How to Cook a Ramen Burger with George Motz | Burger Scholar Sessions

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    A burger that tastes like a bowl of ramen!? George Motz is here to uncover the mysteries of the ramen burger. Invented by George's buddy, ramen master Keizo Shimamoto, the ramen burger is a simple concept-2 buns made from ramen noodles, and a beef patty topped with a secret shoyu sauce, arugula, and scallions. Chrissy Teigen famously once said, "All those burgers that are made for Instagram should die-except for the ramen burger." We're right there with ya, Chrissy! Without further ado, here are the keys to making a ramen burger in your very own home.
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    1. First We Feast

      *Like if you think George sounds like Goku from Dragon Ball Z*

      1. Azure Dragon

        No he just looks like his voice actor 😂

      2. rockman fan

        @Anomalous Viewer go read your Bible and cry. bye 👋

      3. Justin Hwang

        Maybe if Goku was a lifetime smoker... Not hatin' on Motz voice but it's defo grittier.

      4. Iuri Limaco

        He sounds a lot like the main voice artist from Greasytales' youtube channel.

      5. Batman

        George is great, my favorite... but his ego seems to be getting to him... this season feels a bit cringy in my opinion... He seems like he's intentionally trying to burn himself every episode, and laugh because season one got those laughs, he also seems to be trying to drop things on purpose, and mess stuff up... like people behind camera are saying "do more of that this time!" or he's telling himself that. Feels very forced so far this season... maybe it's just me.

    2. Daniel Ross

      Oh My Goodness That looks So Tasty 😋

    3. Jnr C

      Long story short, he ended video abruptly to finish eating that last burger

    4. Sandwitch

      You know the food is good, when you are willing to get third degree burns just so you can eat it asap

    5. kingryan69

      the one burger george showed me that I will never eat. but i still lold when he burned himself

    6. Greg


    7. Robert Sergs Rada

      What is the size of your Mini Griddle? Is that available in the Market? 😊🙏 Thanks for the Daily Cravings that you spread. Hehe.

    8. Brian Lingden

      You like racing? You are the cool uncle.

    9. Ariel B. Alejo

      I feel you in the snoring George.

    10. julian unofficial

      “Mac & Cheese Burger sucks” earned my like 🤣

    11. poop face

      The military push chemically jog because cherries impressively hunt until a quack eyebrow. knowing, chunky stepdaughter

    12. AnkanBob

      Why is this man always surprised that the burger he just cooked on a hot griddle is hot

    13. Chillbro Jazzkins

      Red Robin (had?) a ramen burger and it was absolute trash. I would think it was a failed attempt at copying this one.

    14. X 3 R 0

      My favorite part of every episode is the caveman noises he makes after eating the hot af burger straight off the grill

    15. Matt Smith

      This takes pot heads to a whole new level beyond Taco Bell food options. Hey what do you want on a burger ? Ramen noodles of course.

    16. Ileana Contreras

      Instantly hit the like button for Chrissy Teigen quote. What a legend

    17. Nathan hill

      Nascar champion?

    18. Tre916

      the fact that you ALWAYS eat the burger too soon while it's burning your mouth makes me sad for the roof of your mouth...

    19. DDC Fiona

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    20. crsmit

      tbh the ramen bun looks like an udon noodle based bun from the look and the texture

    21. Dakota Spruell

      George is the only guy in the world who burns his fingers and mouth more than Matty Mattheson

    22. Carulus

      Why is it the Burger maestro, almost never seasons his meats🤔. Is that and American thing?

    23. Axel Santiago Guerra Villafan

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    24. Gelus Venn

      *Watches George pick up the burger* That has blazing hot scallion oil all over it, he's gonna have to put it back down. *Watches him have to put it back down* Hah, called it. That looks great, as someone who adores a bowl of ramen, I would love this.

    25. Patrick Johansen

      George Motz is the uncle I never had!

