting and id like someone to acknowledge him and acknowledge that hes NOT a bad person and maybe just get his mind off things for 20mins

    44. ms. jackson

      Would LOVE to see Cameron Monaghan of Shameless, Star Wars; Jedi fallen order, and Gotham fame on this. Please!!!!!

    45. Roman DeGiobbi

      Yo please get Robert Pattinson next season!


      You should get Christofer Titus on the Show, I think he's funny as heck.

    47. RSM82

      The intro music reminded me a little of "Music of The Night."

    48. Dávid Ilina

      get Eminem on the show!

    49. Frans Badenhorst

      Great idea, well done. Sean, how do you manage to keep your cool????? , pun intended hahahaha.... You seem immune...

    50. Kunal Madan

      Get Ryan George from Pitch Meetings for your next season.

    51. Patrik Persson

      if i came to the next season i would be a dick and bring some psycho serum for a last last wing. i would die on the dab but fun to go alill over board xD

    52. apple sauce

      Only Bobby Lee says Tapatio the right way

    53. Rob Caine

      whole thing at the start seemed too much. Showed a bunch of kids doing good talking about education and nutrition all good and then started talking about free lunches and it quick fast became like eww... kids.

    54. Rabbit Hole

      Happy Holidays Sean! Hope you have the spiciest holiday, and we can't wait to see who you interview next year!

    55. Tonatiuh Rangel


    56. Andrew Rodriguez

      Yes love fundraisers use that platform

    57. Kayla Young

      Ok can we get married now?

    58. Logan Ines

      I was expecting him to mention his Cold Ones interview lol

    59. DJ Trankilo

      Sounds like it's time for Complex to request MJ for Hot. . . Oh, never mind! Sean's right.

    60. GoldenBear23

      Keep it Hot, brotha🔥💯

    61. Nick

      I'd love to see Dave Grohl on Hot Ones, or Corey Taylor

    62. jona3251 jona3251

      Get Larry Lawton on here pls

    63. Levoton Milo

      you have to have *Atomik Menace* on your show some day, pls.

    64. Jacon Loredo

      Thank you for making me feel inclusive!

    65. worryworm

      Happy hot holidays. For us international fans, are there three to five types of sauce characteristics you would recommend. Peace, love and chilli. / Eira

    66. Kenny Begeske

      Put Jon Cryer and Topher Grace dress up as Moe Howard and Will Sasso dress up as Curly Howard from the three stooges Steven Tyler as Mr Vod Kanockers on Hot Ones for new season

    67. Jason Geymer

      Curious who would be on his on his top 3 of historical figures, or celebrities that have passed on.

    68. James

      Aaron Marino for season 14

    69. Ryan Youmans

      PLEASE invite Harry Styles to the show. I'm begging.

    70. Matthew Sheppard

      bought the hot one's shoes and they are pretttty dope. TY!

    71. VerdeSauce

      I'd like to see Elon Musk on hot ones

    72. Collin Fossett


    73. Dalton Speer

      Was... was that... Letterkenny? Lol

    74. Planebousy962 Ricardo

      U should do spice king

    75. Kelvin Ruiz

      do lecrae hot ones

    76. Ivy

      i wanna see jason mamoa eat a bunch of hot wings but like in studio

    77. J.D.

      Thanks Shawn you are a fantastic at interviewing great positive energy, passionate, very cerebral and stimulating, super prepared respectful and professional , class act bro love your work ethic

    78. Mark Page

      yall need to get crunchy black from triple 6 mafia on there. I'd pay money for that.

    79. Max Fullerton

      If he wasn't drunk during this il down a bottle of da bomb.

    80. Andrzej Andrasik

      You guys should have faze sway on hot ones

    81. Johnny Fong

      I want to see Santa Claus do Hot Ones

    82. TripinHazard

      PPPLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEE GET SPICEKING ON HOT ONES, I want to see how he reacts to the last dab and see how much of it he can withstand

    83. Gregorio Ricardo III

      I wish Lin-Manuel Miranda can guest here next season.

    84. Laurin H.

      I Want the narduar interview sooo bad

    85. Mr January

      You guys should try to get Dave Mustaine on the show, I would love to see that

    86. Kngt Rdr

      I feel like "includes paid sponsorship" from Mtn Dew should be tagged on this. Very sneaky, spice lord.

    87. Wayne M

      what person is down voting this video? grinch.

    88. Gerald Gallant

      Do shows live, fuck the scamdemic

    89. Drew August

      Thundercat had the best at home setup.

    90. SweatervestQuartet

      Get skrillex

    91. Sr. Ducky

      Invite matpat

    92. Jack Gordon

      6:17 Sean says he’s singly focused as he switches focus to the second camera

    93. tpfernandez

      Please get an astronaut that's been in space on the show!

    94. kyndal

      Who else thinks impractical jokers needs to be on the show?!

    95. Hamdin Zhariff

      1. Pewdiepie 2. Jacksepticeye 3. Markiplier 4. Conor Mcgregor My wishlist 🙃

    96. Saswata Debnath

      Can we see Mark Weins take on the hot ones challenge!! Hes the king of spice

    97. Crimson Deity

      You know who would be amazing to have in the show!? Johnny Depp!

    98. Destry Broderick

      Too much to shove into that box? That's what she said.

    99. drake hippern

      Could we get raw rolling papers on hot ones

    100. Elliott Eng

      Tell me im wrong We need tyler the creator on the show