    26. The Eyepatch kid

      My grandma: makes me food Me: 5:05-5:15

    27. ROTHGAR The Viking

      George is great.

    28. Rewrite Light

      I’m sorry, but this episode is seriously disappointing and annoying. No details on how the ingredients are made, so unless you order custom ingredients you can’t make it, and you just rip into a burger that’s too hot for some laughs, when it’s a VIDEO that can be EDITED. So if you WAIT and give us an authentic review of the flavor, we might appreciate it more. This was a miss.

    29. xdmkii

      Do you burn yourself every episode?

    30. Richard Hancey

      The acting incompetent shtick is getting old. I'm a burger master but ive never actually cooked a damn thing before and have no clue how any of this equipment works...doh!

    31. Jonathan

      need magic burger lesson

    32. darryl swain

      Drinking game, every time he swears drink once Any weird noise made down your drink xD

    33. Swedish Wolf

      that looks so fucking tasty ngl

    34. Elliot Nolan

      There needs to be a supercut of all George’s reactions when eating burgers that are clearly still very hot

    35. Chris Gardner

      I'm calling Fucking Yuck on this one. I'd have to be stoned to eat this and I don't smoke.

    36. Caleb Able

      So we can't make it a home? 😭

    37. Zain Iqbal

      The ramen version of George Motz is actually Ivan Orkin.

    38. Christopher Moore

      Get a CPAP for that snore man, I got one and it’s life changing!!

    39. Luca Peter

      lost me at arrugola. blasphemy.

    40. abrlcklnthewall

      "George got jealous when I got to take a picture with the reigning NASCAR champion..." *George interjects* "That was Takumi Sato, Indy 500 winner, who has never been behind the wheel of a stockcar."

    41. Maynard Payumo

      This dude has a Beetleguise kinda vibe to him 😆

    42. Tyler Dixon

      Can we get a compilation of all the noises George has made when he bites into the burgers.

    43. Don Riesbeck

      I can't get enough of this show. George is SO fun to watch and listen too!

    44. Angelo


    45. Ilmari Kinnunen

      My guess for the bun would be parboiled non-instant noodles compressed into a mold which is then put in the fridge until set.

    46. Joe Murphy

      Are the two people working with George his children?? I love that they share everything.

    47. Martin Casas

      Where can we buy the Ramen Sauce?

    48. rocky balboa

      Everything important here was kept a secret. Great. Why even make a fucking video?

    49. Keith Nail

      What is the brand of that patty press? Would love to have one

    50. Jolly Roger

      I don't understand how George even has skin on his hands anymore....

    51. Indy Fist

      ive kissed that part of the track so tech ive kissed ur burger

    52. chancelost

      I live for those first bite moments

    53. xL Train

      Lol, some of y’all are really salty that a serious cook didn’t give away his trade secrets to you. Whomp. Whomp. I’m here for Burger History and George.

    54. tankiller96

      I'm so glad we all rallied to get this guy a show haven't had a series I literally watch weekly in a minute every week I get to make a new burger after work that I may have never thought of

    55. GreatWhiteBuffalo

      Oh Sh*t, that's hot. Classic Motz

    56. Nick

      I love this guy

    57. TheObro123

      The ads jfc

    58. Jeremie BP

      Don't call it "How to Cook a Ramen Burger" if you don't show how to make ramen buns or the sauce.

    59. VoodooXT

      Can you do an episode on the Sasebo burger, George?

    60. m1169199

      This channel is great apart from the annoying guy presenting it.

    61. comedyflu

      Thanks George, I loved the mad scientist look you had at the end

    62. Jeremy Verigin

      You gotta try whitespots legendary bacon cheddar bigger burger with there signature triple-o sauce from British Columbia Canada 🇨🇦

    63. jeminiverse

      How has this man not been on Hot Ones yet?

    64. Brian Grewe

      While burning yourself on random shit is something that we all like seeing, someone should tell George that through movie magic, he could wait until the burger cools down before scalding his mouth

    65. Vishen Sivparsad

      Swapping pork out for beef and calling it better??? Nah get outta here fool

    66. CJ Upp

      Always tuning in to watch George burn the fuck out of his mouth.

    67. suffeks

      martin gonna disagree, btw hurry up with those smashulas i can take one made from beskar if stainless is hard to come by

    68. Jozzey Sixx


    69. kl.hau.ß

      Gorgeous 🤤 I'm doing this onion-in-the-patty thing since yesterday and it's so awesome 🙌🏼 just had one with diced red onions and a little sliced mozzarella in the patty, seasoned like nancy rooks did it for elvis and some cheddar on it, was definitely next level...thx for sharing your knowledge man 💪🏼🐯

    70. Modular Mammoth


    71. J R

      Maybe the mash up should have ramen bun and the traditional bread bun? Rather than all ramen? But damn, what a burger.... yum...!

    72. Ceferino

      Technically the video is titled “How to COOK a ramen burger,” not “How to MAKE a ramen burger.” And George totally cooked the hell out of it 😆

    73. LaserM1KE

      is he cooking inside with all windows closed and no air vent?

    74. Rrregie

      hei where's the Fatman??

    75. stefoehmen

      i like the idea of pork belly better... bc it is more rameny-y :-/

    76. baundiesel

      Watching him eat is a nightmare.

    77. Dyl the NINJA

      Thank you George Motz!

    78. LunchBox Lady

      Oh my gosh!!! I didn't think I was going to want to eat this... I was wrong. now if I was getting one of these at a real race track that would be even better, just saying 🌻

    79. artie dubya

      Doc Brown makes burgers in the future.

    80. Eamon Walsh

      The bent tray scilly itch because nitrogen findingsinitially sign by a expensive system. glamorous, idiotic sheep

    81. Kays Vanderest

      Lets get George and Matty Matheson together plz

    82. Hunter Igoe

      Someone needs to make a compilation of all the times George Motz almost burns himself

    83. Kaizu823

      I’m more interested in the sauce but by the looks of it, the shoyu sauce is rather hard to get online. Their distributers is only a small company and mainly ship to a limited amount of states. Oh well.

    84. Ollie Frank

      The Rick Sanchez of the food world

    85. Espen Fjell

      He looks like a combination of yngwie malmsteen and joshamee gibbs

    86. Jonathan Pimentel

      How to Cook a Ramen Burger: 1. Get _these_ . (No. No. We're not going to show/tell you how to make the Ramen part of the said burger. Go find out someplace else) Okay. Thanks.

    87. Nicholas Roth

      Unpopular opinion: Smash burgers are dry

    88. Nicholas Roth

      I've made rectangle-shaped "ramen burger" patties by boiling ramen for 1:30 and then throwing each half into a frying pan... But I want to know how they make the shape look so nice and uniform!

    89. Travel Mouth

      The goggles made George look like Doc Brown.

    90. Irving Bautista

      Naruto and Boruto can both enjoy this

    91. Jason Sexton

      Ramen burger is trash. Severely overrated

    92. Wilson Mercado Lopez

      Where can i get that burger grill is there a link for it? I want ONE!

    93. Geoff Mckenna

      That's disgusting

    94. Manax G

      I came for the hot ones, stayed for the burger buns.

    95. 12370ts

      One would think after all this time, this guy would stop burning himself......

    96. Graham Ross

      That green stuff you call roogla looks a lot like Rocket. They related? I've already been told skalyons are spring onions so probably the same parallel naming language thing at play here.

    97. Justin Hwang

      This series is the best thing that's happened in a long time... Motz is fireeeeee.

    98. L V

      The most disappointing video I've watched in a long time...

    99. Michael Harrison

      where do I get that sauce?

    100. Alfie Fry

      Such a good vibe 🙌🏻